Saturday, April 24, 2010


Posted by Heather at Saturday, April 24, 2010
In preparation for the inevitable (i.e. when I go back to work and you go to daycare at King's Keep), Daddy and I have been diligently working on putting you on a schedule, Katy. So far, the schedule looks like this:

6:30 AM- Wake up, feed, wipe down with washcloth, dress
7:15 AM- Ready for the day! Playtime!
7:30/8:00 AM- Morning nap (longest and best nap of the day)
9:30/10:00 AM- Mid-morning feeding
10:30 AM- Out and about
12:30/1:00 PM- Lunchtime feeding
1:30 PM- Playtime or sometimes a nap
3:30 PM- Mid-afternoon feeding
4:00 PM- Story time
5:30 PM- Daddy Daughter time!
6:30/7:00 PM- Bath time
7:00/8:00 PM- Dress for bed, comb hair, read Goodnight Moon, say prayers, go to bed
2:30 AM- Nighttime feeding

At this point, you are supposed to be getting at least 15 hours of sleep/24 hours. You have been consistently sleeping for a six-seven hour stretch at night (which Daddy and I are LOVING!).


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