Monday, June 27, 2011

Toddler Story time

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Katy listens to the story very intently.

Up and Down, Up and Down!

"Shake, shake, shake it up!"

Loudest story time I've ever been to!

Katy works the Dewey Decimal system :-)

This morning, we went to Toddler Story time at the library. This was the first time we had gone to story time for you, Katy- every other time we had gone to story time it was for Elizabeth so the stories were more geared for older children. Also, this was the first story time we went to after the Library's big renovations and new Children's room.

There were about ten children and their mothers/grandmothers in attendance. The librarian started out with a song and then moved into a book. She alternated song, story, song, story for about twenty-five minutes. It was a good mix of listening to stories and dancing/moving to music- remember, we're talking wiggly, squirmy TODDLERS, here! You listened to the stories very intently- watching every page and taking it all in.

One of the books the librarian read was titled, "What Color is Your Underwear?" It was a flap book where the title question is asked to various animals and then when you lift the flap, the color is revealed. When Sallie Spider was asked, "What color is your underwear?" and the librarian lifted the flap, you said out loud, "PINK!" Sure enough, it was pink! Every adults head in the room turned and looked in surprise as you answered the question. So, I guess there is a little artist in you after all... :-)

Barista in the Making

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"Venti non-fat vanilla, extra hot, no whip with room latte coming right up!"

Sunday, June 26, 2011


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Every night this past week, it has taken me an HOUR or MORE to get you to sleep, Katy. You know the drill, Katy- bath at 6:30PM, play, start to go down for bed around 7:30PM and sleep by 8PM. Not this week, it was more like bath at 6:30PM, play, start to go down for bed around 8PM, then fuss, cry, and/or PARTY for an hour or more!

*Sigh* You've never been a good sleeper, Katy.

Today being Sunday and church (i.e. meaning you miss your morning nap), we decided to go nap-free for the ENTIRE day so that you would be sleepy enough for bed around 7/7:30PM. The result? Happy baby most of the day (even without the naps during the day) and practically falling asleep at dinner and asleep in one second flat at 6:50PM. No fights, no crying, just sleep... Silence really IS golden... :-)

A New 'Do

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Cute, new barrettes to keep the hair out of Katy's face

Friday, June 24, 2011

Learning to Speak Katy

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Right now, you are 16 months old and your vocabulary is expanding. To date, you can say the following words:

-Ah Done (All Done)
-Ah Gone (All Done)
-Uh Oh
-Yum, yum
-Wawa (Water)
-Tree (Three)
-Spoo (Spoon)
-Nos (Nose)
-E (Eye )
-Er (Ear)
-Toos (Tootsies)
-Tee (Teeth)
-Peas (Please)
-Yogo (Yogurt)
-Shir (Shirt)
-Shoe (s)
-Maaaaaeeee (Molly)
-Gaas (Glasses)
-Booberry (Blueberry)
-No, no!
-Puppy (also, Ruff, ruff!)
-Gack, Gack (Quack, Quack!)
-Moo (For cow)
-Choo, choo! (For Train)
-Chee (Cheese)
-Ba (Bath or Ball- depends on the context)
-Coocoo (Cookie and/or Cookie Monster)
-BooBoo (Boober Fraggle)
-Baggle (Fraggle)
-Hi ho! (For Frog)
-Big Bir (Big Bird)
-Bapa (Grandpa Jones)

I'm sure that there are more words (and I will add as I think of them) but that is all I can think of for now. In any case, you certainly let us know what you want!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Super Katy

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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SUPER KATY!

Going this way...

...going that way...

...and she's off!

Super Katy to the rescue!

A pillow case, some imagination and lots of room to roam... that's all you need to keep you entertained, Katy Grace!

Something to Smile About!

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Open wide and SMILE! :-D

Adventures in Potty Training

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Katy found another use for her brand new potty chair.

While I don't believe we are quite ready for potty training, I do believe that we are getting there. Enough so, that we went to Ikea and purchased two potty chairs- one for upstairs and one for downstairs (making for quick trips to the bathroom when the time comes). Recently, you've been showing some interest in the bathroom (more than just wanting to play in the toilet) and you've actually walked to the bathroom when you had a wet diaper or handed us a clean diaper when you were wet or dirty. When Daddy or I ask you if you are wet, you always answer correctly with a head shake yes or no. Sometimes, you even go or point to the bathroom.

So, let the potty training begin- I'm so ready to be done with diapers!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

No Hams Here!- Happy Father's Day 2011

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Very Seriously Around Here.... :oD

Happy Father's Day, Daddy! Love, Katy Grace

Friday, June 17, 2011

Mommy and Me

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I love my mini-me!

Not Quite Ruby Slippers...

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Last weekend, Grandma and Pop-Pop Tinkey got the three girl cousins matching dresses and shoes for Great-Grandma Tinkey's 80th Birthday bash. The girls all looked so cute in their matching dresses and shoes.

Turns out, Katy, you really like the shoes. I mean, LOVE, love, LOVE these shoes! Every time it's time to put on shoes, these are the shoes that you pick out. I hid in them in the bottom of your shoe basket to see if you just kept selecting them because they were near the top, but you dumped every shoe out on the ground until you found these purple flip flops.

Not quite ruby slippers, but they sure feel like home to Katy!

This is what happens when I try to take the purple flip flops off of you, Katy- you cry and desperately try to put them back on (pretty pathetic but oh, so cute!)! Another true story, the other day, it was right around nap time and I knew that if I tried to take your shoes off, you'd wake up and cry. So, I let you fall asleep with the shoes on. Then, after you had been asleep for a little bit and I was laying you down in your ghetto crib, Katy, I reached down to take off your shoes. You instantly popped your head up and started crying because I was removing your beloved purple flip flops!

Looks like I'm making a trip to Children's Place and getting these shoes in every size possible!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Refined Palette

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Lunchtime with a future artist.
Grandma and Pop-Pop Tinkey gave you an plate shaped like an artist's palette for your birthday. Since you are getting better at feeding yourself a variety of foods, we decided to use it. It was the perfect palette for your refined palate, Katy! :-)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kid's Table

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"Yummy, yummy time!"

Katy actually said, "Cheese!" when I took this picture

"I love my own little table!"

Nana and Grandpa Jones got you a kid's table for your birthday. Up until recently, you haven't been able to actually *successfully* climb into the chairs without tipping them over upon your ascent. Now, we like to take an occasional meal at the table and I must admit that you look very grown up sitting at your table, eating all by yourself.

Carly Comes to Visit

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*Attempting* to get a picture of Carly and Katy together.

Hugs for Carly!

Both girls having fun in the ball pit.

My cousin Amy and her husband Chris and daughter Carly drove through town, yesterday, on their way to Florida. They spent the night and you got to spend time playing with Carly, Katy. It was so fun to get the two of you together! Both of you have a bit of "spark" to each of you and it was interesting to see you interact with another head-strong baby. We had a good visit, even if it was too short!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Party Like It's 1931!

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"Happy 80th Birthday!"

Great-Grandma Tinkey meets Joel for the first time.

Cousins in matching dresses and shoes (compliments of Grandma and Pop-Pop :-)

Great-Grandma Tinkey with her great-grand kiddies and co.

"Hail, hail, the gang's all here!"

Tinkey Family Portrait

Family Portrait with Great-Grandma Tinkey

My Three Sons...

This past weekend we made a (quick!) trip up to western PA to join the WHOLE Tinkey side of the family to celebrate Great-Grandma Tinkey's 80th Birthday!

We left early Friday morning and arrived at Auntie Hope's and Uncle Eric's house in Pittsburgh around 3:30 PM. The ride went pretty smoothly with only one little hiccup along the way. You did a great job on the long car ride, Katy. You snacked your way through West Virginia and barely napped the whole eight hour car ride. Once we got to Hope and Eric's, it was fun time with cousin Molly! You girls LOVE to get together and it's so much fun to watch the two of your interact. I can only imagine the trouble you two will get into, in the future!

Saturday was the day of the party. So, after breakfast and morning naps, we headed up to Grove City to meet up with the rest of the family. We hung out at Great-Grandma Tinkey's house until everybody arrived. Cousin Joel and Aunt Delinda made a surprise appearance (we originally thought that they wouldn't be able to make it to the party because of Joel's recent surgery) and that meant that Great-Grandma Tinkey had ALL of her family with her to celebrate! Boy, was she surprised and oh, so happy to be surrounded by the complete family!!

We had dinner for 24+ at Family Traditions, a local restaurant. It was a crazy, loud, boisterous bunch but we had a good time. The waitresses that helped served us were troopers and there was much passing of babies around the table to help entertain and keep everybody in a good mood throughout the dinner. Overall, all four kiddies did GREAT and there were no tantrums or meltdowns throughout the meal.

After dinner, we went back to Great-Grandma Tinkey's for cake, cookies and ice cream. The kiddies played outside and the adults sat around and talked while watching over the brood.

Today, we left from Auntie Hope's and Uncle Eric's for the car ride home. We made sure to stop at Eat'n Park for breakfast before we left. Sadly, we couldn't get a Smiley cookie for you, Katy because of your egg allergy :-(. The car ride home was uneventful and you took two solid naps in the car. The traffic was great the whole way until we got one exit away from home- then, we crawled at a snail's pace for about an extra 20 minutes. We still don't know what the hold-up was. *Sigh* We made it home safely, though and had a great trip seeing everybody!

Happy 80th Birthday, Great-Grandma Tinkey!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Big Girl Booster Chair

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"I love my Big Girl Booster seat!"

When your cousin, Molly, came for a visit, we switched your normal high chair into a booster seat so that Molly could use the high chair. Well, ever since then, you have NOT wanted to sit in the high chair! You will kick your little legs and hold them up in the air when we try to put you in the high chair.

However, in contrast, if we say, "Time for lunch!" You'll immediately run over to your booster seat and start climbing in. You love your booster seat!

Ready for Sunday School!

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"Pat, pat, pat the Bible!"

"Matthew, Mark, Luke, John..."

Yesterday, when we were getting ready for church, you kept asking for your little green Bible. Once we handed it to you, Katy, you kept walking around saying, "Bible." You even wanted to take it along with us to church! A little Bible scholar in the making?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Follow that Bird!" (Big Bird, that is!)

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We have a bin of toys in the car that entertain you when we go out. This evening, when we were driving home from dinner out, I handed you your Big Bird train, Katy. As soon as I handed it to you, you said, "Big Bir!" Does our daughter know the Muppets, or what?!

On the subject of Muppet identification, Daddy was reading the book "I Am Kermit" to you this afternoon. When he asked you to point to Kermit, you knew exactly which character was Kermit and pointed directly at him.

Also on the subject of Kermit, you've taken to saying, "Hi Ho!" every morning when you first wake up. So, when you are ready to wake up in the morning (at a chipper six/six-thirty in the morning), we usually hear, "Hi Ho!" or "Hi Ho, Dada!" over the monitor.

I totally blame Daddy for this love of all things Muppets!

One, Two, Three!

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One day, when you grow up, Katy, maybe you'll be an accountant. I say this because the last couple of days you've been counting to the number three. Granted, this isn't very high on the numerical chart, but this is a pretty high number when you are only 15 months old!

The first time you counted to three was last weekend when Auntie Hope and Uncle Eric were here. They heard you say, "Tree!" after Daddy said, "One, two..." So, they are our witnesses- it wasn't just us- neurotic, proud parents that we are- that heard you say, "Three!". Later in the week, I pulled out the number flash cards that your Aunt Megan and Uncle Jason got you for Christmas (or, was it birthday?) and after I pulled out the number one card, number two card, you picked up and handed me the number three card! Then, later in the week, while you were eating your new-favorite snack of veggie sticks, Daddy asked, "Katy, how many sticks do you have in your hand?" and you answered, "Tree!" You also responded, "Two!" when you had only two sticks in your hand.

Or, maybe you'll be a business major like your Uncle Josh. Who knows?

Phone Call with Grandpa Jones

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"Hiya, Grandpa!"

"Really? You don't say!!"

"Can you hear me now?"

Katy, last night, you took the phone from Daddy while he was talking to Grandpa Jones. You just wanted to chat, chat away and play with the phone.

Dance, Dance Revolution

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For while now, we've been trying to work on your rhythm, Katy. Well, Daddy has been because I certainly don't want you to end up with my lack of rhythm. So, when music comes on the radio, we try to dance and sway to the music. Or, we like to clap along and get you to move to the beat. Well, now when you hear the music, you like to dance with your feet planted to the floor and wiggling your hips and head side to side. So, essentially, you look like a bobble head doll. So cute!

Chompers- Molars

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Guess what, Katy? Your molars are starting to grow in. I thought they didn't start growing in until two and that is why they call them your "two year old molars" but I guess I was wrong because your little chompers are coming in loud and clear and you are drooling like crazy!

Back at the Rock (Fraggle Rock, that is)

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Today, while watching Fraggle Rock, you pointed up to the T.V. and said, "Boo-boo" when Boober Fraggle appeared on the screen. So, not only do you dance and clap along to the theme song of Fraggle Rock, but you can also identify certain characters (correctly!) on the show. You are as in love with the Fraggles as your Daddy!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Pillow Fight

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Sometimes, things get a little rowdy around here... Pillow fight with Elizabeth!

Summer Lovin'

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Katy "helps" get the house ready for the summer heat :-)

Temps this past week have been well into the 90s, so it was time to break out the window AC units and cool things down (remember, we live in an old, drafty house). Summer is right around the corner!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Play Place at Concord Mills Mall

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Katy explores the mall play place.

Running around!

Katy goes up, instead of sliding down.

Katy crawls around.

"See ya later, Mom!"

This morning, we went to the Concord Mills Mall to do a couple of laps around the mall before they opened. It's getting way too warm out there (100 degrees in the afternoon!) to taking our daily walks down Union Street. After we were finished walking, we stopped at the indoor play place so that you could run around and explore. All of the play things are made of soft, rubbery foam and just right for a toddling Katy to run off some excess energy! This was your first time playing on the brightly-colored fruit and veggie climbing structures and I'm sure it won't be your last. At first, you weren't sure what to do but as soon as you watched Elizabeth climbing and jumping and crawling, you had no problems figuring out how to have some fun!


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