Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thumbelina (cont.)

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Look what I caught you doing, this morning- sucking your thumb!

Made you SMILE (cont.)!

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Ten Weeks Birthday

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Today, you are ten weeks old, Katy! Here is your week in pictures...!
"Henry and Katy sitting in a tree..."
Welcome to the world, Henry McGuinness!
Daddy says you were playing "hard to get" by sleeping through your first "date"
Katy helping Mommy sew.

Going for a walk

Chillin' like a villain...

"Okay, so I don't have this whole 'propped up/boppy' thing 100%, yet..."


Ikea Play Area just for kiddies!

Triples at Harris Teeter with Mommy!

Katy sleeping with one foot out for ventilation (Thanks Collins family for the blanket!).

Learning to whistle from Daddy.

Chatty Girl on the phone with Grandma and Grandpa Jones.
First Grill of the Season!
Daddy Daughter time

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Things they don't tell you in "What to Expect When you are Expecting"

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Before you were born, Katy, I read lots of books on pregnancy (including the good ol' standard, "What to Expect When you are Expecting"), breastfeeding, child-rearing ("Happiest Baby on the Block"), etc., etc. in order to be prepared for "All Things Katy!" While I knew- and expected!-motherhood to be challenging, rewarding, fun and teachable, the following is my own personal list of a dozen things that all of these books seemed to either gloss over or forgot to mention... ;-P

1. You need to either be ambidextrous or one-handed to be a mother. With a babe in arms, it's amazing what one can accomplish one-handed- brushing your teeth, preparing a meal, typing... just haven't quite mastered flossing with one hand... hmmm...
2. You need ten arms (or at least another pair of hands) in order to get out the door with everything you need- baby- check, purse- check, diaper bag- check, blanket, toy, extra diapers, nursing cover- check, check, check, check, keys for the car.... ummmm...?!
3. You learn to do everything FAST!!!!!!! You eat FAST, you shower FAST, you make the bed FAST because you need to make the most of your free moments and the moment you start any one of these things, that is when the baby starts to cry.
4. There is never a "good" time to make a phone call because inevitably, the moment you pick up the phone to call somebody/someplace that is when the baby starts crying.
5. Breastfeeding is hard work and no, it doesn't come naturally. However, once you and baby get the hang of it, you feel like you can accomplish anything.
6. You are a-okay walking out the door with no make-up and spit-up on your shirt. Nothing seems to phase you.
7. You take more supplements and vitamins pregnant and as a new mother than when you were just a healthy adult.
8. Three o'clock in the morning is a perfectly respectable time to be checking your email, updating your Facebook status and surfing the Internet (with a babe in arms, of course! :-)
9. Baby clothing is sized just like adult clothing- nothing is consist ant and sizing varies widely between brands (my two and a half month old fits into newborn AND three months...?!).
10. Your life was never so simple (baby eats, sleeps and poops) and yet so complicated (to work or not to work, daycare, family, friends, finances...) at the same time.
11. There WILL come a time when you become one of THOSE parents (crying baby in the middle of the grocery store, latecomer for an event, etc., etc.).
12. Your baby's squishy cheeks, winsome smile and endearing coos make everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING!) worth it in the end because you couldn't be more in love with something so short, squat, chubby and needy!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Fun with Boppy

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"I like being propped up!"

"What are you looking at?"

As you are getting older and stronger, Katy, you are enjoying Tummy Time more and more. You like to be propped up to see the world around you. You are just starting to explore your world!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to read a Katy

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Nine and a half weeks into this thing called "parenthood," Daddy and I have finally started to learn how to "read" our baby. There are distinct signals and signs that allow us to know what you need, Katy. Some of the signals are as follows:

-We tap your chin (right below your lower lip) to see if you are hungry. If you are hungry, you usually open your mouth as if you are going to eat our finger.
-You pull at your hair with your right hand and stuff your whole (fist and all!) left hand in your mouth if you are getting tired and sleepy.
-You do not like to sleep in your crib. The longest stretch we've been able to lay you down in the crib is two and a half hours for a nap. Mostly, you just sleep in your "Happy Chair."
-You kick your legs in protest when your diaper is dirty. You DO NOT like a dirty diaper! We are hoping that this translates to easier potty-training, later on.
-You moan and wheeze in your sleep. It's when you are sleeping completely quiet that we worry.
-You do NOT like hats and you do NOT like anything having to do with your feet (no shoes, no tickling, no socks!).
-As I've mentioned before, you love to have your hair played with and combed. This calms you down.
-You love a social setting and are happiest with lots of noise and people around (especially if you are the center of attention!).
-If you fuss and cry with no tears, this usually means that you are just wanting our attention and that nothing is truly wrong. We call this your "pathetic cry" because you look so sorry (but oh, so cute!)
-You hiccup A LOT!!!! If you get hiccups right before you fall asleep we call this the "kiss of death" because we know that you'll keep waking yourself up with the hiccups and not fall asleep completely until the hiccups are gone. You hiccuped a lot while inside of me so it doesn't really surprise me that you hiccup a lot, now.
-You love to MOVE!! The more movement and action the better! That means that you like swinging, bouncing and dancing. That also means that Daddy and I don't stay seated in one position too long :-)
-You tend to run a lower-than-normal baseline temperature at 97.8 degrees (Yes, Uncle Rob, we took her temperature right after her two month shots to make sure she wasn't running a fever). I tend to have a lower-than-normal baseline temperature, so I'm not terribly surprised.

Of course, all of the above points are subject to change at a moments notice, but for now it's like your own secret language to communicate with Daddy and I. Everyday we learn something new about you- about your likes and dislikes and what you need. That is what keeps life with Katy Grace exciting!


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In preparation for the inevitable (i.e. when I go back to work and you go to daycare at King's Keep), Daddy and I have been diligently working on putting you on a schedule, Katy. So far, the schedule looks like this:

6:30 AM- Wake up, feed, wipe down with washcloth, dress
7:15 AM- Ready for the day! Playtime!
7:30/8:00 AM- Morning nap (longest and best nap of the day)
9:30/10:00 AM- Mid-morning feeding
10:30 AM- Out and about
12:30/1:00 PM- Lunchtime feeding
1:30 PM- Playtime or sometimes a nap
3:30 PM- Mid-afternoon feeding
4:00 PM- Story time
5:30 PM- Daddy Daughter time!
6:30/7:00 PM- Bath time
7:00/8:00 PM- Dress for bed, comb hair, read Goodnight Moon, say prayers, go to bed
2:30 AM- Nighttime feeding

At this point, you are supposed to be getting at least 15 hours of sleep/24 hours. You have been consistently sleeping for a six-seven hour stretch at night (which Daddy and I are LOVING!).

Brown-Eyed Girl

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Brown-Eyed Girl

You were born with blue eyes, Katy. While all the books and experts say that all babies are born with blue eyes (due to pigmentation development, etc.), I really didn't think that MY baby would have baby blues, but sure enough, you did! For awhile there, we thought that you'd have hazel eyes like Daddy, but slowly they've been turning brown and I believe that is where they are going to stay.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Fifth Anniversary!

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Today, Daddy and I are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary! In the words of Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter, "Happy Anniversary to us!"

Chit Chat with Lumpy

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As you get older, Katy, you are starting to use your voice more to talk and babble. Here you are talking to your friend, Lumpy. Sometimes, you can be quite chatty- especially at two o'clock in the morning... hmmm... we are going to have to work on that one.... ;-)

*This is our first video post! Though the video icon looks blank, click on the play button (sideways triangle) on the lower left corner of the video icon and the clip should play.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nine Weeks Birthday

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Today, you are nine weeks old, Katy! Here is your week in pictures...!
Visiting Memorial Gardens (love the tongue!)
April 21, 2010

Pat the Bunny

Shopping at the Depot at Gibson Mill
April 20, 2010

Helping Mommy bake cookies
April 19, 2010

Aunt Julie holding Katy
April 17, 2010

Daddy teaching Katy the fine art of wine (not till you are 21!).

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good Grip

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Look how good your grip is getting, Katy! Now you consistently grip onto things- fingers, rattles, toys, etc.- placed in your hand. You usually hold onto it for a moment and then let go. You like to hold onto Daddy's shirt or shirt pocket when he's holding you and sometimes you like to hold onto the side of your "Happy Chair." We've even caught you holding onto your hair when you nurse or get sleepy.

Two Months Well Baby Doctor's Visit

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Waiting for Dr. Greenlee to see you
"Waaah.... I don't like shots!!"

Today was your Two Month (and one week) Well Baby Doctor's Visit with Dr. Greenlee. You weigh 11 pounds, seven ounces and measure 23 1/2 inches long. This puts you in the 75th percentile for weight and the 90th percentile for height. The doctor answered all of my questions and says that you'll be wanting to be propped up/sitting up (with assistance), more in the months to come. She does recommend breastfeeding you until you are one year of age and says that this will help to prevent/alleviate ear infections (which your Daddy was prone to as a child). You took your shots like a trooper and fell asleep on the car ride home. According to the doctor, you are "perfect" (and we tend to agree :-).

Made you SMILE!

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Open Smile
Smiley Baby
So Excited!
We received the Sony Cyber-shot digital camera as a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Jones before you were born, Katy, and it has since been dubbed the "Katy Kam." This camera is hooked onto your diaper bag and it goes where you go- capturing everyday life, your smiles and giggles. One of the cool features of this camera is that it has a "Smile Detector" and that's exactly what it does! We love your baby smiles!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

That's a Wrap!

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Recently, baby slings have come under fire and gotten a bad "rap" (pun intended) due to the misuse/recall of some slings. However, I wanted to point out how much we have enjoyed correctly using a baby WRAP (such as Ever since you were born (separate blog post), I've wrapped you up and held you close, Katy, and we've both benefited from "babywearing." You sleep soundly next to me as you hear my heartbeat and I have both hands free to get things done around the house. Thanks to my friend, Jennifer Riggs, here is a good site about safely wrapping up/wearing baby

Whenever you are sleepy or fussy and the "Happy Chair" won't do, I wrap you up and you are soon sound asleep. Today was a good example of this- maintenance had to come and fix the upstairs toilet and there was no way you'd sleep through all the racket if you were sleeping in your chair. However, since you were wrapped up (see picture above) on me, you slept soundly through the whole thing! The maintenance guy even made a comment that he was surprised you could sleep through all of his noise!

Who knew that five yards of fabric could do so much...?!
**Update 4/21/10- After your shots, today, the ONLY way to calm you down from your frantic crying and wailing was to wrap you up and hold you close!

"C" is for Cookie (Monster, that is!)

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"C" is for Cookie!

At the ripe old age of eight-almost nine- weeks old, Daddy and I have determined that you already have a favorite Muppet- Cookie Monster. While Daddy was really rooting for Kermit, he's happy that you picked a "classic" character. We came to the conclusion that you like Cookie Monster very scientifically (hee, hee!).

In our Art/Guest/Office room, there is a poster of Cookie Monster hanging over the bed. Every time you see this poster, you are fascinated with it. If we are holding you and turn in another direction, you always turn your head (now that you can actually TURN your head on your own) toward said poster. You have a Cookie Monster hairbrush (separate blog post) that you find very calming and relaxing when we brush your hair with it. But the deal breaker happened last night when Daddy and I were deciding what to have for dessert- cake or cookie? When we said the word, "Cookie," you smiled and loudly cooed in your adorable, baby way! Cookie Monster it is!

What's in a Name?

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I have loved the name 'Kathryn Grace' since Middle School. I used to come up with lists of girls names (good thing you weren't a boy, Katy!) for the umpteen many children I was going to have when I grew up, got married and had babies. For now though, Daddy and I are happy with just you, Katy!

Besides just liking the sound of 'Kathryn Grace' we wanted a strong, solid name that wouldn't be confused with a boy's name, wouldn't be laughed at on the school playground and could stand the test of time. I thought it would be fun list out what your name means-

Kathryn- "Pure, Virginal"
Grace- "Good will, Grace"
Jones- "Son of John" (Okay, so you aren't the son of John but that's what the family name means...:-)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday, Uncle Rob!

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"Make a wish!"

Yesterday, we had Uncle Rob and Aunt Julie over to celebrate his birthday (a little early). We had an Italian dinner of meatballs and pasta and we finished the meal off with a German Chocolate cake (and ice cream, too!). Happy Birthday, Uncle Rob!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Daddy's Little Muppet

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Look what we caught you eyeing, the other day...! Daddy couldn't be more proud that you ALREADY like the Muppets!

Dan Nicholas Park

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Katy and Micah's Second "Date" at Dan Nicholas Park

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!
Three adults, two pre-schoolers, one toddler, two infants... Oh My!
Katy and the Arc

Looking cute and smooshy on the train!

Katy's first Train Ride!
"Love Me!"

Yesterday, we went to the Dan Nicholas Park in Salisbury, NC, with our friends Diane, Isobel and Josh Cleland and the Gina, Sammy and Micah Cocking. This was your first "play date," Katy! The weather was sunny and warm. We took along a picnic lunch and enjoyed walking around and exploring the park after we ate. Along with the typical park playground equipment and picnic tables/pavilions, this park houses a wildlife area, a petting zoo, a carousel and a train- unlike any other park I've ever been to! Not to mention that you can even go camping in other parts of the park (but you'll have to do the camping with Daddy because that is a little TOO much nature for Mommy!)!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two Months Birthday

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Today, you are two months old, Katy! I can't believe how fast time is flying by and how quickly you are growing up (I'm going to be so sad to go back to work in less than a month)! Here is your week in pictures...!

Snoozin' and Swingin' at Kinetic Kids

Sleeping on a Boppy at Kinetic Kids

Kinetic Kids friends, Lauren and Justice

Proof that you do (on occasion) sleep in your crib.

Getting better at Tummy Time- You held your head up for a full fifteen seconds!

You are finally noticing things and observing objects moving (poor picture quality, I know, but a great action shot)!

Story Time- this one's for you, Grandma Tinkey!

Katy meets Fudgington Bear at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

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