Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"C" is for Cookie (Monster, that is!)

Posted by Heather at Tuesday, April 20, 2010
"C" is for Cookie!

At the ripe old age of eight-almost nine- weeks old, Daddy and I have determined that you already have a favorite Muppet- Cookie Monster. While Daddy was really rooting for Kermit, he's happy that you picked a "classic" character. We came to the conclusion that you like Cookie Monster very scientifically (hee, hee!).

In our Art/Guest/Office room, there is a poster of Cookie Monster hanging over the bed. Every time you see this poster, you are fascinated with it. If we are holding you and turn in another direction, you always turn your head (now that you can actually TURN your head on your own) toward said poster. You have a Cookie Monster hairbrush (separate blog post) that you find very calming and relaxing when we brush your hair with it. But the deal breaker happened last night when Daddy and I were deciding what to have for dessert- cake or cookie? When we said the word, "Cookie," you smiled and loudly cooed in your adorable, baby way! Cookie Monster it is!


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