Friday, July 30, 2010

Sitting Pretty

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"I'm still a little wobbly, but look what I can do with "... a little help from my (daddy) friends...!"

Thursday, July 29, 2010

23rd Week Birthday

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Katy's Scrunchie Face (did you "inherit" that from Uncle Josh?!)
Kisses for Cousin Kayla!

Scooting around

Lego Liberty Bell at the Philly Airport

Playtime with cousins!

Deep in concentration

Sitting Pretty

Today you are 23 weeks old, Katy!

This has been a busy week for you, Katy! We started the week out by taking a quick, surprise plane ride up to Philly for Auntie Hope's Baby Shower for Cousin Coyle (separate blog post). You got to meet a lot of great-aunts, great-uncles, cousins, second cousins and Great-Grandma Petruzzi. Everybody wanted to hold you and squeeze you!

You continue to get over your cold and you were kind enough to share with both Daddy AND Mommy. I guess this is the first of many germs we'll be sharing as a family :-/. You do NOT like the bulb syringe when we have to use it on your nose. We fear you might have nightmares about it because you wail and wail and wail when we use it on you.

We've noticed that you've started to stick your tongue out in concentration. Whenever you get very focused on something, you like to stick out your tongue as if it will help you think better. It's very cute, but then again, we think YOU are pretty cute!

Since you don't quite have the scooting down and you can't quite crawl, you've learned to "roll" to your destination. It's quite amusing to watch you roll around on the floor like a little ball until you get to whatever toy, place, person you were intending.

Aunt Megan and Uncle Jason came for a visit, this week, and you got to meet them for the very first time. They both had you giggling and smiling. For some reason, you really seemed to like when Uncle Jason talked with a Russian accent- that really got to giggling (and then hiccuping)!

Naps at King's Keep have been spotty, at best. You don't seem to sleep very well there- there is too much going on and you are a go-go girl wanting to be part of the action. You've been eating well, though.
You slept through the night twice this week. You also had several less-than-perfect nights where we had to pull you in with us just to get some rest.

We added potatoes to the menu, this week and you seemed to like them mixed with other veggies.
We are gearing up for another busy week as your Grandparents Jones will be here to take care of you! You'll be one spoiled little girly, Katy!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Meeting Aunt Megan and Uncle Jason

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"Hello, Aunt Megan- your long hair and necklace are fun to pull at!"

"Hiya, Uncle Jason!"

You met Aunt Megan and Uncle Jason (visiting from N.J.) for the first time, this evening, Katy! Aunt Megan and Uncle Jason will be visiting with us for a couple of days. You were all giggles and smiles as they played with you.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Meet and Greet- Katy meets the Petruzzi Clan!

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Hope's Baby Shower

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Baby Bump
Cousin Coyle's wardrobe is complete with Pittsburgh Steelers wear.

Mama-to-be opening presents

Let's do lunch!

"It's a Girl!"

We surprised Auntie Hope with our presence at her baby shower for Cousin Coyle, this weekend, Katy. Cousin Coyle was showered with love, presents, family, friends, boisterous conversation and good food!

"Leaving on a Jet Plane..."

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Going through the security checkpoint

Katy's first plane ticket!

Waiting to board the airplane

Yesterday, you took your first airplane ride, Katy! We surprised Auntie Hope with our presence at her baby shower for Cousin Coyle.
On our flight up to Philly, you were very inquisitive and curious. You kept checking out your environment and the people around you. You made faces and smiles to anybody who looked your way and most of them smiled back. We got through security and made it onto the flight with no problems. After playing a bit, you fell asleep as we were landing in Philly. Our honeymooner seatmates even commented on how well-behaved you were, Katy.

Uncle Josh picked us up from the airport and took us back to his and Aunt Delinda's house where you met cousin Kayla, Aunt Delinda and Uncle Eric for the first time. You were very happy to see everybody and after eating some lunch, you went down for a nice two and a half hour nap before the baby-shower-Petruzzi-family craziness commenced.

Once you woke up from your nap, dressed in your cute sailor outfit from Grandma and Pop-Pop Tinkey, you met (almost) the whole Petruzzi clan. You were passed around to the willing arms to willing arms of second cousins, great-aunts, great-uncles, friends and especially Great-Grandma Petruzzi. Great-Grandma Petruzzi was so happy to finally meet you and hold you, Katy! You were so good while being held by everybody! You were happy to meet all the new faces and you didn't fuss at all. This allowed me to enjoy the shower and eat all of the wonderful that always accompanies a Petruzzi family gathering while you were being held and played with.

It was great staying with Uncle Josh and Aunt Delinda because they had everything a baby needs! We literally flew up with just one backpack between the two of us and no luggage. Car seat, crib, high chair, spoons, diapers, etc. were already waiting for us at Uncle Josh and Aunt Delinda's house!

The flight home to Charlotte was not quite as smooth as the flight up. We made it to the airport on time but we were flagged to be patted down at the security checkpoint. We found our gate with no problems and plenty of time to spare. We got settled into our seat on the plane and started to taxi to the runway. That is when you decided you had had enough with traveling and you decided to let the WHOLE PLANE know that you were NOT HAPPY with your non-stop WAILING! Of course, this occured at the moment when everybody must be seated and buckled in. My methods of soothing you were limited by my lack of mobility, Katy. However, we had a very understanding row (we were stuck in the middle seat on the plane) and a very kind and helpful seatmate named Naomi. Naomi hails from Marlton, NJ- right by your grandparents' Jones (God was looking out for us!). Naomi held you during your wailing fit while I pulled out my nursing cover and got ready to nurse you while we were taking off. Once you nursed, you fell asleep and all was well with the rest of the flight.... ahhh, there is beauty in a silent, sleeping baby... I am very grateful to the assistance I received while flying with you, Katy!

This was the first trip of many we plan to take with you, Katy! We hope you enjoy traveling as much as we do!

Friday, July 23, 2010

On the Mend

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After the sniffles and congestion of yesterday, we decided to play it safe and have you stay home from King's Keep, today. Daddy got to stay home and take care of you, Katy. Last night, you did sleep better than the night before (kind of hard not to since you really didn't- and we didn't- sleep much). We actually got a five hour stretch of uninterrupted sleep, last night! Your congestion seems to be clearing up and you were in good spirits. You took a nice three hour long nap in the crib, today, and you ate 10 ounces at your morning feeding. When I got home from work, you were giggly and smiley so I'd have to say you are on the mend!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Sick Baby Doctor's Visit

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Because of your sniffles and congestion, we went to the pediatrician's office, today. We were able to get an appointment right away with Dr. Desai. We arrived at the office a little early but they were able to take us right in as there were no other patients waiting. The nurse weighed you and you now weigh 16 pounds 12 ounces- getting bigger every day! Your temperature is 99.4 F- nothing to worry about until it gets to 100.4 F. The doctor checked your nose, ears and mouth. Other than the congestion in the nose, the doctor said you are fine. Things could progress to an ear infection, later, but we are to closely monitor it and make sure you drink lots of fluids. Some measures we can take to soothe you: Irrigate your nose with saline, use the bulb syringe regularly, Vicks Vapor rub on your feet (with socks!), rest, putting you down to sleep in an elevated position. Dehydration and trouble breathing are some of he most common symptoms that send children to the emergency room.

Return of the Happy Chair

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Not so long ago, it seemed like the only thing you would sleep in was the Happy Chair, Katy. That chair made it to FL and back when you were six weeks old as your "bed." Then, right around eleven weeks or so, you started sleeping in your crib and the Happy Chair became a thing of the past.

Well, today, with the onset of the sniffles, we re-instituted the Happy Chair and once again, it saved the day. Because you are congested, you are finding it hard to lie down and sleep. Therefore, by sitting you in the Happy Chair to sleep, you are a bit elevated and better able to breathe. While you didn't take a terribly long morning nap in the chair (only about an hour), this morning, that is more that I think you (or Daddy and I) slept last night.

"Achoo!" Katy has the Sniffles

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After a very LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG night of constant sleeplessness, crying and overall fussiness, you are spending a sick day at home with me, Katy. Your poor little nose is all congested (not runny, at least) and you couldn't breathe, last night. You would fall asleep and then wake up because you couldn't breathe. Your mood this morning is pretty happy and mellow- all things considered. We took your temperature and it was 98.1- nothing to worry about. You sounded a bit like Darth Vador in the moments that you did sleep. It's hard for this germ-a-phobe mama to watch her baby experience her first cold :-(

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

22nd Week Birthday

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Daddy and a sleepy Katy

Hittin' the (water) bottle on a HOT NC day! (caption just for you, Pop-Pop Tinkey ;-P)

Playing with Lumpy at the Diner

Power nap in the stroller

Today you are 22 weeks old, Katy.

After your fun week at home with Grandma Tinkey, you are back at King's Keep with Miss Silvia, Miss Megan and Miss Nancy. You certainly don't nap as well at daycare as you do at home. The teachers also commented that you've been a lot more "clingy" lately. Perhaps you are experiencing some separation anxiety?
You continue to teeth, this week. Daddy went out to buy more teethers so that there is always a cold teether in the freezer for when you need one. You seem to find some relief when you gnaw on something cold. Or, in a pinch, a finger will do!

Your big accomplishment for the week is the fact that you are starting to "scoot" around (separate blog post). Your legs are getting stronger and you are able to move around more by either scooting around or by rolling over until you get somewhere.
You love to grab your toes and put them in your mouth. Babies are so flexible- despite all of that cute chub!

You love studying faces and you take your cues off of your caregivers. For example, if I smile really wide and talk to you in a sing-songy voice, you smile, coo and giggle. If Daddy gets all squinty-eyed and smiley, you get all squinty-eyed and giggly.
Not only are you studying faces, but you are studying how things work and the world around you. When Daddy bathes you at night, you not only notice the water dripping down, but you notice the cup that the water comes from and you try to reach for it.

After our evening out last week at Union Street Live, we noticed that you got several bug bites on your face, legs and arms. They've been slowly healing this week. I guess you are so sweet that even the bugs think so! We'll have to be more careful about the bugs when we go out, from this point forward.
We ended your 22nd week with a case of the sniffles (separate blog post).

Birth Certificate

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Today, Daddy went to uptown Charlotte to pick up a certified copy of your birth certificate- you're official (Then again, we already knew that!!)!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Daddy's Little Fraggle

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Before you were born, Katy, Daddy used to sing the Fraggle Rock theme song to my belly (separate blog post). Every time he did this, you would kick along in rhythm. This made Daddy so proud to know that you liked the Fraggles even before you were born! Now, when you get fussy, we just have to sing the Fraggle Rock theme to you and you perk right up! You may look like me but your love of all things Muppets proves that there is a lot of Daddy in you, Katy!

Boot, Scoot and Boogie

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Today, when we brought you home from daycare, we were playing with you on the guest room bed. We were getting you ready for bath time, Katy, and you had rolled over on your tummy (like you typically do). You proceeded to scoot forward a good 18 inches!! I wouldn't call it "crawling" but you had your legs under you enough to propel yourself forward and move. Katy, you are ON THE MOVE (and Daddy and I are in trouble!)!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cocking Family Farewell

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Katy and Micah "holding hands" ;-P

Our friends, the Cocking Family, are moving to Washington state. We've enjoyed pizza parties, strawberry picking and couponing together. We are going to miss them but we wish them the best of luck in searching for jobs, a house, safe travels and their growth as a family as they embark on this new chapter of life!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ten Little Monkeys (and one Katy) Jumping on the Bed...

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Air Katy bouncing on the bed
This evening, you found it great fun to exercise your legs by bouncing on the guest room bed. You even got some air between you and the bed while bouncing!


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"Hmm... what milestones will I achieve this week?"

Grandma Tinkey Comes to Visit! (cont.)

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Grandma Tinkey and Katy having fun together!

Katy, you had a great week with Grandma Tinkey, this week! You took nice long naps for Grandma, you played and giggled and squealed and talked to Grandma all day long. You ate all of your bottles and most of your baby food for her. She enjoyed reading to you as you intently looked at each page. You especially like the touchy-feely books where you can "pet" the doggy or "pat" the bunny. Grandma wore you out during the day as evidenced by THREE nights in a row of you sleeping straight through the night without a feeding- woo hoo! Thanks for taking such good care of our Katy, Grandma!

Say, "Mama!"

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Let it be recorded that "Mama" was your first, word, Katy. Granted, you babble "Mama" more than you actually say it and you don't really associate it with an actual person, but it makes me happy to know that you say,"Mama." :-)

Union Street Live

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Union Street Live with the Shakers

On Thursday night, Grandma Tinkey, Daddy, you and I all walked down to the old Concord Courthouse and we enjoyed live music at Union Street Live. Union Street Live occurs every third Thursday in the month during the summer months. It's so nice to be able to walk down the street and enjoy this event when the weather is nice (i.e. not raining and not too, too hot!). We packed a picnic dinner and pulled out the lawn chairs. You were sitting in your stroller. When the music first started, it startled you and you began to cry, but as soon as we picked you up, danced a little bit and showed you that all was right with the world, life was good and you started to enjoy the music (and charm the people sitting around us, as well!).

Thursday, July 15, 2010

21st Week Birthday

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Katy intently exploring her world

KG in the house

"Hiya, Lumpy!"

Cooking with Mommy!

Night, night, Baby!

Katy, today you are 21.... weeks, that is! You are now old enough to drink... milk, that is! ;-P

This has a been a fun week because Grandma Tinkey has been here to take care of you and spoil you. You've been keeping her busy with all of your rolling around, smiles, giggles, moving and teething! You've been eating your bottles and sleeping well for Grandma. Grandma got to feed you rice cereal, avocado, prunes and bananas.

You are DEFINITELY teething! You like to put EVERYTHING in your mouth- especially fingers. We even had to make a special trip to Target just to get you another teether so we could rotate them from the freezer.

You reached your arms up toward me when you wanted to get out of the exersaucer for the first time, this week. You looked like such a big girl when you did that!

We should start calling your "Elastic-girl," Katy! You can pull your feet toward your mouth and practically stuff the whole foot in your mouth! Even with all of those rolls, you still seem to be able to roll up in a cute little ball!

You love the game Peek-a-boo! You've gotten very good at the game and have come to "expect" when the person playing with you is going to "pop" up. You giggle and squeal! You even pull the blanket away in anticipation. You've gotten so good at playing Peek-a-Boo that you will now put the blanket back up toward your face after we say, "Peek-a-Boo!"

When you sleep, you sleep on your tummy with you bottom sticking up in the air. Now that you can roll over we aren't as worried about you not being able to breath while sleeping on your tummy. A couple of weeks ago, we got you a crib bumper and you sleep (and we sleep!) much more soundly since you don't get your arms or legs caught in the slats of the crib.

Your fine motor skills are becoming more refined. Instead of just batting at objects and toys, you now know how to select an object with your forefinger and thumb. You've become very good at "selecting" our coffee each morning. Also, you are now able to take an object from one hand and transfer it to the other hand without putting the object down.
I should also mention that your legs and back are getting stronger. We barely have to support your back when we hold you because your back and neck are so strong. With all of your bouncing in the Jump-A-Roo and exersaucer, your legs are easily hold you steady (with support).
Another new trick that you learned this week is making a fishy face. You purse your lips, suck in your cheeks and move your lips like a little fish.

Two nights this week you slept straight through the night. You normally wake up once for a feeding and then fall back to sleep. Grandma must be wearing you out with all of that play!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dinner with the Mileys

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Aunt Louise holding Katy

"What, no goatee?!"

Uncle Father Reverend George and Aunt Louise (as Daddy affectionately calls them) stopped by for dinner, tonight, on their way home to Oklahoma City. It was great to finally meet these Jones family friends that I've heard so much about! They were excited to meet you, too, Katy! While we were at work, today, Grandma Tinkey helped us out by cooking a delicious meal of baked ziti and homemade blackberry cheesecake- yummy!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Grandma Tinkey Comes to Visit (cont.)!

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Katy, you had a good day with Grandma, today. You ate both of your bottles for her (though you didn't like the new, bigger bottles and forced Grandma to pull the smaller ones back out) and you took two nice long naps. I believe you sleep better here at home, than at daycare- too much going on at King's Keep. Grandma has the magic touch when it came to naps because you not only slept for long stretches of time (two hours in the afternoon!), but you also slept straight through the severe thunderstorms/tornado warnings we had, today. Grandma took you for a walk, this morning. She read to you, sang to you and played with you throughout the day. She really had you giggling!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Grandma Tinkey Comes to Visit!

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The Granny Nanny has arrived in Charlotte
(Coming soon to Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, PA)

Grandma Tinkey has come for a visit, Katy. She is going to spend this upcoming week taking care of you, spoiling you, loving you and kissing those cute cheeks!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Feet

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"I can touch my toes, can you?"

Stormy Weather

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Last night, we had a very severe thunderstorm roll through town and you slept like the baby you are right through the whole event. I have found that one of the best times to go to the grocery store is late at night, after you've gone down to sleep. So, Daddy was on baby duty and I left for the store (good thing Harris Teeter is open 24 hours!). On the radio, in the car, I heard that we were under a severe thunderstorm watch- they weren't kidding! While I was grocery shopping there was simultaneous thunder and lighting and torrential rain!! Harris Teeter can thank the storm for my extra expensive grocery bill since I waited for the storm to subside before venturing back home. Back at home, Daddy kept checking on you to make sure that the loud thunder didn't wake you up and he said you didn't even stir! In fact, you slept straight through the night, not even waking for a feeding! So, at least we know you can sleep through just about anything.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Teething Machine

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"I love my teether!"

Thursday, July 8, 2010

20 Weeks Birthday

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20 Weeks, July 4, 2010
Sleepy Baby

Happy Baby

Playtime with Froggy Friend (and Co.)

Indoor Fourth of July Picnic
Little Miss Ruffle Butt

Partying (instead of napping) in the crib
Creative Camera Shot by Daddy
Today you are 20 weeks old, Katy!

This week, we noticed you reaching out and grabbing things with an open hand (opposed to just batting at objects). For example, if you wanted to reach for a teether, you reached out with an open hand, grasped the object and then pulled it toward you. Mostly, you grab things to put into your mouth.

On the topic of mouth, we think you are officially teething, Katy. Yesterday, King's Keep called to say that you were fussier than usual and you wouldn't eat your bottles. We knew something is wrong if you won't eat! When we gave you a cold teether to gnaw on you practically shoved the whole thing in your mouth at once. Only once the teether started to get too warm did you get fussy.

You are gaining a better sense of how things work, Katy. For example, if Daddy taps his hand in front of you, you look to Daddy's face with the knowledge that he is causing the tapping sound.
You have found your feet and you love to play with them every chance you get. We lay you down on the mat to play- you find your feet. We lay you down to change your diaper- you find your feet. Sometimes, you like to EAT your feet and you amaze us with your baby flexibility!

We fed you papaya, this week. The first attempt didn't impress you. However, the next night we fed papaya to you, we couldn't feed it to you fast enough! You LOVED papaya! I believe you have a sweet tooth. Then, the next day is when you were extra fussy at King's Keep, so we've decided to hold off on the papaya in case that is what is causing you distress.

You celebrated your first Fourth of July quietly at home with Daddy and I. We didn't partake in any festivities or fireworks, this year. Instead, we enjoyed each other's company and had a nice indoor picnic- you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a Chinese take-out place that is open on the Fourth of July!

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