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Sponsored Post- Moms Meet- The Vets

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This review is for all the pet parents out there!

Frappuccino, a 7lb toy poodle, has been a part of our family since Valentine's 2021. He has even managed to win me over- a strict, no-pets, allergy-prone and self-proclaimed neat freak- with his lovable and playful personality. This is no small feat!

He loves to play fetch, run around in the backyard and he has generally fun disposition. EXCEPT, he hates riding in the car... with a passion...!! He barks and whines and is generally nervous while riding in the car and it makes for some very, very, very long and stressful car rides for all involved. So, when the opportunity to review The Vetsa mobile vet care service that brings pet care home, through Moms Meet presented itself, I jumped at the opportunity!

Waiting patiently for The Vets!

First, a little information about The Vets;
• The Vets’ at-home pet care model saves a lot of time, reduces unnecessary stress for both the pet and pet parent, and allows the veterinarians and veterinary technicians to spend more quality time with clients. No more pet carriers, waiting rooms, or car-sick pets. 
• Because happy, healthy pets come from happy, healthy vets, the mobile company hires the best veterinarians with years of experience and knowledge, and empowers them to bring unparalleled care straight to all their pets. Their veterinarians have over 10 years of experience on average. 
• From initial booking to post appointment follow-up, The Vets’ booking agents, pet specialists, and city managers provide each client with a personalized medical experience. 
• The Vets advise, guide, and support pet parents every step of the way whether in an emergency or in day-to-day care. They have a strong focus on client education, where they clearly explain what they do, how they do it, and why any given treatment is the best path forward for each pet. 
• The Vets is revolutionizing a digital transformation within the veterinary industry by using technology to predict, pre-empt, and treat medical conditions.

Being spoiled with treats while Dr. Wolf and DVM Ty do their exam.

Our visit with Dr. Wolf and DVM Ty was pleasant, easy-going and low-key. Dr. Wolf got right down on the ground with Frappuccino to do the exam and she immediately won him over with treats and belly rubs! She did a general wellness exam- reviewing the basics, talking over some general wellness and preventative measures- and she was able to talk easily with both myself AND pup! She even talked about and coached us on some tips, tricks and possible Rx to help ease Frappuccino's car anxiety. 

A fully equipped van!

Some personal observations about the actual The Vets visit;
-The Vets pull up in a well-marked, fully wrapped vehicle- there is no mistaking their purpose, company or intent. Both doctor and DVM were friendly and personable upon initial introduction to myself and pet.
-While Dr. Wolf and DVM Ty were running a touch behind for our appointment, they did appropriately reach out to notify us and their delay was no more than 10 mins.
The Vets come INTO your house to do the actual exam. This surprised me as I had initially thought they would do the exam in the actual van- much like a mobile dog groomer does.
-The Vets can do pretty much anything your pet may need in the comfort of your home- ultrasounds, blood work, vaccines, microchipping, etc. The only thing they cannot do onsite is X-rays.

The one big negative to the otherwise positive experience with The Vets was scheduling. When The Vets initially contacted me to schedule the appointment, their availability was extremely limited time-wise and date-wise. Not at all convenient! There was a lot of back and forth before we finally found an appointment with minimal rearranging of schedules. Then, leading up to the appointment, I was contacted no less than five times via phone/text on top of several emails to confirm the appointment AND fill out the initial form (multiple times). While I appreciate the reminder, this felt excessive and tiresome.

Overall, the in-house visit was very pleasant and MUCH easier than driving to a traditional vet visit. Frappuccino responded well to Dr. Wolf and DVM Ty and we enjoyed skipping the long (and loud) car ride to the vet!

**Disclaimer-I received a complimentary wellness exam visit from the sponsor, Moms Meet and The Vets. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Moms Meet and/or The Vets.**

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Patterns for Pirates- Fabric for Pirates- March 2022

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Since it's March, I signed up for a(nother) one-time Fabric for Pirates monthly box- why not? I was feeling lucky. ;) You may remember my first Fabric for Pirates monthly box, back in January (what can I say- they had me at "fabric"...).

In case you're wondering what Fabric for Pirates is all about, it's a monthly (or, a one-time purchase!) subscription to a box full of sewing goodies mailed directly to you! The box includes two yards of mystery fabric, a special sewing swag (this month was a handy needle threader), and a discount code to purchase a(nother) Pattern for Pirates pattern. Sew, sew FUN! ;)

This month's two yard cut of fabric included a beautiful green and white tie-dye thermal knit. Since NC weather in March can sometimes be mercurial (freezing one day, sweating the next), I decided to sew up the Patterns for PiratesFree Tulip Tee (plain front, 3/4 sleeves, banded hem). I've got a confession to make- this was my first time sewing up this FREE pattern.... what took me so long?!! This easy pattern was so quick to sew up- I literally cut and sewed it up in the time it took me to simultaneously watch a show! (and, did I mention that this pattern is FREE?!)

Now, the question is, "How long until my next Fabric for Pirates monthly box....?" ;)

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Sponsored Post- The Fabric Fairy- Pebble Waves Collection as Love Notions Patterns Forte Top

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Love Notions Forte Top (view C) in The Fabric Fairy Pebble Waves Nylon Spandex

It's no secret that I love to sew swim (sometimes referred to as nylon spandex) fabric! Plus, with Missy being a competitive swimmer, I've had lots and lots of experience sewing up lots and lots of practice suits for her. One of my absolute favorite places to buy high-quality, fun prints (and great customer service!) swim fabric is The Fabric Fairy! This week, they are releasing a brand new collection of custom printed fabric called Jaguar Pebble Waves and I'm so excited to share my make!

First, let's go over the specifics of the new Jaguar Pebble Waves Nylon Spandex fabric: 
-Ethically sourced 
-78% Nylon 22%Spandex
-230GSM (Grams per Square Meter- aka, the weight of the fabric)
-58"/59" bolt width
-Interlock finish/superior weight and opaque stretch (aka squat proof! ;)
-4-way stretch (75%/35%)
-50+SPF (I LOVE fabric that has SPF- so helpful for warding off harmful UV rays!)
-Comes in two colors- Purple/Pink (shown) and Blue/Teal

Love Notions Forte Top (view C) in The Fabric Fairy Pebble Waves Nylon Spandex

Did you know that nylon spandex (and, specifically this The Fabric Fairy Jaguar Pebble Waves Nylon Spandex) is also great for other garment sewing? Here are just a *few* reasons why I love to use nylon spandex for my WHOLE wardrobe:
-Requires very little (if any) ironing/pressing! ANYTHING that doesn't require me to pull out the iron is a WIN in my book! ;)
-The Fabric Fairy Jaguar Pebble Waves Nylon Spandex has a cool hand and great drape- that means that not only is it flattering to wear (because of the drape), but it also feels GREAT to wear (and not too hot, either!)!
-Nylon spandex is made to take a beating (think sun, sand and chlorine) and this The Fabric Fairy Jaguar Pebble Waves Nylon Spandex washed up beautifully while still retaining its vibrant color and texture.
-The Fabric Fairy Jaguar Pebble Waves Nylon Spandex is not see-through- I can confidently wear this in an office setting OR on the beach (when sewn up as a bathing suit) and not have to worry about it being too see-through.
-Because of the 4-way stretch and characteristics of nylon spandex, The Fabric Fairy Jaguar Pebble Waves Nylon Spandex has great stretch and recovery. This means that it can be stretched, and pulled and still spring back to shape without sagging and drooping- necessary fabric characteristics inside AND outside of the pool! ;)
-The Fabric Fairy Jaguar Pebble Waves Nylon Spandex is so, sew easy to sew up and handle. My machines cut through it perfectly, without bunching, snagging or catching.

Love Notions Forte Top (view C) in The Fabric Fairy Pebble Waves Nylon Spandex

Now, let's quickly discuss pattern details! I sewed up the Love Notions Forte Top (view C), mid-sleeve with gathers, size Small. I always love the professional drafting and spot-on sizing of Love Notions patterns. I love variety that this one pattern provides- depending on the view that you sew up, you can have a whole wardrobe of different looking tops. My Love Notions Forte Top (view C) can be dressed down with jeans and Converse (shown), or dressed up with a pencil skirt and heals- The Fabric Fairy Pebble Waves Nylon Spandex is good like that! ;)

Now, maybe I should sew something SWIM with the remaining The Fabric Fairy Pebble Waves Nylon Spandex fabric....!?!

Love Notions Forte Top (view C) in The Fabric Fairy Pebble Waves Nylon Spandex

***Disclosure: "I did receive free fabrics from The Fabric Fairy The opinions expressed here are my own."***

****This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I may receive a small percentage of the sale.****

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Patterns for Pirates- Fabric for Pirates- January 2022

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I'm kicking off the New Year with a little something special just for ME!! I signed up for a one-time Fabric for Pirates monthly box. In case you're wondering what Fabric for Pirates is all about, it's a monthly (or, a one-time purchase!) subscription to a box full of sewing goodies mailed directly to you! The box includes two yards of mystery fabric, a special sewing swag (this month was the ever-handy Bodkin for threading elastic), and a discount code to purchase a(nother) Pattern for Pirates pattern. Sew, sew FUN! ;)

In this month's Fabric for Pirates, I was completely spoiled with this luxe cashmere sweater knit in a warm winter white- BEAUTIFUL and CLASSIC! This warm, stretchy sweater knit has a solid hand, a beautiful drape and is opaque.

Since we've received not one but TWO actual snowfalls in the past week, here in the Carolinas, I just *knew* Sweater Weather would be the perfect pattern to sew up! I sewed up a size Medium, low side slit, regular sleeves, turtleneck Sweater Weather. I did take off some length in the sleeves and body length to account for my 5'-0" height. 

Pattern for Pirates Sweater Weather Fabric for Pirates- It's like wearing a warm hug!


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