Monday, April 12, 2010

100th Blog Post!

Posted by Heather at Monday, April 12, 2010
This is the 100th Blog Post on All Things Katy! In honor of such a milestone, I thought it'd be fun to record some other numbers here.

Since your birth; date, you have received 72 Congratulatory cards (not including Easter cards).
...I have written at least that many thank you cards for all of the much-appreciated, adorable clothes, outfits, toys, money, gift cards, flowers, balloons, meals, books and other baby gifts you have received. THANK YOU! went through 200 newborn diapers in the first two weeks of your life. costs an average of about 20 cents every time I change your diaper. Therefore, it costs about two dollars a day, 730 dollars a year in just diapers and wipes, alone.
....we have gone through 180 K-cups for the Keurig Coffee machine- that's a lot of caffeine! took your first car ride to Florida with a total of 22 hours on the road (there and back). currently nurse every two and a half to three hours, about two to two and a half ounces a feeding.
...I keep not one, but TWO baby books (one I bought, one was a gift) to record your milestones, pictures, dates, weights, etc. This does not include the calendar and this blog that I update regularly. the first two weeks of your life, we received eleven guests- mostly family members here to help us all get adjusted to life as a family of three. have a double chin and seem to be working on a third! Auntie Hope and I counted five rolls on your arms- too cute! sneeze in twos.
...So far, you wear each outfit an average of just once before you outgrow it! have 11 headbands and bows (not including hats or holiday attire) which I like to put in your hair often!
...Daddy and I have purchased just two articles of clothing for you- a froggy outfit for later and a jean skirt. All of the other outfits have either been hand-me-downs or gifts. your last doctor's visit, you weighed nine pounds, four ounces and measured 22 inches. This puts you in the 50th percentile for weight and the 90th percentile for height (who would have thought??!).
...I have taken 898 pictures on the Nikon and 191 pictures on the "Katy Kam" (to date).
...we had 11 meals made and brought to us by friends (not including all the meals that both sets of grandparents made while they were each visiting!) over the course of three weeks. We didn't have to cook dinner for days! Thanks- what a tremendous help while we adjusted to parenthood! far, you've experienced two seasons- winter and spring- and two holidays- St. Patrick's Day and Easter.
...the record amount of time that you've slept straight (without waking for a feeding) is six hours.


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