Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sentence of the Day- Mommy's Coffee

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I had just had the last sip of coffee from my morning cup of Joe when I hear Katy say,

"Mommy's copy (coffee) all gone. Mommy sad."

Isn't that the truth! HA!

Wordless Wednesday (Almost)- Table Setting

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Dinner time!

Now that Katy is two, I've been trying to think of ways to make Katy more involved with daily preparations/chores. Setting the dinner table seems like a good place to start for a toddler. For her first attempt, I believe Katy did a pretty good job!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sweet Spot

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"We met Daddy at Ikea for a lunch date, today. Kids eat free on Tuesdays!"

"Since I was a good little girly, Mommy treated me to some ice cream after Daddy had to return to the office."

"Yum, yum, yum- I love ice cream!!"

"You didn't want to share this ice cream with me, did you Mommy?!"

Mallard Creek Recreation Center

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"Today was a Mommy and Me day. So, we went somewhere a little different- somewhere we've never been. We visited the Mallard Creek Recreation Center."

 "There was a big indoor play place for me to climb and explore."

 "I had the whole place to myself! Well, not if you count Mommy but she told me that she was too big to climb."

 "Then, we went to the Mallard Creek Park for a little fresh air."

"Wheee!  I had lots of fun!"

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sentence of the Day- Mister Dave

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Katy was a bit of a toddler, today, insisting on attending "big people church" with Mommy and Daddy rather than going to her age-appropriate Sunday School. She was dancing and boogie-ing in the aisles to the worship music and was *relatively* interested in all that was going on, on stage. Tonight, while Ted was giving Katy a bath, she informed him,

"Mr. Dave (pastor) good speaker. I watch in big kids' (church)."

Light at the End of the Tunnel

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Sweet baby girl exploring her world at the park.

Happy Birthday, Kinetic Church!

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Ted and Katy rocking the Limbo 
(He went even lower than this picture- I never knew that my hubby was so good at the Limbo!)!

Kinetic Church turned seven years old, this month and we celebrated today with a birthday party! While Ted and I haven't been their since the very beginning, we have called it our home church for the past five years and to us, it is family. It took use almost a year to find Kinetic but once we did, we knew that it was the church for us (we did find out about it from a flyer on a community bulletin board at TCBY- how appropriate is that?!) Through small groups, nursery and general fellowship, we have grown to love and work and play and care for the people that make Kinetic Church, Kinetic. Happy Birthday Kinetic- here's to many more!

Current Food Obsession- Cheddar Bunnies (Part II)

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"Remember those Cheddar Bunnies from before?"

"Well... I'm still slightly addicted to them."

"Never can have too many Cheddar Bunnies!"

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Terrible, Tantrum TWOs!

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"They" don't call it the "Terrible Twos" for nothing, that's for sure! It's like a light switch went off and suddenly, we have daily meltdowns over silly, inconsequential things. Katy had a tantrum because she's over-tired. She has a tantrum because we are out of milk, or out of grapes. She has a tantrum because she has to sit in her car seat. She has a tantrum because we have to get out of the car. She has a tantrum because I picked out pants and not a dress.... The list could go on. Some of these tantrums are just crying and whining while others are all-out, on the floor, prostrate, wailing, kicking, can't breath hysterics! Where did my sweet, happy, silly little girl go?!

Sometimes, I just explain the situation to Katy. Sometimes, I just ignore the antics. Sometimes I just have to pick Katy up and move her to whatever destination is needed (bed, car seat, chair, whatever). Let's just say it's exhausting- for both parties. I'm told that this is just the beginning- Lord, help us! I'm also told that the threes are not much better- *GULP*!!

A Seussical Kind of Day!

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In honor of the late Dr. Seuss' birthday, and timed just perfectly to coincide with the release of the new Lorax movie, several places had events honoring the author.

First up, Dr. Seuss story time at Target. After a free breakfast at Chick-Fil-A, we headed on over to the children's clothing area where we found Thing 1 and The Cat in the Hat reading Seuss stories. We received a goody bag and sat down for some silly stories. Everything was going along swimmingly until Thing 1 decided to get a little too close to Katy. At that point, Katy said (rather loudly, I might add!), "Cat Hat 'care me! Go that way (pointing to anywhere but the story area)." So, story time at Target lasted just shy of one story. Instead, we checked out the sales, ran into several friends and decided to try on sunglasses.

Cool Girl Katy trying on some shades at Target.

 Next up, Dr. Seuss activities, stories and parade at the Concord Mills Mall. Things were a bit disorganized but we managed to make a crown, color a book mark with markers and boogie to the DJ that was on stage getting the kids moving. The parade wasn't going to start until two hours after the start of the even (might as well have been eternity for Katy!), so we skipped out on the parade, managed to get our goody bag and left just in time for nap time!

Katy + Markers = lots of FUN!

Katy's Seuss crown

Friday, February 24, 2012

Kid in a Toy Store...

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Thanks for my Rapunzel Doll, Dorothy and Mike Burke!

... Toys R Us, to be exact. Katy received several gift cards to Toys R Us for her birthday, this year. So, after an impromptu lunch date with Daddy, we then walked over to the toy store (less times to buckle and unbuckle a tantrum-y toddler) to let Katy pick out her gift. At first, I was going to go ahead and buy something that I thought she might like/want/need but then, I decided- it's her gift card- let her pick out what she wants!

So, bracing for the worst (Berenstain Bear's and the Gimmes comes to mind....), we started scoping the shelves. Before we even entered the store, though, I explained to Katy what we were going to do (trust me, I can have full conversations with my two year old!). I asked her what she wanted (because the child certainly doesn't NEED anything) and she replied very quickly and very matter-of-factly, "I get baby Rapunzel." Katy had already gotten a Rapunzel Barbie doll from our friends the Pates (which she loves!), for her birthday so I just figured she was just fixated on Rapunzel the movie and not so much getting a baby Rapunzel (I didn't even know if such a thing existed!).

Well, we got to the Disney Princess aisle (yes, Toys R Us has a whole TWO rows devoted to Tiana, Ariel, Aurora, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Snow White!), and Katy immediately found her toy! Wouldn't you know, it was labeled, "Rapunzel, Toddler BABY doll" and it does kind of look like a baby version of the Rapunzel in the movie, Tangled. After she saw HER doll, there was no going back- that is what she wanted!- and she was so happy! So happy, in fact, that she went into her car seat without a struggle. One happy little girl, one relieved mama (about the car seat and lack of toddler meltdown in the middle of the toy store).

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sentence of the Day- Daddy

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While putting on his coat and grabbing his work and lunch bags, Katy held her hands up to Ted and pleaded, "No Dada leave! Jacket off." Let's just say Ted wasn't too motivated to leave after that....

Two Year Well Baby Doctor's Visit

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Today was Katy's two year Well Baby Doctor's Visit with Dr. Guerriero. She now weigh 26 lbs. and measure 35" long. This puts her in the 80th percentile for weight and 69th percentile height. From the doctor's assessment, our Katy is right on target (and even ahead in some areas physically and developmentally.

Just like last year, Katy got her iron levels checked. Also like last year, she was not amused with the finger prick and very resistant to getting her hand anywhere near the nurse in order to get the sample. As a side note, our nurse was VERY kid friendly and she finally got Katy to give the finger prick by saying, "Katy, can you give me a high five? How about a low five?" Before Katy realized it, the nurse had the finger prick.

Katy got the last of her Hepatitis boosters, today. Like every time (and every other kid I know), she did not like getting the shot and cried big crocodile tears when the nurse gave her the shot. I also found out that come next flu season, Katy is old enough to get the spray mist flu shot instead of the one grown in eggs- yay!

Katy was very wiggly and squirmy during the examination. Dr. Guerriero was very adept at getting all of the vitals on a very active and moving toddler.

Verbally, Katy is way ahead of the curve. The doctor told me that between year two and three, Katy will learn more language than the rest of her life. How interesting!

We received some information on tantrums during the visit. It couldn't have come at a better time! The terrible twos have arrived in full force! Katy has at least on tantrum a day- most times for silly, inconsequential things. One day it's because we ran out of milk, the next time it's because we have to put away toys. Don't even get me started on trying to get Katy into the car seat these days! I have to allot an extra fifteen minutes just to get Katy into the car seat because it takes great coaxing, bribing, and sometimes manual force to "convince" Katy to get into the seat. By the time she's FINALLY buckled in (after having to climb into the car by herself, running to the other side of the back seat, kicking and screaming when I try to buckle her in....) I'm exhausted and barely have the energy to go to wherever we were trying to go to in the first place!!

Katy was born with a Mongolian spot on her backside. We were originally told that it would disappear after the first year. Well, we're on year two and it's still there. So, I asked the doctor about it and he said that if it hasn't faded away by age six, it's probably permanent. I guess that's okay since nobody else better be looking at that little tushie anytime soon!

Now that Katy is two, I should be concerned if her fever is above 102 degrees F. A temperature at this degree (or higher) means that her body is fighting infection. While I may not necessarily need to call the doctor right away, 102 is the marker where I need to be concerned and monitoring. I thought that was good information to have.

Also, the doctor clarified the new(ish) dosing instructions for medicines for me. For Tylenol, a child should receive 75 mg for every ten pounds. For Motrin, Advil and Ibuproern, a child should receive 50 mg for every ten pounds. I tried doing the math on this one but ended up getting myself all confused. Long and short of it- I need to get a better dosing syringe (stat!)  in order to give Katy the proper amount of medicine!!

All in all, a good visit. Our Katy is happy, healthy and right on track for her age!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sentence of the Day

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As many of you readers know, our little Katy is a chatty one. So, in the spirit of loquaciousness, I'm going to start a new little mini series here on the blog called, "Sentence of the day." These will be random, sometimes funny, sometimes embarassing, sometimes insightful but always truthful things Katy says throughout the day. My only stipulation is that the sentence be more than three words put together. Also, please remember that this is written in the voice of a toddler speaking, so teachers and grammarians, please put away your red pens ;-).

In order to start things off, I leave you with two sentences;

Referring to her new, light-up sneakers that were given to her as a birthday gift, Katy informed me that, "Yaya and Crystal gave it (to) me. Cute!"

Armed with my library card and two books Katy had selected off the shelves in the children's area, Katy marched up to the circulation desk and announced to the librarian behind the counter (and anybody else within at least five miles radius), "I check it out me self."

Wordless Wednesday- Our Little Valentine

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MOMs Group Valentine's Day Sock Hop!

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24 little ones... lots of cookies, cake and Valentine's sweets...

...equals this is the best picture of the lot...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Three Little Piggies

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"I'll huff..."

"...and I'll puff..."

"...and I'll (finally) blow my Minnie Mouse birthday blower out!"

Shoveling Up some Fun!

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"Uncle Josh and Aunt Delinda gave me this Disney Princess sand pail. I love Disney Princesses!"

Sun, sand, shovel and pail...

"Hmmm... what kind of fun can I mix up?"

"Mix, mix, stir, stir... just give me a shovel and pail and I'm a happy camper!"

"Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker's Men...."

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Mommy baked me my very own (egg/nut/soy free) cake for my birthday.

"Mommy, may I please lick the beaters when you are done mixing?"

"Yummy! I love to lick every square inch of the beater."

Love that messy little face!

Minnie Mouse 2nd Birthday Celebration Extravaganza!

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Since Katy shares her birth date (February 18) with her younger cousin, Joel, we decided to celebrate her second birthday with a joint Minnie and Mickey Mouse birthday celebration extravaganza in FL with the Tinkey side of the family. This was the first time in almost seven years that my brother and his whole family, my sister and her whole family and Ted, Katy and I have been to my parents' house at the same time. Coordinating that many schedules is quite a challenge!

Since children under two fly for free, Katy and I flew one-way to FL on Tuesday, Valentine's Day. Let's just say that it was a good thing that this was Katy's last time as "infant in arms." She was quite wiggly and active in my lap during the flight. The flight was compounded by the fact that we ended up with a grumpy and unhelpful flight attendant. In any case, we made it to Orlando safe and sound with little drama (just the way I like to fly).

While Dad had to go back to work after taking time to pick us up from the airport, Katy and I enjoyed the beautiful blue skies and sunny weather. We took a walk, dipped our feet in the pool and enjoyed the reprieve from the recent cold spell in NC.

After Mom and Dad got back from work that night, we all went out to dinner for Thai. Katy was a little charmer as she talked and observed the other restaurant patrons and wait staff. It took some coaxing to get her to sit in the high chair (aka, "Katy's special big girl chair") but somehow Grandmas can get kiddies to do what parents cannot (why is that?!?).

Late Tuesday night, Hope, Eric and Molly arrived in town. Other than a long line at the car rental place, their flight in also went smoothly.

Wednesday dawned and we took the girls to Monkey Joe's. The Monkey Joe's by my parents' house is so much nicer than the one by us- much cleaner and bigger and brighter. Since we got to the place early enough, the girls pretty much had the run of the place without too many other kids to get in their way. It was Molly's first time bouncing and Katy was more than willing to show her the ropes.

We visited Jeremiah's Italian Water Ice Wednesday night after dinner for gelatis. Yum, yum, YUM! I love that place! Peanut Butter is my favorite and Katy ordered her standard strawberry flavor.

Ted drove in late, late, late Wednesday night (technically Thursday morning). We got a little shut-eye and then woke early to enjoy a day at Disney World (Crazy, I know!). Dad joined us as we met our good friends, the Pates, at Magic Kingdom. We walked around the park, rode some rides and had a chance to catch up. Since we visited the park on a Thursday, it was busy but not too crowded that you couldn't breathe. The weather was perfect- not too hot and not too humid. We had the opportunity to ride half a dozen rides- Pooh's Corner, Mickey's Philharmagic, Peter Pan's Flight, It's a Small World, Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride, Swiss Family Tree house. Whenever anybody would ask her later, Katy would reply that "Uppy down" was her favorite ride (Aladdin). She loved to control going up and down in the magic carpet and she was very distraught when the ride came to a too-quick end. The other thing that Katy kept telling others was that "Donald 'care me" referring to Mickey's Philharmagic show. While the show wasn't necessarily "scary" it was loud and since it was 3-D, things kept coming toward you and that scared Katy. She was clinging to me the whole show.

We got to see several characters from afar. I was unwilling to waste too much time waiting in line to meet them in person, though. The line to meet Rapunzel was really long all day long. After riding the rides and eating some lunch, we decided it was time to leave in the hopes that Katy would fall asleep in the car on the ride home. This was not the case, however, as Katy stayed up the ENTIRE trip home and didn't manage to catch a nap at all! She did, however, fall asleep very early that night at slept for 12 hours straight- she was worn out from her Disney adventure!!

Friday was a low-key kind of day. We helped get some things ready for the party on Saturday and I had a chance to get together with my friend David Smith for lunch.

Josh, Delinda, Kayla and Joel arrived in town Friday afternoon. It was officially considered madness at the Tinkey house with four kiddies ages three and under! That being said, Grandma and Pop-Pop decided that they'd watch the kids for a couple of hours while all of the parents went out after dinner. So, Josh, Delinda, Hope, Eric, Ted and I enjoyed a couple hours of "adult time" on Park Ave. while my parents were home with Kayla, Katy, Molly and Joel. When we walked in the door from going to the Wine Room and Kilwin's, my Mom greeted us with such an enthusiastic and proud, "The kids were so great AND nobody cried!" that I know it must be true (and not just a grandparent white lie).

It's so fun to see how the kids interact with one another. Of course, they have all gotten bigger since I saw them at Thanksgiving- each getting quicker and faster and smarter. I noticed that Katy likes to follow Kayla around and see what "big girl" things she can do with her. Katy fights with Molly the most, though- wanting whatever Molly has and being told umpteen many times to "share" with her cousin. I guess we told Katy this one too many times because while reviewing pictures of our trip this morning, Katy pointed to one of Katy, Molly and Eric playing in the living room and she announced, "Katy, share!" Katy is very concerned and caring toward Joel. Anytime he would cry, Katy would be quick to find his pacifier or try to find a bottle for him. She loved giving Joel hugs and kisses.

On Saturday morning, we all trekked out to Cocoa Beach for a family portrait- complete with white shorts and jeans. It was quite an adventure to get 12 people- four of them kids- to smile, look at the camera and not blink all at the same time. Kudos to our cousin, Christa Petruzzi for joining the madness to be our photographer for the day!

The Minnie and Mickey Birthday Party took place in the afternoon. There was cake! There were balloons! There were Mickey ears and Mickey-shaped chicken nuggets (that even Katy could eat)! There were cookies and ice cream and food, food, food! Friends and family joined us as we jointly wished Katy and Joel happy 2nd and happy 1st birthday, respectively.

When it came time for the cake, Katy was a pro! She blew out her candle like a champ and then starting chowing down on her very own, special Mickey-shaped cake. She couldn't believe that Mommy was letting her eat a whole cake all by herself with no silverware! She got as far as the ears and then had to stop in order to eat some ice cream. Yummy!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Katy and Joel!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday, Katy Grace!

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Minnie Mouse Birthday!

Two short years ago (yesterday) our little Katy Grace was born on Thursday, February 18, 2010. As cliche as it sounds, I cannot imagine life without her smiling little face, her giggles, her pout or her sense of humor. She brings joy and sunshine to the everyday mundane and she is definitely a very good reason to be the best person, the best mother, the best parent I can be. Happy Birthday, sweet baby- Mommy and Daddy love you very, very much!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Hearts Day 2012!

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From our family to your family, Happy Valentine's Day! On this day of love and friendship, be sure to remember those you love! Hugs and Kisses!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Mom’s Dining Out Deals

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One of our budgetary vices as a family is the fact that we like to go out to eat. It's not that I don't like to cook- I love to spend time in the kitchen and I'd like to think that I can hold my own with a spoon, a pot and a pan- it's just that time (or lack thereof), lack of planning, the lure of somebody else doing the work for me or the dread of dirty dishes often persuades us to eat out more often than we should. So, when I saw the ebook, Mom's Dining Out Deals advertised on one of my favorite money-saving blogs, I knew I just had to give it a whirl. I'm excited to read this book and see where we can save while still enjoying a (or two!) dinner out.

Possessive Pronouns

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As Katy talks more and says more sentences, we've noticed that she doesn't use the word "I" but instead uses "me" and "my."

For example;

 "Me pencil."

"My do it" or "Me do it."

"Mine shoes."

"Mine turn."

"Me dress self."

"Me toy."

The results are some mixed-up sentences that are quintessentially toddler-speak.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Night Out on the Town (sort of)

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Silly face with Daddy!

Dressed up and ready to go!

Yesterday, Ted and I celebrated Valentine's Day a little early by going out to dinner. By ourselves. Without Katy. First time in a LONG time....

First, we dropped Lil' Miss off at Romp n' Roll. It's like a Gymboree- open gym, supervised activities, classes, etc. They were having a Valentine's Day special where you drop off your child from 5:30-8:30PM for a set cost while you and your honey get to go out. We got Katy checked in and she was so interested in what was going on and all of the new surroundings that she didn't even notice Ted or I walk out.

Ted and I enjoyed a delicious meal at Carrabba's. The crowds waiting to get a seat were ENORMOUS, but luckily we did call-ahead seating and got seated in about 20 minutes opposed to the hour and a half they were quoting walk-ins. We enjoyed a leisurely meal sans kiddie and all that goes on when going out to eat with a toddler (I know the other parents reading this blog know what I'm talking about).

After dinner, we headed back to Romp n' Roll to pick up Lil' Miss. Ted went in to get Katy and I stayed out in the car since it was quite chilly and windy outside. Good thing we came back a little early because our child was THAT child- the inconsolable, crying, wailing, only wants her mama- little girl!! Katy was one-on-one with on of the workers while the other kids played happily in the open gym area with the other workers. As soon as Katy saw Ted, she was all smiles and she practically ran into the glass door trying to get to him. We are told that she did pretty well for the first hour and a half but then had enough. She didn't want to eat her dinner (and when Katy doesn't want to eat, you KNOW something must be wrong!!) and just kept crying and walking around saying, "Mama, 'r you?!?" (as in, "Mommy, where are you?!").

So, in conclusion, Ted and I enjoyed our *rare* date night and Katy did not :-( Guess it'll be awhile till the next one...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sleep Talking

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Apparently, Katy doesn't always get her word quota in during the day so she likes to talk in her sleep, at night. When she is sleeping (which isn't often ;-), Ted and I have heard her saying, out loud, the following words (in no particular order):

-Canberries (for Cranberries)
-Cream (for Ice Cream)
-Brock, brock (for Chicken)
-Katy 'Prove! (for Katy approved!)
-Timmy Time (for the clamation shorts by the same name)
-Cuddle Mama
-No blanket!
-Cheddar Bunnies
-No Sucker! (referring to the bulb syringe)
-Uppy down! (referring to Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride at Disney)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Rocky HORROR Picture Show

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"What!?!? How can we NOT have any ice cream in the house?!"

 "How 'bout now?! Still no ice cream? Maybe frozen yogurt?"

"Oh, I just can't take it anymore..." ;-P

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bedtime Stories

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Katy's current favorite books are (in no particular order); Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Snowballs, Five Little Piggies, Here Comes Kate! and On Top of Spaghetti. She would have us read them over and over and over and over and over again each and every single night. Katy loves these books so much that she has them practically memorized (Ted and I, too!).

The other day, I decided to mix things up a bit and see how much Katy had memorized by switching some of the words in the book. One of the lines in the book, Here Comes Kate! reads, "I wanted a dolly!" Instead, I read, "I wanted a Katy!" Katy looked at me, looked at the page in the book and then pointed to the words and said, "No, Mommy. Dolly." Check and noted, little Smarty Pants!

Katy loves to look at the pictures in the book. While she's oftentimes too wiggly to sit still for very long, I have caught her on more than one occasion sitting and looking at the pictures of various books- and not just baby board books. She will notice little things that Ted and I overlook. For example, in the book Snowballs, the snow people are made up of various objects, foods, etc. Katy was the first to notice that the Daddy Snowman's nose was made up of a strawberry and not a carrot, as most snowmen are made of. She's very observant and very good at remembering the sequence of stories. More than once, I've caught her saying phrases from books as if she's "reading" the book to her dolls.

Chick-Fil-A Family Night Valentine's Dinner

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Wild and crazy with the markers!

Tonight Katy and I went to Chick-Fil-A for their Family Night Valentine's Dinner. They had table service and fun activities for the kids to do all in honor of the day of love. Plus, we wanted to try out their new grilled nuggets, which according to the store manager, are supposed to be free of soy and egg.

The place was hopping when we got their, but we were able to get a table. A very large table, in fact, for just two people but it was the only table available. Later in the evening, a very pushy woman came up to me while I was helping Katy with a craft and said, "You wouldn't mind giving up your table since we have five kids with us, and you only have one-would you?" Even though I didn't really care for the woman's demeanor, I acquiescence. However, the table the woman was trying to switch me for was a high top table, totally unsuitable for a squirmy, wiggly almost-two year old. I explained this to the woman and she got all mad and huffed off. The Chick-Fil-A employee attempting to help this woman, rolled his eyes and said to me, "You take your time at this table and enjoy your meal- I'll take care of her." The employees at our local Chick-Fil-A are so nice and so helpful!!

Other than that little incident, we had fun and enjoyed our Mommy Daughter time. Katy was scared of the cow that kept coming around to say, "Hi!" to the kids. Yet, when we drove away, she was waving madly to him. Silly girl!

BTW, the grilled nuggets were a hit- she ate all six nuggets and her chocolate milk. It's so good to have my little eater back after a short hiatus from being sick this past week.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Red Light, Green Light!

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Katy has a thing for the color red. I believe it to be her favorite color (for right now). With our multi-colored Fiestawre, she insists on only using the red plates, bowls and silverware (and we only have three of each). If she is faced with a choice between something red or some other color, she always picks the red object. The only caveat to all of this is that she calls the color red, "Green." Oops! As the daughter of a designer and artist, we'll have to work on that.... :-)

Wordless Wednesday- Fancy Feet

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Hula Dancer

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"Huli Dancin'" (aka, Hula Dancing)

Ted's parents came for a visit this past week. We had a nice visit with them and it was great to get some things accomplished while the grandparents were entertaining the little one. They came bearing birthday presents and one of those presents was a hula skirt all the way from Hawaii. While Katy wasn't crazy about the grass skirt, she did like the flower necklace, bracelet and hair clip. Dance, Katy, dance!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- Through the Looking Glass

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