Thursday, August 30, 2012


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What does that big word mean? 

How does that relate to Lil' Miss? 

Lutropublicaphobia is the fear of using public restrooms. I think Katy has this fear. Some kids are afraid of snakes and loud noises and bugs (oh, wait- Katy's afraid of bugs, too!). Nope, not my daughter, she's afraid of public restrooms.

We recently took a 12 hour train ride and Katy REFUSED to go to the bathroom the WHOLE TRIP!

Every time I would take her to the bathroom on the train, Katy would say, "That potty scary. I no like! Nana have a potty just for me."

Sure enough, she stayed dry the whole train ride (impressive and slightly alarming!) until she got desperate... Thank goodness for Pull-Ups!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- My Little Garden Beauty

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Nuby Mommy Blogger- Snack Keeper

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Our box of Nuby Mommy Blogger products arrived in the mail, today! Of course, Lil' Miss was pretty excited to try everything out so we opened up the box right away.

We decided to try the Snack Keeper, first. We filled it up and started munching. Here are some of my first impressions:

-First off, the Snack Keeper is easy to open, yet makes a good, tight seal once it's closed. Lil' Miss didn't even try to take the top off.
-Second, the "flaps" of the top (the part that prevents too much mess), are soft and flexible. We've tried other snack keepers before and sometimes the points on the "flaps" are too pointy and too sharp for little hands.
-The snack of choice was Veggie Straws. For those who don't know, Veggie Straws are long, tube-like potato and veggie snacks that don't exactly lend themselves well to being put into a round container (think square peg in a round hole). However, Lil' Miss didn't struggle to pull the sticks out of the Snack Keeper.
-My only somewhat unfavorable comment about this product is that the Snack Keeper is somewhat small in size. So, if I were to use it on say, a long car ride, I'd end up having to refill it several times.
-Best of all, I'm happy to report, the Snack Keeper lived up to it's promises and resulted in less mess because there were no spills or dropped crumbs, thanks to the top- Win!

I'm definitely going to be taking this Snack Keeper on the road with us as we travel!

“I did not receive any compensation for this post, although as part of this program I may receive items to sample or review.”

Little Gamers

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"My friend, Cecilia came to visit me last Saturday (along with her Mommy and Daddy)."

"Just like our daddies, we like to game, too! Here we are at Dave and Busters 'driving.'"

"Deal, or No Deal!"

Muffin Tin Monday- Mommy's Little Helper

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(Starting at K's right hand and circling around clockwise)
Ham Slices, Cheese Wheel, More Ham, Green Grapes, Westminster Squares and Chocolate Muffin

Just a quick Muffin Tin Meal today! Little Miss wanted to help and she wanted to show off her work ;-)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

You Know That You're A Good Parent When...

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One of Katy and Ted's Saturday morning rituals is to go and retrieve the newspaper together. Today, when Ted asked Katy if she wanted to join him, she said no. So, Ted headed outside to get the paper from the yard. He was literally at the front door, paper out of the plastic sleeve, perusing the headlines, when he heard Katy yelling, "Daddy! I wanna get the paper! I want to go with you!!"

Quickly, Ted stuffed the paper back into the plastic sleeve, threw the paper back out into the yard and said, "Okay, Katy- let's go get the paper together!" as if nothing had happened.

Oh, the things we do as parents! In Ted's own words, "I wonder what things like that my own parents did for me when I was little."

Friday, August 24, 2012

Sentence of the Day- Preschool

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We've been psyching Katy up for the upcoming start of Preschool. Today, while discussing it at lunch, Katy tells me the things that she wants to do while there:

Katy, "I do crafts. I sing songs- probably about Jesus. I going to color. And eat. I like to eat."

Hahahaha- yes, the girl knows what she likes.

Nuby Mommy Blogger

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All Things Katy just got accepted to be a Nuby Mommy Blogger! What does that mean? Well, it means that in the upcoming months, you'll be seeing our reviews of Nuby products (and a cute picture, or two of Lil' Miss ;-) on this blog. 

I'm pretty excited about this one!!

“I did not receive any compensation for this post, although as part of this program I may receive items to sample or review.”

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Super Katy!

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"Look at my new Super Hero Jet Pack! I made it today at Art class."

"I prefer to call it my 'Super Backpack.'"

"Whoosh- and I'm off!"

"Hello, Thunder the cat. Do you like my new Jet Pack?"

"Even Super Heroes need to stop for a breather (and a photo op)."

"This Super Backpack gives me SOOO much energy....!! 
Jet Packs and Twirly Skirts go together so well, don't you think?!"

"See you later, Mom! I'm off to save the world with my Super Backpack!"

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- "Not Tired!"

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday- Poolside Lunch

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(Left to right) 
Cheese, Ham and Cornbread skewers on a bed of lettuce, Carrot Sticks and Strawberries

We recently met some friends at the pool for a swim. I knew that the girls would be hungry for lunch when we were done swimming, so I packed some lunches to go. While this lunch isn't made using muffin tin liners, it is kind of "bento-ish."

Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker's Men..."

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"Today, I'm Mommy's little baker. We are making chocolate chip cookies.. Egg, nut and soy free, of course!"

"Dressing in matching salmon-colored dresses with Mommy is essential to yummy cookies (totally unplanned). Essential is a fancy way of saying important."

"I like to pull the stool up to the counter and 'help' measure and pour ingredients."

"One for the cookie sheet, one for me, one for the cookie sheet, two for me... three for me... four for me..."


 "Licking the bowl is the best part of baking cookies (Daddy agrees, too ;-P)!"

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sentence of the Day- Multiple Choice

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Typically, when we give Katy a bath at night, we let her play in the water for a little bit before we wash her. Ted was giving Katy the five minute warning till "scrubby time." Katy protested and kept wanting to play and not get cleaned. Ted sternly said, "Katy, that wasn't a choice. You WILL be getting washed!"

Katy replied, "No scrubby! I want more choices!"

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- I Love a Clean Sink!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sentence of the Day- "Pimp My Dinner"

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Tonight, Katy "helped" me make dinner. She's been cooking at my side since she was a newborn swaddled up in her Moby wrap. So, it's no surprise that every time she hears me chopping veggies, she comes running into the kitchen and pulls up a stool to the counter.

I love that she's interested in cooking. Every child should grow up to know how to cook at least the basics. Life tastes better for those who know how to cook... :-)

I digress....

Back to dinner... Tonight, we made shrimp Alfredo with veggie pasta (gotta get that veg in there somehow! ;-P). As I was pouring the shrimp into the sauce, Katy asked the proverbial curious two-year old question, "What that?" I told her it was shrimp. Later, as we were eating said dinner, Katy exclaimed,

"I love pimps!"

Oh, Katy! You never cease to make me smile... ;-D

Monday, August 13, 2012

"Blue and Scary!"

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Our bank is the kind that hands out lollipops to kiddies who are patiently waiting in line and/or going through the drive-through teller with their parents. I don't usually accept them because in all honesty, Lil' Miss really doesn't need more sugar. So, in an act so much unlike myself, today I accepted the proffered lollipop on behalf of Katy. She had been a good girl and doing really well with the potty training this past weekend... it was a special treat... never mind that it was 10 AM in the morning! Katy was one happy camper!

Of course, the lollipop was bright blue! Anybody who knows me well knows how much I dislike blue-colored food. Blue colored drinks, blue M&Ms... it's just not natural! Plus, it gets everywhere and stains things and causes blue tongues and lips and well, let's just say it's not pretty.

When Ted came home and asked Katy about her day, one of the first things she told him about was the coveted lollipop. Not knowing what flavor it was, he asked, "What flavor was it?"

She replied, "It was blue! And Scary!"

Hahahahaha...! All I could do was smirk and shake my head.

Muffin Tin Monday- Lunchtime!

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(Starting in the upper left corner, circling around clockwise)
Green Grapes, Chobani Champions Very Berry Greek Yogurt, Lowfat Chocolate Milk, Pepper Jack Cheese Slices, Ham Swirls and Cheddar Cheese Rice Cakes

Lunchtime at the Jones household! Today's muffin tin was quick, easy and (in Katy's opinion) just right for munching on while listening to story after story after story! It's a little heavy on the dairy but at least there is a good amount of protein included (with the ham, Greek yogurt and chocolate milk).

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Some More Common Katy Phrases

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Here are some more phrases that have been popping up in Katy's vocabulary, lately:

"Gubble Bum" for Bubble Gum. She likes to pretend that fruit snacks are bubble gum. I'm not sure where she got this since she's never even had bubble gum, yet.

"Pom-a-gramite" for Pomegranate-flavored frozen yogurt from Sweet Frog

"Smile and boys" for the Madagascar Penguin's phrase, "Smile and WAVE boys, smile and wave."

"Melon-ade" for Lemonade.

"I'm singin' in the rain... "

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"Just singin' in the rain"

"What a glorious feelin'..."

"I'm happy again!"

Monday, August 6, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday- Chicken Fingers and Fries

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(Starting in the upper left corner and circling around clockwise)
Carrot Sticks, Honeydew melon, Cheese Wheel, Chicken Fingers, Sweet Potato Fries and more Chicken Fingers

Today's meal is of the poultry persuasion. What kid doesn't like chicken fingers? Katy is no exception. There are very few already-made chicken fingers Katy can eat that aren't made with either egg and/or soy. However, Perdue has a line that is Katy-approved AND it's made with whole grains. So, win-win for all!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Best Buds!

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Savannah and Katy, August 2011

Savannah and Katy, August 2012

The Woolard Family- Chris, Lindsey, Silas and Savannah- came into our lives one year ago. Chris came to Kinetic Church to be a Leadership Resident and learn more about church planting before he left to plant a church of his own in Wilmington, NC.

In the twelve months that they've been at Kinetic, we've become friends. We've had play dates and library dates. We've shared allergy-free recipes and advice (Savannah is allergic to dairy and gluten). We've worked side-by-side at various Kinetic events and we've really gotten to know them as a family.

We will miss them as they embark on this next journey of life. However, we know that God has great things planned for them and we are excited to see how He uses them as a new church. Katy will miss Miss Lindsey as her Sunday School teacher and she will miss her best bud, Savannah.

Of course, Wilmington is only four hours away.. and oh, so close to the beach!

Sentence of the Day- Genetics

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While driving to church, today, Katy dropped her sippy cup and snack bag. Of course, they both rolled under the seat and were unreachable. Ted can usually manage to retrieve these fallen items with his long arms- just not this time. Commenting on his wingspan, I said,

"See, Katy- if Daddy can't reach them (cup and bag), then Mommy most certainly won't be able to get them. At least you (Katy) had a shot at getting long arms (genetically speaking)."

In horror, Katy grabbed the arm that her recent MMR vaccination had been administered on and replied, "I don't need a shot! No shot!"

Friday, August 3, 2012

Open Gym at Romp n' Roll

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"Today, I went to Romp n' Roll for Open Gym. I stayed and played for two and a half hours!"

"The next Gabby Douglas on the balance beam!"

"I like to chill in the ball pit."

"Look Ma- no hands!"

"Swing faster, Daddy! Swing higher, Daddy!"

"It's fun to climb and explore at Romp n' Roll"

"There's no mountain too high for me to climb!"

"Kisses for my Daddy for meeting me at Romp n' Roll after work!"

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sentence of the Day- Morning Show Love

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We love listening to the local KLove Christian radio station and it's really the only station that we listen to while we are in the car. Katy can even sing along to some of the songs and she requests the station by name.

Today, after hearing the morning show DJs names being announced ("Craig, Amy and Kankelfritz"), Katy said out loud,

"That too hard. Let's just call him Kermit."

Hanging Out at Ikea

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"This summer heat makes it too hot outside to go to the playground... what's a Fancy Katy to do? 
Why, go to Ikea and walk around, of course!"

"Look, a chair, just my size!"

"Hello, Mr. Carrot- how are you, today?"

"This bed is too big."

"This bed isn't fancy enough."

 "This bed is just right!"

 "Whee...! It's so much fun to explore Ikea!"

Wordless Wednesday- Feeding Frenzy

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