Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"More" "Peas"

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Since you were very tiny, we would do simple signs with you, Katy. We would sign the words, "More," "Thank You," "Girl," "Hungry," etc. We had never seen you do any of these signs back to us so we didn't think that the whole baby sign language was sinking in. That is, until last week. Out of the blue, you started tapping your hands together in the sign of "More" when you wanted more of something- more food, more drink, more rough-housing with Daddy. You like to sign "More" and say "More!" at the same time.

Also, we've been working on your manners, lately. We've been telling you to say "Please" and "Thank you" at meal times or when you want something. Now, you say, "Peas!" when you are hungry and want food. One afternoon, you were sitting in your high chair, practically falling out trying to reach for the pantry as you said, "Peas, Peas, peas." You were trying to tell me you were HUNGRY and wanted FOOD!

Summertime Pool

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"What do you expect me to do with this?!"

Molly, "Come on in, Katy- the water is warm!"

Katy, washing her hands

Cousin Molly brought along her baby pool, this past weekend so we decided to suit you up and dunk you in. You, Katy, had other plans! You did not like the pool! This surprised us since you love bath time and we even put your bath toys in the pool itself. The weather was hot outside so we thought that a nice, cool dip in the pool would be fun for you and Molly, but you didn't like it at all. Every time I would try to dip your toes into the water, you would turn them up. You didn't even get into the pool, at all. You had more fun dipping your hands into the water to "wash" them and then go over to Uncle Eric and "dry" your hands on his shorts, than splashing around in the pool.

We've come to the following conclusions regarding the pool and I take full responsibility for both. A) You are a sidewalk walker and the fact that the pool was originally placed in the grass- thus forcing you to walking the dirt- was not going to fly with you. B) You love to wash your hands and be clean. Dirt, and splashing around in a pool are not your idea of fun. You'd rather wash your hands and be girly. Hahahaha....!!!

Little Miss Techie

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"Don't worry, guys, I can fix this computer!"

Katy, investigating Auntie Hope's Ipad

Blackmail- Tub Fun!

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"So, Molly, what do you want to do, tonight?"

The family that eats bath toys together, stays together...

Molly, "Katy, you're silly!"

Memorial Day Weekend 2011 with the Coyles

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Guys and Dolls- out for an evening stroll

"Reach out and touch someone..."

"Molly, let me tell you a secret!"

Katy, "Look Molly- this is how you do it."

Molly with her "crazy" Uncle Ted

Memorial Day Outfits- You wouldn't believe how hard it is to get two babies smiling and sitting still for a picture!

Katy and Molly enjoying the Muppets (this picture is for you, Daddy!)

Katy with second cousin, Jaclyn

Cooling off with some ice cream from Cabarrus Creamery- YUMMY!

"Say 'Cheese!' Girls!"

Katy taught Molly how to tap two balls together to make a sound.

Baby Crack- aka, Baby Einstein

Katy with her Aunt Hope, Uncle Eric and cousin Molly (I love Molly's cute little wave)

Auntie Hope, Uncle Eric and Molly came this past weekend for the long Memorial Day weekend. Katy, you had a GREAT time playing with your cousin! Since you are seven months older, Katy, everywhere you ran, Molly was sure to follow five seconds later. We knew if we heard the pitter-patter of your feet, Katy, that we'd hear the sounds of Molly crawling after you a couple of seconds later. Molly kept watching and observing you, Katy. Molly is much more reserved and shy and she is content to watch, listen and learn. Whereas, you, Katy are my wild child willing to fling yourself at the task at hand with wild abandon!

They Coyles arrived Friday afternoon and stayed until Tuesday morning. We were able to go to church with them on Sunday, go out for ice cream at the Cabarrus Creamery (you and Molly both love ice cream- must be genetic ;-), play games and relax (or, relax as much as you can with two kids under two :-).

You loved saying, "Baby," and "Ma-e" for Molly. You kept going over to Molly and giving her kisses and hugs. You wanted to help "feed" Molly Cheerios and generally be wherever Molly was. You did pretty well at sharing your plethora of toys with your cousin. Sometimes, you would even "trade" with Molly if she was playing with a toy you currently wanted.

We had a cook-out on Monday. My cousin, Jaclyn joined us for a lunch of grilled corn, sausages, chicken, salad, watermelon and strawberry shortcake. Jaclyn just arrived this past weekend to Wake Forest for her summer internship. We are excited to have her so close for the summer!

Even though Daddy had to work at the races Sunday, we had an enjoyable, relaxing weekend with family.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring Into Arts Festival 2011

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Watching the magician perform.

The closest Katy got to the sandbox- not a brave Mama.

Yesterday was the annual Spring Into Arts Festival, downtown Concord. Since Daddy had to work at the races, this weekend, you and I went by ourselves, Katy. We took a leisurely stroll down to the festival and enjoyed looking at all the crafts. There was a big kiddie section with crafts and various entertainers performing. We got to see a magician perform. We had fun!

A Smile to Brighten Your Day!

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All Smiles!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Drama Queen

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Whenever Daddy or I speak to your sternly, "No, no, Katy- don't touch that!", "Katy, that's hot!" or you don't get your way, you will put your head in your little hands and start fake crying. Or, you will put your head on the floor, cover your head with your hands, butt up in the air and then start crying. Of course, you always look out from behind your hands to make sure Daddy and I are getting the full effect of your tantrum, which is how we know that it's nothing serious. Such a drama queen! I thought the terrible twos were still a ways off!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Brought to you by the number NINE!

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This evening while eating dinner, Katy, you were playing/eating your veggie straws (kind of like a cracker, better for you than a chip, they contain some veggies AND they don't contain soy, nuts or eggs- win-win if you ask me!), while Daddy and I were eating our own dinners. You scooped up all the straws in your hands and kept saying, "Nine, nine, nine!" Sure enough, when Daddy counted the straws in your hands, you had nine straws! Genius!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Union Street Live- Route 66

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Katy loves music!

Spring/Summer activities have arrived to downtown Concord and with it, the start of Union Street Live. Union Street Live happens once a month May-September, with a different band playing downtown for people to enjoy listening to, dancing to and eating their dinner in the company of others. After we had eaten our dinner at home, bathed you, Katy, we walked down to join the crowds and listen to the music. The weather was nice and cool and there was a good turn out. You loved bouncing and clapping along to the music. You are a people watcher, Katy, as you were fascinated with all the people that passed your stroller.

A Walk in the Park

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"Faster! Higher! Again, Mommy!"

"I love playing in the park!"

The sign read, "Can you spell your name?" We were working on letter recognition.

"Catch me if you can, Mommy!"

The weather outside has been a bit cool, lately, and we haven't had the opportunity to go for our daily walks. Today, though, was very nice- in the 70s- so Elizabeth, you and I walked to the park. We did not have any accidents or falls like last time- just fun times playing, swinging, running (away from me!)!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy 15 Months Birthday!

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Katy learns her ABCs.

Katy, 15 months, May 18, 2011 (also Pop-Pop Tinkey's birthday! :-)

Off to school!

Today you are 15 months old, Katy! I can't believe that you are already a walking, babbling, running toddler who loves to smile, laugh, giggle and play!

You have a mostly sunny disposition and personality-wise, you take after your Daddy, Katy. You find joy in the little things and love to laugh and play. Of course, sometimes you like to play with things that you shouldn't- like the TV remote, the trash and my car keys...

You have eight-going-on-nine teeth. Every time you see either Daddy or I brushing our teeth, you point up to where we keep the toothbrushes and insist on brushing your own teeth with your Cookie Monster tooth brush.

You love to try and feed yourself and some meals it's a struggle to try and feed your neatly. You are definitely very head-strong and stubborn (I have no idea where you get that from!?!?) and at times wrestle to get the spoon our of our hands so that you can feed yourself. Let's just say that we have had to clean applesauce off of the strangest places in the dining room thanks to food splatters.

You are a little "mommy" in the making. While I don't want to type-cast you into any sort of gender role, you are very much a girly-girl and love to nurture and take care of your dolls. You love purses and shoes and anything bling-bling. You are fascinated with sparkly jewelry and love to go through my purses and shoes. Speaking of shoes, you understand that shoes come in pairs and you understand that Daddy wears certain shoes opposed to me and different from your own. You always bring (matching!) pairs of shoes out of the closet and most morning insist on wearing them (even if the shoes don't stay on).

You understand pattern and routine. When we say, "Night-night time, Katy!" at bedtime, you will pucker up your lips to give Daddy a goodnight kiss before reaching up for me to take you to your bedroom. Of course, it would be nice if you slept a little better at night, too...

When you finish eating we usually use a wipe to wipe down your high chair tray, mouth and hands. The other day, you took the wipe from my hands, started wiping down the tray and then when I let you down, you marched over to the trash can, stepped on it to open it, and threw the wipe in.

Before we eat dinner we say, "Let's say a prayer, Katy!" and you will fold your hands in anticipation of grace. Of course, this doesn't work if you are really hungry and just want some food!

You are learning to put things away and know that there is a specific place that toys go away. When you do something that you know is right (like put your bath toys away), you will look up at us and start clapping in anticipation of us saying, "Good job, Katy!"

You like to crawl up the stairs by yourself, Katy. You like to do it without any help, too. If I try to spot you too closely, you will turn around and push away my hand. After we get to the top of the stairs, you will reach for the gate (because we never let you run around upstairs without the gate up).

You are still a little animal confused. You say "Moo" when we say cat and you still think that squirrels are puppies and and you don't quite understand that puppies are dogs.

You know where your belly, toes and nose are. You can point to them on demand (of course, this is all in your own good timing and never for the video camera). You can even point to other people's bellies, toes and nose.

You continue to be super flexible. You love to sit on your pink sofa and pull your feet all the way up to your head. It's amazing what babies can do!

Sleep is still an issue around this household. Daddy and I take alternating nights being on "Katy duty" and I must say that this has been a huge relief to me since I was always the one getting up with you in the middle of the night when you were breastfeeding. You usually go down for bed around eight and can stay asleep in your Ghetto crib by yourself until midnight. After that, anything is possible... Naps are sometimes taken by yourself in the Ghetto crib- it just depends.

We are working on learning how to better feed you with the new information that you are allergic to nuts, soy and eggs. These allergies would better explain why you were so sensitive to diaper rashes and why you would turn your nose at scrambled eggs and Asian foods. Funny thing is, I did not want Asian food when I was pregnant with you, Katy, and even the smell made me feel sick. Interesting, the way the body informs you of certain ailments.

Your favorite night time book is "Things that go!" a pop up book from Grandma Ethel and Grandpa Jim. We read that book at least a dozen times a night before bedtime.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This might take a little getting used to...

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So, after our trip to the allergist, yesterday, I've started doing a little research into food allergies in children. I've found a couple of good sites out there that are helpful and informative:




While we are waiting for the blood test to come back to conclusively diagnose the existence of a peanut allergy, or not, we've been told to strictly avoid all nuts. We are also avoiding eggs and soy as the scratch test concluded that Katy is pretty allergic to these (that would explain why she didn't want to eat scrambled eggs and the whole Thai food aversion she had a couple of months ago). This includes eggs baked into things.

So, I went through our pantry on a mission to read the labels more carefully- more carefully than I already have to read the labels for me with my new Balsam of Peru allergy (http://nowwhatdoieat.blogspot.com/). You would be so surprised what includes eggs and soy! Did you know saltines contain eggs? Did you know that hard pretzels are washed in eggs before being baked? Did you know that Cheese Nips contain soy (worse yet, did you know that Cheez Its don't contain cheese??! I'll save that one for a separate topic)? Did you know that Kashi brand foods contain loads of soy products? Did you know that hot chocolate mix has soy in it? Did you know that Gerber Toddler meals are full of both eggs and soy products?

I went through my recipe binder looking for an egg/soy/nut-free dessert to make for cookout this weekend. I came up with two recipes (out of a whole two inch binder full of recipes)- shortbread and rice pudding.

Hmm... this whole food allergy is going to take some getting used to...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Food Allergies- No Nuts, Soy or Eggs

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After having to go through the many hoops of medical insurance, we finally got a referral from the pediatrician to see the allergist, today, Katy. Our appointment was for two thirty PM, but we were forced to wait almost an hour and a half before we saw the doctor (why did we make the appointment in the first place if they are going to make us wait for that long?!). It's not very fun entertaining a fifteen month old for that long in a doctor's office. Dr. Patel was very nice and very kid-friendly- turns out he has a little one just your age, Katy!

We ended up first doing a scratch test on your back. After scratching your back, testing for wheat, shellfish, eggs, soy, milk, peanuts and tree nuts, it turns out that you are allergic to SOY, EGGS (both yolks and whites) and NUTS. Concerning the nuts- you are specifically (very!) allergic to almonds and walnuts and we ended up having blood work done (at another location) to see for sure if you are allergic to peanuts. At this point were were told to avoid all nuts and things containing soy and eggs (bye-bye baking, Mommy!).

So, we left the doctor's office (THREE HOURS LATER!) with a lesson on how to administer an epipen and lots of literature to read about childhood food allergies. According to the doctor, all of these allergies are fairly common. About 80% of kids with egg allergies outgrow them, nuts not so much. They will retest every year for the allergies to see how they develop.

Looks like we are going to be doing a lot of research on how to avoid these allergens. According to Daddy, between my allergies and your allergies, Katy, we're going to be surviving on green beans- HA!

PGD- Preacher's Granddaughter

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Two weeks ago you surprised us all by saying the word, "Bible" in Sunday School. First you said it to your teachers and then you said it again several times to Daddy and I. Then, this week, you walked up to Daddy's little green Bible, pointed and said, "Bible." So, now we know that you can not only say the word, but you actually KNOW what a Bible is! What a smart girl!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Clean up time!

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Tonight, when you were finishing up your bath, Daddy asked you, "Katy, are you all done?"

You looked at him and then proceeded to put away all of your bath toys, soap and shampoo! You cleared the whole tub of all of your toys and even put them away in the right places. Then, when you were done, you put your arms up as if to say, "I'm done!"

I guess kids DO learn by watching...!

Little Mommy

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"Let's go for a stroll, Dolly!"

"What do you see, Dolly?"

"Time to get out!"

"Look at the picture, Dolly!"

You love, dolls, Katy! You are very nurturing towards your dolls as your hug and kiss them. You love to hold them and rock them and push them around in their stroller. Sometimes, I even catch you trying to "feed" them and get them to "drink" from your sippy cup. You've even started holding up your dolls for me to kiss them, too.

Shutterbug Katy

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Nowadays, Katy, you are running here, there and everywhere! So, the more mobile you get, the less pictures I am able to capture of you. Most pictures I take should include zoom lines running out from behind you because you move around so much, Katy!

So, instead of taking pictures OF you, Katy, we let you take the pictures. You had a lot of fun controlling the camera! Here are the pictures!

"Say 'cheese', Daddy!"

My favorite place to dine :-)

"Is this lens cap off?"

"Mommy, did we check the fire alarm battery, lately?"

Self Portrait

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


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Ever since you were a little baby we would play the "Stinky Feet" game with you, Katy. You know the one- where you put your nose to your feet and exclaim, "Pee-u!" Well, after a year of conditioning, you now do it yourself and proclaim, "P-Ooh!" So cute!

Also on the subject of feet, you have a fascination with all things having to do with feet. When we ask you, "Where are your toes, Katy?" You now grab your feed and usually proclaim, "P-Oooh!"

Also, you love, love, love shoes! You understand that Daddy has shoes and Mommy has shoes. When we leave to go somewhere, you can go into the closet and get the correct shoes for the correct person. Such a smart girl!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day 2011

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Mother's Day 2010

Happy Mother's Day 2011!

This was my second Mother's Day since you were born, Katy, and it was much better than the last. Last year, I had to go to work the day right after Mother's Day, so all during Mother's Day I was really sad knowing that I had to leave you to go to work. Not this year, though!

This year for Mother's Day, Daddy treated me to a night at a local hotel all by myself so that I could enjoy a full night of rest, without interruption and without having to hear any cries. It was wonderful and very restful. After a night away, though, I was happy to get back to you, Katy! I missed you (though I greatly appreciated the full night's sleep and leisurely breakfast!) and I always enjoy your smiles and giggles!

When you and Daddy picked me up from the hotel, this morning, there was a special card waiting on my seat. Daddy had traced your hands and one foot (that's all he could get you to sit still for), and you got to color the card with markers. Fun- especially since you seem to have a fascination with pens and markers and we don't let you play with them on a regular basis.

Asian American Festival

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Katy checks out the literature on visiting Korea while dressed in her authentic Korean Hanbok, thanks to friend Abigail Carlisle!

Did you know that May is Asian American Awareness month, Katy? Well, it is! Every year in Huntersville, a neighboring town, they have a big Asian American festival complete with Asian food, activities, booths and Dragon boat races. We went and had a good time taking in the sights- I never knew so many Asians lived in the Charlotte area but they all seemed to be out for the festival! We even got to eat some yummy Korean food which you gobbled right up!

I forgot to take my camera to the festival but did manage to take the picture above, after we got back home.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blogging for Books- This Little Prayer of Mine

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Simple, engaging and richly illustrated, “This Little Prayer of Mine” teaches even the youngest child the basic tenants of prayer, petition and thanksgiving. This book goes through topics and feelings important to children- play, family, friends, and new experiences- and combines them in a rhyming prayer not unlike the tumble of words that may come for a youngster’s own mouth.

"I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review"

Friday, May 6, 2011

"Whose Fault is That?!"

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The other evening, in a moment of frustration over the fact that you had not taken a nap that day, I said to you, "Katy, why did you not take a nap, today? Whose fault is that?!"

Then, clear as a bell, you smiled, pointed to Daddy and said, "Daddy!!"


"Uh-Oh, Spaghetti-O!"

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Katy, the other night while the bathtub was filling with water for your nightly bath, you dropped one of your bath toys into the water. Then, you said, "Uh-Oh!" You've said "Uh-Oh" several times since then in the right context, so we know that you know what it means.

Bottom's Up!

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Nowadays, when you take a sip from your cup, you follow it up by saying, "Ahh..." as if it was the most refreshing drink ever. Of course, this makes Daddy and I smile! We're not sure where you learned this little trick but it sure is cute!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Daddy's Little Wing Girl

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Diving right in!

Chomp, chomp...


Daddy and I were eating leftover chicken wings for dinner, tonight and you kept pointing to them and letting us know that you wanted one! So, I asked Daddy, "What do you think she'd do with a wing?" Daddy responded, "I don't know," as he handed you one (with a sturdy bone, I might add). Well, you chomped right down on it and dove right in- messy fingers and all! You loved eating your wing almost as much as Daddy loves wings. I guess that Daddy is in there somewhere, after all ;-P

Blueberries are a Messy Business

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"I LOVE blueberries!"

Messy Face

We had blueberry waffles with blueberry topping for breakfast the other day. You LOVE blueberries, Katy! You wore almost as many blueberries as you ate!

Strawberry Picking at Patterson Farms

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Strawberry Fields with Grandpa Jones

Today, we went strawberry picking at Patterson Farms. This was the second year that you picked strawberries, Katy. Last year, you were just three months old and a bit of a lump. This year, you were definitely more interested in what was going on and even picked a strawberry or two as you were riding in the ring sling on me.

Grandpa Jones and Aunt Julie were in town and the joined Elizabeth, you and I as we drove to the farm and picked four gallons of strawberries between the five of us. The weather was bit on the cool side and we went early in the day. However, the sun was out and the farm was busy with lots of school trips and even a retirement home visiting.

We had fun and I'm looking forward to making strawberry jam!

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