Thursday, September 30, 2010

32nd Week Birthday

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On the move!

Close up! (Katy is getting to be more and more curious about the camera as I take pictures.)

Today, you are 32 weeks old, Katy!!

This week, you continue to teeth. Plus, you seem to have caught a little cold rendering you a coughing, sneezing, sleepless mess. All things considered, though, you are still in pretty good spirits. We are just trying to keep you comfortable by taking care of the symptoms (not much we can give you or do for the cold or teething itself). Of course, Daddy and I are tired.

Daddy and I have been taking night time shifts with you. He takes the first shift and I take the last shift. This way (in theory), we each get some consecutive sleep- maybe only two or three hours at a time but, hey, sleep is sleep!

You are crawling all over the place! You have started to hold toys in your hand WHILE you crawl. This can be quite comical as you try to figure out how to hold something AND crawl at the same time!

I caught you trying to CLIMB up on my step stool, the other day, Katy! You can already stand up holding onto objects but this time, you were trying to lift your leg to get onto the step part of the stool! You are a little monkey!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Caught you...!

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...standing in your crib, instead of napping!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Daddy on Duty

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Lack of sleep was starting to wear on me (and that is saying something since I usually run on very little sleep!). So, Daddy gave me a break, last night, and took care of you, Katy, for the whole night all by himself. He took the monitor into the other room, and was ready with a bottle for you in the middle of the night. I, on the other hand, got a blissful night's sleep of (consecutive!) hours of sleep... ahhhh... THANK YOU, DADDY!! :-) As Daddy said this morning, "Happy Mommy makes for a happy home...."

Monday, September 27, 2010

Love Those Lima Beans!

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Yesterday, we introduced you to lima beans, Katy. We took off the outer, harder casing and fed you bits of lima beans without mushing it up. You loved them! You kept opening your mouth for more and sometimes, you'd swallow the bean whole- not even bothering to mash it up with your jaw. To make sure it wasn't a fluke, I fed you limas again, today, and once again, you opened your mouth like a baby bird asking for more. Guess you get your love of lima beans from Daddy!

"Ferberize"- The Ferber Method

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There is a school of thought called the Ferber method that, in a nutshell, says you can teach your baby to soothe himself to sleep when he's physically and emotionally ready. Per the Ferber method, you put your child to bed awake and leave her (even if she cries) for gradually longer periods of time. Parents are instructed to pat and comfort their baby after each predetermined period of time, but not to pick up or feed their baby. This routine is called "progressive waiting." After a few days to a week of gradually increasing the waiting time, the theory goes, most babies learn to fall asleep on their own, having discovered that crying earns nothing more than a brief check from the parent.

So, after bath time, feeding, story and prayer, we decided to give the Ferber method a go. Let me tell you, it was HORRIBLE!! Katy, you cried for a total of 36 minutes (we waited five minutes, checked on you, waited six minutes, checked on you, etc.) at the top of your lungs- wailing and howling. Then, when we had finally had enough, we did pick you up to soothe you but at that point you were so worked up that you were wide awake, clinging to our shirts because you didn't want us to leave. By the end of this ordeal, you were upset, my nerves were shot and Daddy and I ended up eating dinner close to nine PM. The Ferber method earns a Ferber-don't from me!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Exploring Her World

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Every kid needs a picture like this one... :-)

Smart and Strong

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Yesterday afternoon, Daddy and I were tackling folding the laundry together while you played around on the floor in our bedroom. You kept trying to crawl toward your Christmas present and we made the comment, "Katy is so smart..." So, we redirected you and pointed you in the other direction. You then proceeded to pull out this heavy bag that was sitting in the corner, causing us to continue the sentence with, "... and so strong!"

Friday, September 24, 2010

Babe in Arms

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With all of your teething, lately, I've spent a lot of time rocking you and holding you in my arms as you sleep, Katy. You have the prettiest eyelashes and I know you didn't inherit them from me because you have to squint to see mine. I love to watch you smile and frown in your sleep as you dream about good things and bad- I often wonder what you are thinking about and what images fill your dreams. Your cheeks get all puffy and sometimes you squirm in your sleep.

As you are resting comfortably in my arms I marvel at how big you've gotten since you were born, Katy! It seems like just yesterday you could fit between the palm of my hand and my elbow. Now, I need both arms to hold you and you are well past fitting between hand and elbow!

There is nothing quite as good as the feel of a quiet, sleeping baby in your arms...

Work it out

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Last night, when we were going through the nighttime routine of bath, dress, brush hair, read story, nurse and say prayers, you were all giggles and smiles. So much so, that you were wide awake and we knew that there was no way you were going to be going to bed anytime soon. So, in light of your new accomplishment (i.e. crawling), we had you crawl back and forth between Daddy and I. We had you do this until we saw yawns and then, poof! Nightie-night! :-)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

31st Week Birthday

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If you've got it (hair, that is), flaunt it...
"What- who me?!"
Katy pulling herself up on the dining room chairs
"Look, Ma, no hands!"
Cookie face!
Stopping to smell the flowers

Today, you are 31 weeks old, Katy!

Teething, teething, teething was the name of the game for this week! There were more than a couple of sleepless nights for the whole Jones family, this past week. We have yet to actually SEE a tooth, but we do feel something coming in on the top.

Because of the teething, I figured it's a good time to start introducing more table foods. So, we started you out on a teething biscuit- which you seemed to love! We also fed you Cheerios and bread. You can pick up the pieces of food from your tray, but you don't always get it into your mouth (aka, it ends up in the chair, the floor, the wall, wherever!). You've started to show more interest in my food, rather than your own baby food. As soon as we sit you in your high chair, you start to smack your lips like you know what is coming next- food!

You are crawling more confidently, this week, and getting more mobile, Katy. I even found you following me into the kitchen from the dining room, one day. I dressed you in a dress, yesterday, and you got quite frustrated since it hindered your crawling. You are pulling up on everything and standing. You are not always the steadiest, when standing, but your back and legs are getting stronger, each day.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rule of Threes

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The other day, while playing, you had a colored plastic ring in each hand. I showed you a third ring, waiting to see which of the two rings in your hands you would release. Instead, you kept both rings in your hand, looked at the third ring and then opened your mouth (as if to hold it in your mouth!)! Hilarious!

Monday, September 20, 2010

300th Blog Post

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This is the 300th Blog Post on All Things Katy! In honor of such a milestone, I thought it'd be fun to record some other numbers here.

Katy, to date;

...currently, we start the day out at 6:30AM, every day.

...breastfeeding saves at least $831.48 in the first year. making baby food at home, I estimate that in one year's time, we will have saved approximately $600. scoping out the sales and using coupons for diapers and wipes, I estimate that in one year's time, we will have saved approximately $550.

...we've taken too many pictures to count (Nana and Grandpa Jones gave Daddy an external hard drive for his birthday to back up all of the pictures- if that gives you any idea of how MANY pictures we have!!)!! currently nurse at 6:30AM, 10:30AM, 2:30PM, 7PM and various times throughout the night. eat "meals" (aka baby food) at 8AM, 12PM, 5PM. currently wear size 3 diapers. are currently comfortably wearing size nine month clothing.

...thanks to our friends the Foleys and the Batys, you have over 20 pairs of shoes (I'm not kidding!) and you can't even walk, yet! can pull yourself up and stand while holding onto something. You can also crawl.

...we bought a foam ABC mat to lay down in the dining room (35 SF) so that you have a safe place to crawl around on.'ve had two bouts of the sniffles- both of which were while you were in daycare. not having you in daycare, we save $8,844/year. Of course, we have the loss of my income, but staying home with you, less illness, happier baby (and Mommy and Daddy), getting to experience all of your "firsts" has value to us). your last doctor's appointment (six month), you maintained your 90th percentile for height and weight at 27" long and 17 lbs, 12 ozs. You have almost tripled your birth weight.'ve experienced winter, spring, summer and we are entering into the fall season. have a full head of hair that is fun to put into two pigtails or one Pebble's style pigtail on the top of your head.

...we start the bedtime routine at 6:30PM with a bath, nighttime nursing, story and prayer; ending around 7:15 PM (ish).

"Hard Day's Night..."

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It was another LOOOOONG night at the Jones residence, last night. You were up with a fever all night. We took your temperature several times, but it was never above the normal range. Yet, you were warm to the touch. Katy, you were extra fussy, congested but still very sleepy. If this is what teething is like, then Daddy and I are moving to Timbuktu and returning once you have all your teeth! HA!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Teething Biscuit

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Yummy Time!

Nana and Grandpa brought you some teething biscuits the last time they came to visit. We were quite ready to introduce them to you at that time, but tonight, after a fussy afternoon, we decided to give it a go. Katy, you loved your teething biscuit as evidenced by the gooey mess all over your high chair tray, face and hands. Thanks for the teething treat, Nana and Grandpa Jones- Yummy!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

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Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Becoming Adults...

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"Hi-ya! Take that, newspaper!"
This is what Katy thinks of the Saturday morning newspaper... (in case you can't tell, she's ripping the paper in half).
We recently subscribed to have the Charlotte Observer delivered to our house every Friday, Saturday and Sunday- mostly because of the Sunday coupons. So, this morning, Ted and I each sat down with a cup of coffee and perused the headlines. We felt very adult! Katy was feeling left out (never mind that she had a whole shelf of toys right beside her!) and wanted to get in on the newspaper-reading action!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

30th Week Birthday

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Katy, using Daddy as a standing post.

"Hey, what am I doing inside this Pack and Play? Don't you know that I like to move it, move it!?"

"Yankee Doodle Dandy... stuck a feather in her hat and called it macaroni..."

"Daddy, will you win that giant Scooby for me?"

The next Nascar star?

Katy, reading her library books

Today, you are 30 weeks old, Katy! This Sunday, you will be seven months old- how did that happen?! I am so glad that we made the choice for me to stay home with you, full-time.

Your big milestones for this past week is that you both stood on your own and crawled on your own (separate blog posts)! Technically, you stood by yourself before your crawled, so I'm not sure what that means developmentally- other than the fact that you are a mover and a shaker. Boy, do you like to move! Now that you are crawling, you tend to bump your head more. Even the simplest of things- such and shelf corners and table chairs- seem like some a harmful weapon that you can topple over onto yourself or bump the corner. I caught you standing up at your Katy shelf in the dining room, selecting a book, yesterday.

We introduced pears to your palate, this week. You LOVE pears! You kept opening your mouth and at one point, you actually grabbed my hand and directed it to your mouth because apparently, I wasn't feeding you fast enough. Your eating habits have been much better, this week. I also gave you pieces of macaroni- you mostly put it in your mouth and then spit them out.

Katy, you are starting to show your personality more and more, each day. When I take you away from a favorite toy, or take away something that you want to see, you voice your displeasure by whining loudly. You will twist and turn until you can get back to the object of interest.

Speaking of twisting and turning, changing your diapers/clothes continues to be a struggle because you love to move, wiggle and squirm! I've put your diaper on with you in the crawling position more than once this week!

We went to the Cabarrus County Fair (separate blog post), last Saturday. You seemed to enjoy the quieter exhibits opposed to the rides- too much stimulation with all of the lights, sounds and people.

Now that I am home with you full-time, Katy, you are becoming a little more clingy and a touch more wary of strangers. For the past two weeks, you've cried during your stay in the church nursery for Kristin Taylor and Angela Clemmons (even though you've seen them and been with them in the nursery since you were a month old!). Perhaps this is the start of stranger anxiety?

For a couple of weeks (can't remember if I've mentioned it, yet, or now), now, you've been waving. It's more like a backwards wave, and it's not on command, but it's still pretty cute.

Katy, you now understand the concepts of in and out and on top of. You have this spindle of colored rings and you understand that the rings go on the spindle. You still haven't mastered actually doing it, but we've watched you attempt to put the rings on the spindle. Also, you have a toy that has different cut shapes that you put the matching shape in it. You understand that the smaller shapes go in the bigger one. It's so fun to see you focus all of your attentions to trying to figure out these things!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spin Cycle- Katy "Helps" with the Laundry

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"Look at this unattended laundry basket- and Mommy's going to let me play with it?!"

"Oh Boy- I'm so excited! Laundry!"

Laundry went a-flying
"Mommy, have you seen my jean shorts?"

Katy, you were Mommy's little helper, today, as I attempted to fold laundry. I folded, you pull it out and unfolded the clothes. Fun times were had by all (but not much laundry)... :-)

Little Bookworm- Katy's First Trip to the Library

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Getting ready to enter the Children's Library

Katy at home, enjoying her library books
(notice that the book in her hand is titled, "Ted in the Red Bed")

Since we didn't get our "morning constitutional" (aka, morning walk :-) in this morning, we took a stroll down the road to the Library, this afternoon. We went straight for the children's library and selected 10 board books for your to enjoy reading. You helped me "select" the books. Once we got home (and after I wiped down the books- sorry, neurotic Mommy!), you enjoyed chewing and looking at the books. I am happy to have some new reading material for you- you can only read "Goodnight Moon" so many times... :-P

Monday, September 13, 2010

We have a CRAWLER!

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At 4:33PM, today, you crawled, Katy! We were playing on your new mat in the dining room and your orange ball had rolled away from you. Instead of rolling over to it to retrieve it, you got up on all fours and coordinated your arms and legs so that you were crawling. You've been up on all fours, rocking back and forth for awhile, now, but today was the first time you CRAWLED! You showed off your new moves to Daddy when he got home from work.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cabarrus County Fair

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Lights, spinning, noise, rides- Sensory overload for Katy!

Baking Competition
Funnel Cake!
"That funnel cake sure looks tasty!"

Between 1-3PM, today, the Cabarrus County Fair had free admission. So, we braved the drizzly weather, packed you up and took you to the fair, Katy. There were lots of sights and sounds to take in as we looked at the rides, exhibits and people watched. Of course, we had to end the afternoon outing with a little funnel cake- YUM! :-)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Standing Tall

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Today, while playing on your new mat, you STOOD UP on your own! You used your musical toy to pull yourself to your feet. Then, you looked over at (a very shocked!) me and grinned from ear to ear- so proud of your accomplishment! Just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, you did it again later in the morning. We're in trouble... let the fun begin...

It's Official...

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...our house looks like a baby lives here...
Hardwood floors are pretty to look at but they are not so kind to a baby who is learning to crawl. We tried putting down blankets and mats to keep your head from going "thud" but they were too small and you never seemed to stay ON the mat, Katy. Introduce the ABC mat and we now have a 30 SF area where you can safely play (supervised) without fear of hitting your head on the floor with every wobble and crawling attempt.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

People Person

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Whenever we are out and about, Katy, you love to people watch. You get very excited when you see other children and babies and you try to "talk" to them. I have yet to go out and NOT have somebody make a comment to you or about how cute you are. You love to babble and giggle at people passing by- you can even get the grumpy old men to crack a smile!

29th Week Birthday

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Mommy and Me

Morning Cup-o-Joe

FINALLY sleeping in the car!

Reedy Creek Play Date, Sept. 8, 2010

Craft time with Mommy!

Cookie Monsters in action!

"My Daddy makes a comfy napping pillow!"

Today, you are 29 weeks old, Katy!

This week's big news is that you are officially a big cousin to Molly Coyle! Molly was born on Monday, Sept. 6, 2010, to Auntie Hope and Uncle Eric. Molly weighed in at 8 lbs. 10 oz. and was 21" long. Molly has rosy cheeks and a full head of hair (though, I'm told not quite as much hair as you did when you were born, Katy- you just had a TON of hair!). Molly, Auntie Hope and Uncle Eric are home from the hospital being taken care of by Grandma and Pop-Pop Tinkey.

We've come to the discovery that it isn't that you only like to eat sweet potatoes (though, they are your favorite!), it's that you don't like to eat baby food from jars! You like the homemade stuff! We tried mixing, combining, various forms of feeding you and I finally discovered that you will eat green beans and peas if it's homemade but not the food from jars! At first, I thought, "What a picky little eater!" but then I realized, don't we ALL like homemade food, better?! This is fine by me because we've got a whole freezer full of homemade baby food- squash, sweet potatoes, ham, beef, peas, beans, peaches...

We introduced peaches and chicken to your diet, this week. You seemed okay with the chicken but you seemed to really take to the peaches. You tend to like anything that is sweeter tasting.

This week, while I was putting away some of your clothes, you were rolling around on your nursery room floor. Guess what I caught you doing- you were trying to pull yourself up on the rocker!! Girly, you can't even fully crawl and you are trying to stand!

Your sleeping habits have been a bit irregular, this week. You seemed to like to wake up at 4:30 AM, every morning... not really sure why. Your morning nap has also been spotty, at best. I am trying really hard not to just pick you up at the first cry and let you "cry it out" but sometimes, you can really WAIL!

Wiggle Worm, Squirmy Wormy- these are just a couple of names we've started calling you. You really like to move- especially when on the changing table! This makes for some interesting diaper changes, that is for sure!

Speaking of moving, we've caught you on more than one occasion putting your butt in the air, with your hands and feet flat on the ground trying to move. It kind of looks like you are trying to stand but your head is too heavy!

Yesterday, we went to Reedy Creek Nature Center and had a play date with some friends from church. While the bigger kids played in the sandbox, you were content to watch all the kiddies running around having fun.

You LOVE dogs, Katy! When we were with Uncle Rob and Aunt Julie, you really, really, really liked their dog, Lilo. You kept rubbing her belly and giggling when she'd come near. Now, when we go for our morning walk, you always like to see the dogs, passing by. Today, you even tried to call out to one dog! I think I'm in trouble- I can already picture you coming home one day with a stray dog asking if we can keep it...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Sunny Days, Sweeping the Clouds Away..."

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"...Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street?"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lilo and Stitch

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Katy, being held by Aunt Julie

Katy, playing with Uncle Rob

Meeting Lilo

"Hi, Lilo!"

Katy rubbing Lilo's belly

Nice Doggie

Relaxing with Lilo

Yesterday, we spent the day with Uncle Rob and Aunt Julie. They had a nice cook-out birthday dinner for Daddy and we enjoyed catching up and relaxing. It had been too long since we had seen Rob and Julie and they were surprised to see how big you've grown, Katy!

The highlight of the trip for you, Katy, was their dog, Lilo. You LOVED Lilo! You would follow Lilo around the room with your eyes and you would giggle every time she got near. Lilo was very gentle with you and she let you rub her tummy and pull on her ears. What a good dog!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Outing to Dan Nicholas Park

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Sunny weather, happy baby, good times exploring...


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