Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to read a Katy

Posted by Heather at Saturday, April 24, 2010
Nine and a half weeks into this thing called "parenthood," Daddy and I have finally started to learn how to "read" our baby. There are distinct signals and signs that allow us to know what you need, Katy. Some of the signals are as follows:

-We tap your chin (right below your lower lip) to see if you are hungry. If you are hungry, you usually open your mouth as if you are going to eat our finger.
-You pull at your hair with your right hand and stuff your whole (fist and all!) left hand in your mouth if you are getting tired and sleepy.
-You do not like to sleep in your crib. The longest stretch we've been able to lay you down in the crib is two and a half hours for a nap. Mostly, you just sleep in your "Happy Chair."
-You kick your legs in protest when your diaper is dirty. You DO NOT like a dirty diaper! We are hoping that this translates to easier potty-training, later on.
-You moan and wheeze in your sleep. It's when you are sleeping completely quiet that we worry.
-You do NOT like hats and you do NOT like anything having to do with your feet (no shoes, no tickling, no socks!).
-As I've mentioned before, you love to have your hair played with and combed. This calms you down.
-You love a social setting and are happiest with lots of noise and people around (especially if you are the center of attention!).
-If you fuss and cry with no tears, this usually means that you are just wanting our attention and that nothing is truly wrong. We call this your "pathetic cry" because you look so sorry (but oh, so cute!)
-You hiccup A LOT!!!! If you get hiccups right before you fall asleep we call this the "kiss of death" because we know that you'll keep waking yourself up with the hiccups and not fall asleep completely until the hiccups are gone. You hiccuped a lot while inside of me so it doesn't really surprise me that you hiccup a lot, now.
-You love to MOVE!! The more movement and action the better! That means that you like swinging, bouncing and dancing. That also means that Daddy and I don't stay seated in one position too long :-)
-You tend to run a lower-than-normal baseline temperature at 97.8 degrees (Yes, Uncle Rob, we took her temperature right after her two month shots to make sure she wasn't running a fever). I tend to have a lower-than-normal baseline temperature, so I'm not terribly surprised.

Of course, all of the above points are subject to change at a moments notice, but for now it's like your own secret language to communicate with Daddy and I. Everyday we learn something new about you- about your likes and dislikes and what you need. That is what keeps life with Katy Grace exciting!


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