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Felicity Sewing Patterns- Carousel Vintage Sundress and Topper Pattern Review

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Sadly, here in North Carolina, summer is officially over and we've started pulling out the leggings, sweaters and boots. However, halfway across the globe in Australia, where PDF sewing pattern designer Felicity Sewing Patterns is located, they are just gearing up for hot weather and summertime fun! Hotter weather means sundresses for my Lil' Miss and Felicity Sewing Patterns just released a beautiful new pattern, the Carousel Vintage Sundress and Topper, It is my pleasure to review the Carousel Vintage Sundress and Topper for you, today, on All Things Katy!

The Carousel Vintage Sundress and Topper is described as, "The dress has a fit and flare shape with princess line panels and a gently ruffled hem panel. There is a short zipper in the left side seam. The straps are inserted into the back neck band and buttoned onto the inside front band where a decorative bow is attached. The back band has elastic inserted to give a snug and flexible fit. The dress is knee length and the topper sits above the waist. The topper has a self-made contrast bias binding around the neck, front, back and sleeve edges."

Let's discuss pattern details of the Carousel Vintage Sundress and Topper, first;
-The Carousel Vintage Sundress and Topper is written for sizes 3-10.
-The Carousel Vintage Sundress and Topper PDF sewing pattern includes a fabric chart, size chart, finished length chart, and a pattern pieces layout. Sizes are given in both metric and imperial units. *Note* Pay careful attention to sizing as it may differ from ready-to-wear and/or typical USA sizing.
-The Carousel Vintage Sundress and Topper includes
-The Carousel Vintage Sundress and Topper is labeled for an "advanced beginner" sewing level. However, I would personally classify it as more of an intermediate level as it includes a lot of pattern pieces and a zipper.

-The Carousel Vintage Sundress and Topper includes step-by-step written instructions with corresponding photographs for each step.

I sewed up a straight size six Carousel Vintage Sundress and Topper. I used a main fabric (Frozen) and a contrast (aqua) with a pre-made bias binding. I sewed in an invisible zipper.

I LOVE the shape of the Carousel Vintage Sundress and Topper! The skirt has a great fit and flare due to its pieced skirt and ruffles. Pattern pieces fit together well and there was no "fudging it" to make pattern pieces come together. The bias-trimmed topper is cute and clean (on the inside and out). Also, as our weather is turning cooler, the topper will definitely come in handy! The tutorial was easy to read and follow and the photographs really helped me understand what I needed to sew/do next.

The Carousel Vintage Sundress and Topper PDF sewing pattern includes ALOT of pattern pieces. Between printing the pattern, taping it together, cutting it out and then tracing/cutting into the fabric, it's quite a time-consuming process. **Note, on the pattern pieces it mentions cutting a "pair" of certain pieces. "Pair" is the same as "mirror image." I got a little tripped up on the different use of vocabulary, so I thought I'd share with other's.** At the time, I found it tedious. However, once my dress was complete, it was so worth it! The silhouette of the Carousel Vintage Sundress and Topper is definitely fun and flirty (without being scandalous) and different than most sundress patterns. I love when a pattern is unique!

Also, another note that I personally found frustrating, was the fact that due to the pieced Carousel Vintage Sundress and Topper skirt, it was difficult to pattern match. This is not the fault of the Carousel Vintage Sundress and Topper pattern- just my personal type-A personality showing through. So, next time, I'll just select an all-over print and just cut and sew as-is, without trying to match anything- heeheeheee.... ;-)

The Carousel Vintage Sundress and Topper fit well in the bodice and I found the length to be suitable (ie, not too short, not too long). I do want to disclose that Lil' Miss is technically 46" tall, not 47" tall as the size 6 calls for.

Overall, I really enjoyed sewing up the Carousel Vintage Sundress and Topper. It is a special dress- perfect for dressing up, or dressing down. It is easily personalized and best of all, Lil' Miss LOVES IT!!!

Thank you, Stephanie, for allowing me to review your newest PDF sewing pattern, the Carousel Vintage Sundress and Topper! It's a keeper and I can't wait to sew more for next summer!

***Disclosure: "I received a free pattern in order to review this pattern for Felicity Sewing Patterns. The opinions expressed here are my own."***

Friday, September 18, 2015

Sentence of the Day-School Lunch

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Katy bought her lunch for the first time at school, today. It was pizza day and she had been looking forward to going through the cafeteria line like a big kid ALL WEEK!! When I asked her how it was she replied very matter-of-factly, "Well, I won't be doing that again! The pizza was pretty yucky." Hahaha...!

She quickly followed up with, "Maybe I'll try the hamburgers, next time. Even though I know they don't serve onions."

That kid. She makes me smile. Even when she isn't trying.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sewing Pattern Testing- Cole's Corner and Creations-Victory Cheer Uniform

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"V-I-C-T-O-R-Y spells VICTORY!" 

Football season is HERE!! We're not super huge football fans in the Jones household, but Lil' Miss sure does love the "idea" of cheerleaders. (cute outfit, pom-poms, super flexibility- right up her alley!) So, when I was asked to test the newest PDF sewing pattern, Victory Cheer Uniform by Cole's Corner and Creations, I leaped at the chance (get it, get it...?! ;-)

Let's talk PDF sewing pattern basics, first;

-The Victory Cheer Uniform is a two piece cheer uniform. It features a top and a separate skirt.
-The Victory Cheer Uniform is meant to be sewn using 100% polyester ponte knit fabric.
-The Victory Cheer Uniform features two sleeve lengths- sleeveless and long sleeves.
-The Victory Cheer Uniform features several skirt options- traditional shorter cheer skirt, longer skirt and instructions on how to do an optional side slit.
-The Victory Cheer Uniform also includes pattern pieces and instructions on how to sew up some cute bloomers to wear underneath the uniform.
-The Victory Cheer Uniform also includes several suggestions for trim using cheer trim, striped knit fabric and layering ribbons of different widths.
-The Victory Cheer Uniform features trimless pattern pieces.
-The Victory Cheer Uniform PDF sewing pattern includes a glossary of terms, fabric requirements, sizing chart and elastic cutting chart.

I sewed up a size six, sleeveless, longer skirt with side slit Victory Cheer Uniform. I purchased the blue, white and black ponte fabric locally at Hancock Fabric. The cheer trim was purchased directly from Cole's Corner and Creations.

Lil' Miss' school mascot is the Panther. So, I decided to sew up a cheer uniform for her to wear on "School Spirit" days. A cheer uniform is way cuter than a shapeless t-shirt.... right... ?! ;-P

This was my first time sewing a cheer uniform, using ponte knit AND I did my first applique (paw print). Lots of firsts (and so much fun!)! At first I was hesitant to try my hand at applique. However, by just following the instructions included in the tutorial it was a breeze and I LOVE how it turned out!

The Victory Cheer Uniform is close-fitting and uses minimal fabric. Ponte fabric isn't super stretchy, so, make sure you cut the fabric with the stretch going ACROSS the body. The trim design is totally up to you. So, my word to the wise would be, order more trim than you think you need (just in case!)!
Lil' Miss LOVES her new Victory Cheer Uniform!! It's perfect for jumping and cheering! She'll be the cutest, best-dress kindergartner at school spirit pep rallies- don't you think?!! And, as an added bonus, with the longer skirt length and wide shoulder straps, it ALSO conforms to school dress code! Winner!

Oh, and did I mention that there is a separate DOLLY Victory Cheer Uniform?!! How cute!! Dolly and Me matching cheerleaders! 

Now, go, run, jump and leap forth and sew your little cheerleader (and dolly) the newest pattern by Cole's Corner and Creations- the Victory Cheer Uniform!! Sew much fun! Thank you, Nicole, for another fun, quality pattern!

"Go, Panthers!!"

***Disclosure: "I received a free pattern in order to pattern test for Cole's Corner and Creations. The opinions expressed here are my own."***

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Little Lizard King- Ladies Library Cardi PDF Sewing Pattern Release

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School is back in session and the retailers are pushing everything pumpkins, Halloween, and- dare I say it- Christmas?!?! So, with that in mind, Happy Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING season!! Hahahahhaha.... just kidding!

Really, though, this has been our first week of cooler temperatures (aka under 80 degrees!) here in North Carolina and it's *just* starting to feel like cardigan season. The Little Lizard KingLadies Library Cardigan designed by Cassie Massolia, is the perfect layering piece for chilly morning waits at the bus stop, a quick trip to the store and even an ac-frigid work settings.

Featuring big, kangaroo pockets and constructed in comfy knit, the Little Lizard KingLadies Library Cardigan is easy and fun to sew!

The Little Lizard KingLadies Library Cardigan PDF sewing pattern features the following details;
-The Little Lizard KingLadies Library Cardigan is sized for XXS-XXL.
-The Little Lizard KingLadies Library Cardigan features layered pattern pieces (ie print only the size that you want/need).
-The Little Lizard King-Ladies Library Cardigan includes three lengths- hip, mid and boho tunic.
-The Little Lizard KingLadies Library Cardigan includes three sleeve lengths- short, 3/4 and long sleeves.
-The Little Lizard KingLadies Library Cardigan also includes an optional elbow patch, button tab sleeves and inset back detail.

-The Little Lizard KingLadies Library Cardigan tutorial includes notes on how to get a custom fit, a size chart, fabric requirements chart, binding cutting chart and pattern layout guide.
-The Little Lizard KingLadies Library Cardigan features step-by-step photographs and written text throughout the tutorial.

I sewed up a size medium, hip-length, 3/4 sleeve, back inset Little Lizard KingLadies Library Cardigan. In retrospect, I probably could have gotten away with sewing a small since I was right in between sizes. The Little Lizard KingLadies Library Cardigan is definitely a roomy fit (and oh, so comfy!). Also, the hip-length was a bit long on me. However, the Little Lizard KingLadies Library Cardigan is sized for the average 5'-5 1/2" tall woman (which I am not at five feet). Next time, next time....

Personally, I would consider the Little Lizard KingLadies Library Cardigan a more intermediate pattern due to the binding technique and use of knit fabrics. *Note, the only modification that I made to my card I was the bottom hem band. Instead of double folding the binding, I just folded in half, serger RST and called it a day.* However, there are lots of tips and help along the way, if an adventurous beginner is feeling brave. I can't say that the Little Lizard KingLadies Library Cardigan took me all that long to sew. It actually took me longer to print/tape/cut out the pattern than it did to sew it. I did do a lot of switching between my regular sewing machine and serger for this pattern.

One tip that I found especially helpful in sewing up the Little Lizard KingLadies Library Cardigan is the fact that I basted (temporarily sewed together two pieces of fabric with a longer, looser stitch) the lining fabric to the main fabric for the front pocket pieces. This REALLY helped keep everything aligned properly in construction.

Little Lizard KingLadies Library Cardigan- Kangaroo Pocket Detail

The Little Lizard King-Ladies Library Cardigan was a lot of fun to sew up! There are lots of ways to make the pattern your own and I know that I'll be making more of these in sweater knits, solids and more!

Now, for those that know me best, I'm a pretty boring dresser. Black. Grey. Brown. Neutral. Sometimes, I add a little red because it looks good with my hair, but I'm definitely not an "animal print/loud pattern" kind of girl. B.O.R.I.N.G!

Then I had my daughter. She loves it Pink! Sparkly! Shiny! Frilly! and FUN!

When I agreed to do the Little Lizard KingLadies Library Cardigan blog tour, I just knew I HAD to do a mommy and me matching cardi set. (I mean, seriously- how could I not?!!). So, what's a boring mommy and a fun, sparkly girl to do...? Compromise, of course! I get my neutral grey and black with the main body and bindings of the Little Lizard KingLadies Library Cardigan and Lil' Miss gets sparkly fun with the sparkly animal print liner/kangaroo pockets. Everybody wins!

Speaking of mommy/daughter matching Library Cardis, I leave you with these fun pictures!

Little Lizard King- Ladies  and Girl's Library Cardigans

Little Lizard King- Ladies  and Girl's Library Cardigans

Little Lizard King- Girl's Library Cardi 
(Um, why does she look like a teenager in this picture...?!!!)

Thank you, Cassie, for allowing me to sew up the new Little Lizard KingLadies Library Cardigan! Sew much fun!


***Disclosure: "I received a free pattern in order to review this pattern for Little Lizard King. The opinions expressed here are my own."***

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