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Baptism Dress from Grandma and Pop-Pop Tinkey

Baptism Ceremony

Pop-Pop is happy to get a chance to hold you!

The Blessing of Hope, given by Auntie Hope.

Tinkey Family Portrait, Easter 2010

Sleeping through the sermon... ;-)
Katy, you were baptised on Easter Sunday, April 4, 2010, at Winter Park Presbyterian Church. Your Pop-Pop Tinkey did the honors and our good friend, Sue Rudolph was the elder. Barbara Sayles, Auntie Hope and Jodi Parker gave the blessings of Love, Hope and Faith. Grandma Tinkey, Pop-Pop Tinkey, Auntie Hope, the Pate Family, Great-Uncle Paul and Great-Aunt Sue were all present for the baptism. Uncle Paul even helped us out by videoing the ceremony. You were baptised in the same church that Daddy and I got married in five years ago.
Since you had not slept very well the night before (we told Auntie Hope that we were just preparing her for motherhood ;-P), the morning started out a bit rough and hurried. However, once we got to the church, you slept through most of the service. You were awake when Pop-Pop put water on your head but you didn't cry or even whimper. You were quite calm when he walked you down the aisle for the blessings and then you went back to sleep for the rest of the service. Grandma Tinkey and her friends did a special, surprise Liturgical Dance to Plum's, "In Your Arms." The dance was very moving and a special treat!

After the service, everybody came back to Grandma and Pop-Pop's house for (LOTS of!) food, cake and of course, a chance to get to hold you. You were passed around from willing arms to willing arms like a hot potato! At one point, I went to the bedroom to nurse you and Paige Mercer came back, knocked on the door and told me that she had dibs on you when you were ready to come back out to the party! Because of all the action and excitement, you didn't sleep much during the party but you sure did put on the charm by cooing and smiling at whomever was holding you.
The hostess with the mostess
"Is it time to eat, yet??!"
I must take a moment to mention all of the food that was present at the "after party" because it was so good, so plentiful and a lot of hard work went into preparing all of it! Grandma made Pastiche (Italian Easter Pie), ziti, homemade meatballs, chicken, broccoli and rice. For dessert, we had a beautiful carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, chocolate Kahlua cupcakes, decorated, heart-shaped Sour Cream cut-outs and coconut macaroon nests. Giliane Meyers also brought homemade dumplings and spring rolls. YUMMY! Your heritages (biologically and adopted) were represented in all the foods present- Asian, Italian (My grandfather- your Great-Grandpa Petruzzi- always said that I was his little "Korean Italian" and I like to think that I can make a pretty decent Italian meatball and ravioli with the best of them!) and traditional American.
Easter Dinner Table
Baptism Blessings, Katy!
Dessert Table- YUM!
As a side note, you love a big crowd and you love when that crowd is paying attention to you. Daddy calls you a "social butterfly" and I call you a "party animal" or "party girl." You love lots of background noise, you like to hear chatter all around you and you love to be held and interacted with. You do much better in a social setting than when you are just by yourself or just with Daddy and I. We aren't so sure what that means for the future, but for now, it's been fun to watch your personality start to unfold.


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