Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kinetic Church Snowday!

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Due to the snowy weather and icy roads, even church was canceled, today! The last time I remember church being canceled was when I was a little girl and it was the blizzard of 1996. I guess Daddy and I will curl up to the computer and watch Northland online for church.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day!

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Mommy and Daddy as mini snowpeople

Well, the weatherman was right. Movie night with the Perkin's Small Group and the Small Group Leaders Movie for today were cancelled due to the weather. I don't think we'll get getting to together with the Keys' family, tomorrow, either.
We woke up to four and a half inches of snow, this morning. Most of the snow was icy so it didn't make for good packing snow. Daddy and I still went outside for a couple of minutes (took us longer to get all the coats, scarves and gloves on than it did for us to "play" in the snow!). We spent most of day inside with the heat turned up and warm soup and mac and cheese to fill us up.
We can't wait until you get to experience your first snow day. Mommy will bundle you up to the point where you can't put your arms down and Daddy will be a big kid and help you build your first snowman!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow in Charlotte!

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The weather man is calling for 2-6" of snow in Cabarrus County, tonight. That means chilly temps and (hopefully!) a fluffy white landscape when we wake up, tomorrow!

Tomorrow is also a fully moon and you know what they say about full moons and pregnant woman.... ;-P

Thursday, January 28, 2010

37 Weeks and 2 days Doctor Visit

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Today, we had an ultrasound. You were most uncooperative as we could not get any good pictures of your cute little face. However, the good news is that you are head-down, facing my back (good things for Mommy!). You are in the 40th percentile weighing in at just six pounds three ounces. Dr. Pinder says that your kidneys are a little dilated but that it's nothing to be concerned about, for now. I am 1 cm. dilated so it doesn't look like you'll be making an early appearance, after all. I did not gain any weight since the last visit to the doctor's and you are still moving and hiccup-ing. Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

37 weeks and counting!

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If you were born today, you would be considered full-term. I wouldn't be terribly upset if you wanted to come sooner, rather than later. Not that I'm looking forward to a painful labor, I am anxious to meet you and hold you. Daddy and I have already said we are going to fight over who gets to hold you because we are BOTH going to want to cuddle you ALL THE TIME!! (and I might just want to squeeze your cheeks, too!)

According to, you are about six and a half pounds and able to breathe on your own. I was also reading that according to some studies, babies can cry in the mother's womb- Daddy says you have nothing to cry about- you are still safe and warm and cozy inside of me.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No sleep for Mommy!

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Before I was pregnant, I thought my insomnia was pretty bad. I'd either have problems falling asleep, or, once I was asleep, I couldn't stay asleep!! Now that I'm pregnant, the insomnia is even worse!!!! I'm so uncomfortable, my back hurts, you wake me up kicking.... I think this is just your way of preparing us for midnight/all-night feedings, isn't it?? I just hope you take after Daddy and learn to sleep (no pun intended) like a baby :-)

Monday, January 25, 2010

False Labor Pains

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Today, I experienced my first false labor pains. I was standing, talking to my boss, Dennis, when three short, painful contractions happened. Up until this point, I didn't know what contractions felt like, but I can tell you that I experienced them! I felt the pain in my lower belly and they lasted seconds each and didn't reoccur after that. According to the childbirth class we are waiting for contractions that last about a minute each, every five minutes for at least an hour at a time. Are you done baking, Katy? Are you ready to come out and play?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hiccups and Noise

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I wouldn't say you get hiccups a lot, but you do get them at least once a day- it seems to be mostly at night as we are going to bed. We were laying in bed the other night and Daddy's hand was on my tummy. You started your hiccup-ing and it lasted for a good ten minutes. It's a funny feeling to feel hiccups coming from with in you!

You have sensitive ears, Katy. Last week, on our "Us weekend," Daddy and I went to see the movie theater to see Avatar in 3-D. While the special effects were cool and entertaining, you did NOT like the noise! You could feel the bass and you kept kicking and squirming and it was not the happy kind, either! Today, in church, the bass was a bit loud and you started your rolling and moving again! Also, when the alarm goes off in the morning you seem to jump and get all jittery before you calm back down. I believe that your ears are really sensitive to loud noises and you don't much care for sudden alarms, deep bass or loud music. Maybe we can remember this little conversation in sixteen years and you insist on turning your Ipod (or whatever they have invented by then) up??!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bags are packed

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Since we only have 24 days until your estimated due date, Daddy and I spent today getting ready for your arrival. This meant that Daddy spent the whole day creating and designing your custom birth announcement cards. I spent the afternoon making freezer meals that we can grab quickly after you are born and things are a little hairy. I made BBQ Chicken, Chicken Noodle soup, Black Bean Chicken, Eggplant Lasagna and Ham, Bean and Mac and cheese. We also packed our bags for the hospital and put them in the car. We're getting ready for your arrival, Little One- can't wait!

Friday, January 22, 2010

No, No, List

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Pregnant women are supposed to love to eat, to be warmer-natured and gain lots of weight, right? Not so for me!

The thought of chicken makes me ill and you DEFINITELY do NOT like broccoli! Every time I try it (broccoli)- soup, steamed, salad- it doesn't agree with us! Chicken breast, a roasted chicken, makes me sick, but for some reason, I've been fine with Chicken salad. Before you were born, Daddy and I could go through ice cream like it was going out of style. Now, we still have a carton on the back of the freezer from BEFORE Christmas (I think we should probably get rid of that before you make your grand entrance)! Daddy is so sad because I have not craved Chinese AT ALL this whole pregnancy. The smell of General Tso's chicken is enough to send me running for the restroom and wonton soup doesn't quite settle the stomach like it used to. Anything with a red sauce makes me leery so most things Italian are out. So far, there have not been any late-night runs for strange cravings, or searches for brand-specific food cravings.

This drafty old house has been quite chilly at times, this winter. So, I was looking forward to being more warm-blooded- NOT SO!! I'm still just as cold as always but at least I know that you are snug as a bug in a rug inside me.

As for the weight gain, I have to say I'm relieved that it hasn't been too hard to manage my weight while being pregnant. I thought I'd balloon up but so far we've been right on track with weight gain. The doctors actually told me to eat a little more and drink lots more- you sure to require a lot of liquid!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kung Fu Fighting

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Katy, you are a kicker!! All day, yesterday, you were really active- moving and squirming and stretching. At one point in the afternoon, I was sitting at my desk and I looked down to watch my belly rolling and moving and shaking with every little shift, kick, punch and roll you made! Grandma Jones says that your daddy was a kicker and there is a story you'll hear (one day) about Mommy kicking down a baby gate because I didn't want to take a nap. So, I guess you come by your movement honestly. Maybe we have a soccer player on our hands? Maybe a ballerina?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mental Health Day

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Today, I took a Mental Health Day. After yesterday, I needed a day to clear the head, clear the mind and just start new. I need to be in my best form- mind, body and spirit- before you come and me being in a funk is not healthy for you. So, little one, I pray that I am in some way helping your future disposition by taking a day to relax and rest.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Speeding Ticket

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Katy, when you grow up, Daddy is going to teach you to drive. He is going to teach you to drive for the following reasons: 1) Daddy is more patient than Mommy, 2) Daddy is a better driver than Mommy and 3) Mommy just got a speeding ticket today! After a morning of feeling miserable and pregnant, I decided to go home sick from work. I got into my car and got pulled over not even a mile away from work. Of course, co-workers passed me and the ticket just made my day that much worse!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Us Weekend

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Just one short month before you make your grand entrance, Katy!! Daddy and I celebrated this milestone by having an "Us Weekend" because we both know that once you arrive, it's going to be hard to just pick up and go on a whim. We drove up to Burlington, NC, to walk around Alamance Crossing, an outside mall. We spent a good eight hours there walking and talking, eating and shopping. We found the Baby's First Year calendar that I had been looking for in order to record all of your baby milestones (first tooth, first word, etc.) and the watch with timer and light for all those feedings you are going to require (!!). We also saw the movie, Avatar. The movie was in 3-D and it was very loud. Daddy seemed to enjoy the movie but you were not amused by the loud noises and bass- you kept squirming and kicking as if in protest to the loud action scenes. After driving home, we ended the night watching Heroes in bed- it was a nice relaxing day.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Girls Night!

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Tonight, is your first "Girls Night." We are getting together with Tracy Himes, Necole Baty, Anne Milam and Jennifer Riggs for a night of games, food and fellowship. We are having a mexican-themed potluck dinner and we are going to try our hand at Bunco (or whatever other games we end up playing).

Thursday, January 14, 2010

35 Weeks

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Well, Katy, we've made it to 35 weeks! Even with all the morning sickness and not-so-fun aspects of pregnancy, it's gone by fairly quickly. So far, I've only gained about 17 pounds throughout the pregnancy, though I feel quite round and huge. According to the doctor, you are measuring right at 35 weeks so you are right on track. We can't wait to meet you but know you need to bake just a little longer!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shoe Show Baby Shower

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Today, during lunch, you and I were showered with gifts and well wishes by my co-workers at Shoe Show. All the ladies in my area and got together to provide a yummy potluck lunch of chicken salad, deviled eggs, fruit, tuna casserole, cake and lots of festive decorations! By the time we finished opening the presents, we were seeing lots of pink- pink onesies from Tiffanie Smith, pink ballet slippers from Gena Bettis, pink bibs from LaTrisha Vinci, pink outfits from Ginny, Susan Richards and Cindi Harrington. In attendance were Tiffanie Smith, Amy Shatzer, Vickie Ellington, Vicki Harris, Cindi Harrington, Susan Richards, LaTrisha Vinci, Ginny and Sheila Jones.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


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You aren't even born and it looks like you won't be the baby for long! Auntie Hope and Uncle Eric will be expecting a wee one in September 2010. So, just like your Daddy, you'll be the middlest. Grandma and Pop-Pop Tinkey will have their hands full with all these grandkiddies!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Birth Mother

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Being pregnant with you, Katy, has taught me so much about the sacrifices and discomforts my own birth mother made in her decision to birth me and then put me up for adoption. Seven straight weeks of morning sickness (morning, noon and night!), eczema flare-ups all over my face and body with no treatment because all medicines were harmful to you, seeing numbers on the scale that I've never seen before, many sleepless nights... it's a physical, emotional, hormonal roller coaster! You and I will never know this woman who endured nine months of pregnancy and all the symptoms and labor that go along with it, but we are forever indebted for her choice for life- mine and ultimately, your life.

Daddy Boot Camp

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This past Saturday, Daddy went to Daddy Boot Camp at the downtown CMC hospital. He got to spend some quality time with several new dads and about 30 other soon-to-be dads. It was a boys-only event where they learned tips of things to-do and not-to-do with a baby. Daddy's favorite tips were about swaddling and the "super girl pose." He said he learned lots of other emotional elements to help take care of us and support us but he won't share his secrets.... yet. He's going to be such a good daddy to you, Katy!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby Shower

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Today, Necole Baty, Robin Foley and Bethany Reeves hosted a lovely baby shower in your honor, Katy! The shower was at the Foleys, Bethany did the punch and food and Necole helped to coordinate decorations and favors. Robin decorated a beautiful pink and green polka-dotted cake and there were lots of cute frog decorations and gifts. Anne Milam, Kristin Taylor, Rhonda Jones, Karen Keys, Salina Ciotti, Alicia Vega, Robin Foley, Necole Baty and Bethany Reeves were all in attendance. We were showered with lots of cute outfits, diapers, baby lotion, wipes, wash, and a high chair to grow with. In lieu of silly shower games, everybody went around giving parental advice. Some of my favorites were, "Precious not Perfect," Necole Baty. "Don't be afraid to ask for help," Rhonda Jones and "You (meaning me) know your child best," Kristin Taylor. You are loved and everybody is anxious to meet you!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Night Owl

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Between three and four AM, you consistantly like to dance, roll, squirm and move around inside of me- it's your "witching hour." Daddy and I are convinced that you will be born at night and grow up to be a night owl!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Year of the Ox or Year of the Tiger?

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According to the Chinese calendar, if you are born before February 14, 2010, then you will be an Earth Ox. This means that your motto will be "I preserve." If you are born after February 14, 2010, then you will be a Tiger and your motto will be "I win." Hmmmm.... wonder which one you will be...?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


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Today, you and I were stranded at the Texaco gas station. I had just filled up on gas, had a trunk full of groceries and I went to start up the car and it wouldn't start- no lights, no engine, no nothing. Luckily, Daddy saved the day and came and got us. Sadly, my little Mazda may not make it till your birthday....

1/10/10 Update- Luckily, the car only needed a new battery and was fixed the next day. Daddy was so great in taking care of everything and making sure the car was in safe, driving condition!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oranges and Chocolate

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Even though we are still awaiting your arrival, you LOVE oranges and chocolate! Shortly after I eat either an orange or a piece of chocolate, you kick and squirm and move! Forget caffeine, you prefer OJ! BTW, Grandma Tinkey says that makes you a FL girl :-)

Monday, January 4, 2010

"Baby, it's cold ouside...!"

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It was 19 degrees here in Concord, NC, when I woke up this morning! Brr!! I'm so glad to know that you are safe and warm inside me- still baking!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


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After picking Daddy up from the airport, today, we went to Ikea. While none of the items we purchased were specifically for the nursery they did help us get the house ready for bringing home baby and all the guests that are sure to follow! We bought two chairs and a rug for the living room and a shelving unit with baskets for all of the baby gear in the dining room. The first floor is finally looking put together!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Down in Fraggle Rock!

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Daddy takes great pride in the fact that you can already recognize the tune of Fraggle Rock. We were laying in bed the other night and at all the right moments you would kick out your tiny little foot as if to dance along with the song!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year, Little One- Happy Year of the Katy!!

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Happy New Year, Katy! We can't wait to meet you, hold you, show you the world and watch you grow!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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