Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meeting Grandma Ethel and Grandpa Jim

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"Leaving on a jet plane..."

We left for a week-long visit to the great state of California on the morning of Wednesday, April 20, 2011. The main objective of the visit was to introduce you to your Great-Grandma Ethel and Great-Grandpa Jim Jones, Katy.

The flight out there went well. The plane ride itself was quite turbulent and bumpy but this worked in our favor as it seemed to lull you to sleep for a forty-five minute nap (much to the pleasure of the passengers around us). You were very well-behaved for the whole five and a half hour flight- only getting fussy towards the end when we were waiting to get off the plane (but then again, who isn't fussy trying to get off a plane?).

We spent the first night at a hotel near the San Francisco Airport. We weren't sure how you would do on the flight and time change and we didn't want to add to the mix another two hour drive to Merced on top of that. We spent an uneventful night at the airport hotel, eating dinner at their restaurant.

On Thursday, we started out refreshed and new. Daddy went to get the rental car from the airport and we played around in the hotel until Daddy let us know he was ready for us to check out and be on our way. It was a two hour drive to Merced and the weather was bright and sunny. You, Katy, slept almost the entire way there, allowing Daddy and I to navigate unfamiliar roads in peace (yay!)!

Once we got to Grandma Ethel and Grandpa Jim's house you were a little hesitant and shy around all of the new faces, but it only took you a little while to warm right up to Grandma Ethel. Then, you and Grandma Ethel were best buds throughout the trip. You continually went up to her asking to be held, giving hugs and kisses, much to her delight. You took a lot longer warming up to Grandpa Jim, but you did get to share some quality time together throughout the visit. I am so grateful that we got to have the opportunity to introduce you to your great-grandparents on the Jones side of the family.

Meeting all the Greats- Great-Uncle Ken, Great-Aunt Diane, Great-Aunte Shirley, Great-Grandma Ethel and Great-Grandpa Jim and Great-Uncle Buzz

Friday was full of visitors as all of Grandma Ethel's siblings came for a visit. Uncle Buzz, Aunt Shirley and her husband Uncle Ken and Aunt Diane all came to visit and meet you, Katy! You, of course, were the hit of party, walking around, exploring and meeting each new person. We had a nice cook-out dinner, thanks to chef Uncle Rich, and enjoyed catching up and visiting.

Saturday included lots of Grandma Ethel and Katy time. Grandma Ethel and Grandpa Jim treated Daddy and I to an anniversary dinner out (by ourselves!) to their favorite Merced restaurant, the Branding Iron. Grandma Ethel and Uncle Rich stayed home and watched Katy while we went out. According to Grandma, you were a perfect little angel while we were out and she enjoyed having you all to herself.

We also dyed Easter Eggs on Saturday. Rather, Daddy and I dyed eggs while you watched. Dying eggs with a one year old is not a pretty sight- very messy! Most of the eggs that we dyed ended up smooshed during your egg hunt as you liked to bang two eggs together. I think we'll switch to all plastic eggs, next year.

Easter Morning, Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Brunch at Fernando's

Sunday was Easter and we went to church with Grandma Ethel. After church, we went to Easter brunch at Fernando's- what a yummy spread! When we got back from brunch, you had a little Easter Egg hunt. It took a little coaxing to get you to step off of the sidewalk and into the grass to go "find" the eggs but you eventually got the hang of it. You especially liked the eggs that had things in them- like Peeps and animal crackers.

On Monday, we helped the grandparents get some things ready for their big move to an assisted living home. Daddy helped Uncle Rich with yard work and general repair while I helped Grandma Ethel pack suitcases. You, on the other hand, Katy, were into everything and I'm sure you unpacked more than packed.

See's Candy!

Kid in a candy shop and LOVING it!

On Monday morning, we made a quick stop at See's Candy. You were literally, like a kid in a candy shop and it was lots of fun introducing you to the chocolate-y confections of the California-based candy store, See's Candy. We picked out all sorts of yummy treats and even had time to do a little Mother's Day shopping while we were there.

On Tuesday morning, we accompanied Grandma Ethel to her heart doctor's appointment in Modesto. After a very, very, very, VERY LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG wait to see the doctor, Grandma Ethel got a clean bill of health- good news! After the doctor's appointment, we went out to lunch before saying good-bye. It was hard for Grandma Ethel to say good-bye to you, Katy! She gave you lots of hugs and kisses and you gave her a really tight squeeze before we had to go and drive back to San Francisco.

Dinner with Mark

We met up with my good friend, Mark Rauscher, for dinner Tuesday night. It was great catching up and hearing all about his adventures in Australia and Europe during his recent visits. You were very well behaved throughout our dinner, Katy. You even warmed up to Mark by handing him your coveted crayons and letting him draw on your place mat.

We left for Charlotte on Wednesday afternoon. Our plane coming in was late, making us late going out. Then, we had to divert slightly to the south in order to miss some bad storms in Alabama. There was some turbulence on the plane and we got to see a lighting show from the sky as we flew over some storms. Katy, you were such a good girl on the flight home! You slept for almost an hour, ate lots of snacks and were a generally happy baby playing and babbling to whomever would listen. You cracked Daddy and I up when you tried to hand the grumpy gentleman sitting next to us the hand sanitizer after he kept coughing up a lung. You are our daughter, Katy!

You were a trooper throughout the visit out West, Katy. You did great with the constant change of scenery, planes, car rides, hotels, lots of new faces, places, food and things to do and see. You seemed to enjoy the whole experience and I know that your great-grandparents enjoyed seeing you, Katy!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter

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Happy Easter, Katy! This is your second Easter and this year we are spending it in California with your Great-Grandma Ethel and Great-Grandpa Jim. I am so thankful that we have this opportunity to introduce you to your great-grandparents and enjoy visiting together!

We started the day out by going to church with Grandma Ethel at her church, Christian Life Center. Grandma Ethel introduced us to a bunch of her friends from church. You sat through part of the service before you got too antsy and loud. I took you out to the lobby area where you walked around and explored until the service was over.

After church, you and I went back to the hotel so that you could get a nap, Katy. Daddy stayed with Grandma Ethel, Grandpa Jim and Uncle Rich. You took a good long nap- about an hour and forty minutes- before we met back up to go out to brunch.

Brunch reservations were at one-thirty PM at Fernando's. There was a delicious Easter Buffet with lamb, an omelet station, salads, pastas and desserts. We all ate very well, including Grandpa Jim who ate a whole ham and cheese omelet, shrimp and sausage. You, on the other hand, Katy, mostly enjoyed the pasta, orange juice and cookies! You were quite a mess when you finished eating!

After brunch, the Easter Bunny hid the eggs that your decorated last night and you had your second Easter egg hunt in Grandma Ethel and Grandpa Jim's backyard. You got a cute little pink bunny basket from your great grandparents that you carried around like a purse. You did not want to go off of the sidewalk to get the eggs hidden in the grass. It took some coaxing to get you to step into the grass and get the "hidden" eggs. You loved finding the plastic eggs that had animal crackers and peeps hidden in them! The hard-boiled eggs you managed to smoosh and bang together, resulting in a mushy, eggy mess!

All in all, it was a good Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

"Paging Dr. Jones...!"

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While we were getting ready for the day, you got into the toiletry bag and found your thermometer, Katy. The thermometer is one of those instant read ones that you stick in the ear and it beeps when it is done taking your temperature. You found it great fun to stick the thermometer in Daddy's ear and then say, "Beep!" as if the thermometer was really taking his temperature. You did this time and time again, giggling every time you said, "Beep!" Maybe you are going to follow in the steps of your Uncle Rob and Aunt Julie and go into medicine...?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Traveling Queen

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We've arrived in San Francisco for the first leg of our California adventure. Katy, you did GREAT on the plane- getting lots of compliments on your perfect plane behavior. The flight was five and a half hours so we were worried about how you would do but you slept some, played and just took in all of the activity going on on the plane. Winning friends and influencing people at the ripe old age of one! Good job, Katy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Golden State

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Tomorrow, we leave for the great state of CA to visit with Grandma Ethel and Grandpa Jim Jones! This will be the first time that you meet them, Katy, and we are so excited that we all get to share in the experience. I know that you will be a great boost to their spirits right now, Katy. We are excited to spend Easter with them, as well.

500th Blog Post

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This is the 500th blog post of All Things Katy! There are no real numbers to share at this time- just a "Hurray! We've made it this far!"

Our little Katy is no longer little. She's growing so quickly- watching and learning new things every day. She is running all over the place, crouching, hiding, playing, waving and babbling, mimicing our sounds and actions. Katy loves to give kisses, hugs and snuggles and she knows how to use them to her best advantage- smart cookie!

Speaking of cookie, she knows what a cookie is, too! She can identify Cookie Monster by name as well as make the appropriate sounds for duck, puppy, cow and train.

Katy has six teeth, going on eight.

Katy's favorite book of the moment is "Things that Go!" from her great-grandma and great-grandpa Jones. She will pick the book out of a stack, hand it to you and then scoot her little bottom into your lap and wait for you to read. If you don't move fast enough, she will take your hand and place it on the book or object that she wants you to manipulate for her.

Katy understands that some things go together and some things don't. I caught her trying to put the lids on her sippy cups the other day- all perfectly matching.

Katy loves to be a little mommy- caring and nurturing her dolls. She likes to hold her sippy cup up to their mouths and rock them like she sees me do to her.

Katy's favorite foods at the moment are yogurt, hummus and lots of fruits. She's not crazy about the veggies, but we try to sneak them in when we can. Katy will take yogurt off the shelf, hand it to me, and then walk over the silverware drawer and point up to it until you get a spoon for her to eat her yogurt with. So smart!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Purse and Dolly

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"I LOVE my Easter purse and dolly! Thank you Grandma and Pop-Pop Tinkey!"

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blogging for Books- Love Food and Live Well

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Love Food and Live well by Chantel Hobbs is an inspiring, easy read that motivates the reader to get up and move, eat better and generally take better care of one’s health. The book does not boast of complicated formulas, skewed food pyramids relying heavily on just one food group, or some diet fad. Instead, the book tells the story of one seemingly ordinary woman who lost over two hundred pounds the good old’ fashioned way- eating right and exercising. While the formula is not necessarily new, Hobbs’ weight-loss story is inspirational, down-to-earth and real. Hobbs’ acts as a cheerleader throughout the book, promoting healthy eating habits, thoughts about food and exercise, and the importance of moving! "I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review"

Condo, no more!

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For five very long years we have been trying to sell our condo in Jacksonville, FL. Through a series of bad offers, terrible renters, the housing market plunging, repairs, heartache, tears, frustration, and feelings of desperation, we have finally, finally, FINALLY sold the condo! Yes, that's right, we no longer own a house and we couldn't be happier. Good-bye Jacksonville condo, we are are so glad to see you go!! Now, the only reason we need to be in Florida is to visit family!

Katy's all wrapped up!

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Little Mommy
I've always heard that kids are sponges- soaking up everything you say and do- and you, Katy, are no exception. For awhile now, we've seen you mimic us in our motions and actions- when we exercise or when we hug or wave. You also like to mimic our sounds- not quite talking, but the intonations and sounds "sound" like words. Since the week that you were born, Katy, I've been wrapping you up in the Moby Wrap. You like to feel all snuggly and warm in the wrap and it frees up my hands to get things done around the house. Well, yesterday, while you were playing with your dolls, I found you trying to stuff your doll baby inside of your shirt as if you were "wrapping up" the baby. It's amazing what kids pick up on!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hippity Hoppity- Kinetic Kids Easter Egg Hunt

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Daddy helps you find an egg.

"Hmm... which egg to choose?"

"Look, Ma! I found an orange egg!"

Put the eggs in, take the eggs out...

"This blue plastic egg taste yummy!"

Katy looks over her "stash"

For a more pictures, please view the album at:

Yesterday was the annual Kinetic Kids Easter Egg Hunt. This year, the hunt was held at Pharr Mill Road Park. The weather was sunny and mild- the perfect weather to go find some eggs! This was the first year that you were able to participate in the egg hunt, Katy, as last year you were just six weeks old.

We handed you the adorable bunny basket that your great-great-Aunt Phyllis made you, showed you how to "find" the eggs and put them in your basket and off you went! There were LOTS of eggs to find (since there wasn't a huge turnout, there were enough eggs for each toddler to find almost 80 eggs if they were so adventurous!!) and they were pretty much left out in the open for the toddlers to "find."

You had no problem holding your basket like a purse and walking around in the grass with all of the other toddlers. You would find an egg, pick it up, inspect it and then carefully place it in your basket. Every once in awhile you liked to shake the eggs because they rattled with the candy that was inside of them. Once you found out that the eggs actually OPENED and had treats inside, you were all done finding new eggs and just wanted to look over your stash of half a dozen eggs.

Movin' on up!!

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Today, you went into the toddler class at church. We weren't sure how you would do since you are on the younger side of the toddler age-range (kids don't usually start in the toddler room until they are around 15 months or so). Daddy dropped you off and you were happy as a clam- he said you barely noticed that he had left the room. When I came to pick you up after the service, you were busy pushing around a baby doll stroller. You saw me, waved and then went back to pushing your stroller. Ms. Laura and Ms. Brianna said you did GREAT (not one tear!!)!! According to the teachers, the only time that you were upset was when they tried to change your diaper (and that's no surprise since you are squirmy wormy all the time at home!). Good job, Katy!

Monday, April 4, 2011


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Last night while Daddy was working in the office and I was getting ready for bed, you were playing around at my feet in the bathroom. All of a sudden, you ran out of the bathroom and ran smack, dab into the office door. Your bounced off the door and fell backwards. You had a stunned look on your face and it took a moment for the pain to register. Then, you let it WAIL!! We have no idea what made you all of a sudden run out of the room and into the door but it was truly something from the cartoons! We shouldn't laugh, but it was quite comical. Of course, now you have not one, not two but THREE marks on your forehead from all of your recent "escapades." As you are growing taller, getting faster, you tend to forget to watch for toys left (by you, I might add) on the floor or for tables that are just a little too short.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Morning BreakMESS

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"Gimme pancake!"

"Sorry people, this pancake is spoken for!"

"Chocolate chip pancakes are my favorite!"

Stuffing the face (because we don't feed this poor child enough food).

"All Done!"

Saturday mornings usually start off with a nice breakfast made by chef Daddy. Sometimes it's waffles or omelets, but today it was chocolate chip pancakes. Boy, do you LOVE chocolate chip pancakes, Katy!! You out-ate Daddy in your consumption of carbs and made one big chocolate-y, pancake-y MESS!!! Breakfast ended with a dunk in the tub for you, Katy!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Froggy Storage Bag

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"Go hide, Katy!"

"Where did Katy go?!" "There she is!"
When we redid the art room/office, we bought this cute Frog Prince storage bag from our friend and Avon rep, Kay Parrish. It's perfect for putting all of your stuffed animals in. As you can tell from the pictures, it also doubles as a "peak-a-boo" toy, too!

Southern Belle

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Katy likes cornbread. ALOT!!

The other day for lunch, I made cornbread to go with our soup. Instead of eating the soup, though, you ate three pieces of cornbread, Katy!! I've never seen such as crumbly, bread-y mess!

All Girl

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"What am I supposed to do with this block tower?!"

Took some coaxing, but Katy finally knocked down the tower one block at a time.
Katy, you are all girl! I know this because when we build a tower of blocks and put it in front of you, you would rather use the carrying box as a purse than knock down the blocks (as shown in the pictures above). It takes some coaxing, but you will finally knock down the blocks but it's usually only an accident or because you want to play with one particular block.

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