Monday, March 14, 2011

ROCK-a-bye Baby

Posted by Heather at Monday, March 14, 2011
Since this past Friday, we have been working very hard to completely wean you, Katy. Now that you are a year old and eating regular meals and snacks, nursing has become more of a comfort thing than a real nutritional need. Plus, with allergy season right around the corner, I am in desperate need of medicine (that I can't take while nursing) to clear up my eczema and help control my allergies and asthma better.

SOoo, Friday night, Daddy was on duty and I was banned from the nursery because if you even SEE me at night you want to nurse. Bedtime rolled around, Daddy took you into the nursery and you whimpered for a couple of minutes and then conked out. We totally expected more of a bedtime battle. Saturday, same scenario. Only on Saturday, you slept from nine PM to nine AM straight, in your "crib" without interruption!! Wow! Sunday night was a little rougher because your schedule seemed all off with Daylight Savings.

What is Daddy's secret to get you to sleep? Christian rock. Specifically, the Newsboys. Daddy plugs in his Ipod loaded up with loud, contemporary Christian rock music and you instantly become soothed. None of that silly, soothing lullaby stuff! You like music and you like it LOUD! Can I get an Amen and Praise God?! :-)


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