Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fork and Spoon- Katy feeds herself

Posted by Heather at Thursday, March 10, 2011
"Fork or Waffle?""Hmm... this pointy thing is new..."
"Ready for another bite, Mommy!"

In keeping with your independent nature, Katy, mealtime the last several days has been a challenge. That is until I figured out WHY... you want to feed yourself. No more Mommy feeding you from a spoon- you want to hold the spoon yourself and put it in your mouth YOURSELF. So, now the routine goes something like this:

Me: Put food on spoon (we started out with sticky rice) and place on high chair tray.
Katy: Pick up spoon and put in mouth.
Repeat :-) You will even hand me the spoon or fork to put more food on it.

The food doesn't always make it into your mouth- we're 50/50 getting food successfully into your mouth but we're 100% MESSY! We've also introduced the use of a fork using the same method of getting food into your mouth. You seem much happier with this arrangement and you tend to eat more this way.


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