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Sofilantjes Summer Surprise Anniversary Tour

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Good morning! 

Dutch PDF sewing pattern designer, Sofilantjes, turned one this past week (Happy Anniversary!!) and they're celebrating with a fun blog tour, highlighting their very first pattern, the Summer Surprise Dress. This sweet little sleeveless dress is a super quick sew that is perfect for the hot summer months. Love that!

First, let's go over the pattern specifications;

-The Summer Surprise Dress comes in sizes 6m-7y and then sizes 7y-12y (Two different PDF sewing patterns).
-The Summer Surprise Dress is meant to be sewn using knit fabric.
-The Summer Surprise Dress has three hem options- top, dress and tunic.
-The Summer Surprise Dress features a simple box pleat front bodice and a gorgeous bow in the back.

SofilantjesSummer Surprise Dress- Front Bodice Detail

-The Summer Surprise Dress PDF sewing pattern features size layers (i.e. Print only the size that you need). This is a brand new, updated feature to the pattern.

I sewed up a size six, dress length. Lil' Miss loves her dresses! I purchased all of my knit fabric from the wonderful Purpleseamstress Fabrics. I did not alter the pattern in any way and/or mash it with another pattern/size/additional idea. In other words, I sewed as instructed in the Summer Surprise Dress tutorial. :-)

The Summer Surprise Dress has three pattern pieces- front, back and bow. There are measurements to cut the arm and neck bindings and bow center. I love when a PDF sewing pattern has minimal pieces to print, tape and put together! I also enjoy when PDF sewing pattern has size layers- that saves so much ink, time and erases any room for error when cutting out the pattern.

Sewing up the Summer Surprise Dress was very straight-forward. I really enjoyed the simple, clear pictures in the tutorial. The flow of the tutorial felt intuitive and natural. I never questioned what a particular picture was trying to show me and/or illustrate. Simple, white arrows also helped to aid in my understanding of the pattern.

There is a lot of set-up in the beginning of the Summer Surprise Dress tutorial. Instead of just skimming, be sure to really read through the directions and understand it- it really helped me while sewing!

This dress was a really quick sew! It can be sewn on either a regular sewing machine (using a stretch stitch) or a serger. I used a combination of both. I definitely believe that the Summer Surprise Dress would be a great starting off point for somebody wanting to delve into the world of sewing with knits.

Now, let's take a moment to talk about the bow in the back of the dress- how cute is that!?! I love that the bow is self-enclosed (no raw edges and no bindings on the bow, itself). The bow adds a girly touch without being in the way. Cute and functional- that's always a winner in my book!!

Quick sew! Comfy knit! Cute bow back! I know that I'll be making many more of these Summer Surprise Dresses! Love!

Congrats, Sofilantjes, on your milestone anniversary! Thank you for inspiring us with your story and your talent, Anne (the brains behind Sofilantjes). Thank you, for allowing me to take part in your blog tour- I really had fun sewing up the Summer Surprise Dress. Cheers to many, many more (and lots of fun, new patterns ;-)!

Check out all of the awesome sponsors for this Summer Surprise Anniversary Tour! For your chance to win patterns from the list below, enter here! 

Day 5 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and happy sewing!

Please check out the 24 other talented bloggers (link below) that took part in the Summer Surprise Anniversary tour! Lots of talented ladies and their beautiful dresses displayed here!

***Disclosure: "I received a free pattern from Sofilantjes in order to participate in the Sofilantjes Summer Surprise Anniversary tour. The opinions expressed here are my own."***

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Preschool Graduation- Last Day of Preschool.... EVER!!

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Preschool "Graduate", May 20 2015

Diploma time!

We are so, so thankful for these two patient and loving teachers who have guided, shepherded and taught our daughter, this year! THANK YOU, Ms. Laura and Ms. Amy-Lyn!

Today was Katy's last day of Preschool! Ted and I went to her Preschool "Graduation," this morning and she did a great job of singing, smiling and dancing! 

I am so thankful for the love and guidance that Lil' Miss received at St. James Lutheran Preschool these past three years. Thanks to the wonderful staff, Katy has had a wonderful, positive preschool experience (and by extension, so have I). I am grateful that Katy always looked forward to preschool and that her introduction to the school experience had such a positive impact on her life. I am so, so thankful for her teachers that helped teach her, guide her, mold her and just loved her for being uniquely Katy! Thank you!

She has really grown and blossomed in just a few years at school and I know that she's ready for Kindergarten, next year! It is so hard to believe that we started on this Preschool adventure just three short years ago.... Now, if only time would just slow down just a little bit....!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day- A Retrospective

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Mother's Day 2010

Mothers' Day 2011

Mother's Day 2012

Mother's Day 2013

Mother's Day 2014

Mother's Day 2015

Happy Mother's Day 2015!

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Mother's Day, May 10, 2015

Another year, another Mother's Day! I wouldn't be celebrating this Hallmark holiday if it weren't for the birth of our beautiful daughter, Katy Grace, five short years ago. The days may sometimes feel oh, so long, but the years just fly right by....! I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey, thus far. I stand back in amazement at the fulfillment I have found in just five short years of motherhood.

So, here's to the late nights, the sleepless nights, and the occasional well-rested nights. Here's to the down and dirty and the fun and happy! Here's to the wonder of childhood; the amazement, the beautiful awe of observing life anew through the eyes and discovery of your own child. Here's to every inquisitive question and every difficult answer. Here's to the hard choices, the difficult choices, the life-altering decisions that define us as a person, as a family and helps to mold and form our child into the person that they will one day become. Here's to the future- our future, her future, the future.

Simply, Happy Mother's Day 2015!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Congratulations, Christa and Paul!

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Flower Girl Extraordinaire!
White, frilly dress... peep-toe, sparkly high "heel" shoes.... Lil' Miss was in HEAVEN!!

A matching dress for Samantha!!

Katy was just a *wee* bit excited to be a Flower Girl!!

The beautiful Bride and the Flower Girl!

This past weekend, we traveled up to Pennsylvania for my cousin, Christa's wedding. As with all Petruzzi family weddings, there was lots of laughter, GREAT food (When the father of the bride is a chef, there are some HIGH reception dinner expectations....!!!) and general, overall silliness and fun! As one of my other cousin's plus one noted, ", holiday, funeral or, sporting event.... they pretty much have the same people and the same food involved!!" HA!! I must admit, he did have a point....

It was definitely a fun weekend and we were definitely WELL fed, all weekend long!! Both Ted and I agree that it was the BEST food we've ever had (or will have) at a wedding. Rehearsal dinner, alone, included lots of Italian favorites- meatballs, caprese salad and my personal favorite, eggplant! The reception dinner did not disappoint- between the raw bar, the butlered horderves and the prime rib duet dinner- we ate quite well!

However, this wedding held special significance because Katy was the FLOWER GIRL!! White, frilly dress with layers and layers of tulle.... a dream come true for Lil' Miss!! I'll let  the pictures speak for themselves, but I will say that Katy tossed the petals with viver and thoroughly enjoyed dancing the night away!!We all had a great time!

Congratulations, Christa and Paul!!! Thank you so much for including Katy in your special celebration!! We wish you a lifetime of happiness, laughter and love!

**As a special sidenote, 30 years ago, I was the flower girl for my uncle and aunt's wedding- Christa's parents. That's me on the left in 1985 (slightly younger than Lil' Miss is, now)  and Katy on the right, May 2, 2015. :-)**

***Edited 5/13/15- Here's a link to photographer Sarah Rachel Photography's gorgeous pictures of the wedding! She included some pretty cute candids of our Lil' Miss!***

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pattern Revolution- Women's BundleUP Blog Tour- ModKid, Malibu Misses Dress

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ModKid Malibu Misses Dress

Hello, Pattern Revolution-ers!! Here's my second pattern for the Pattern Revolution Women's BundleUp blog tour- the ModKid , Malibu Misses Dress!

This new-to-me designer, ModKid , did not disappoint! With the Malibu Misses Dress, I was able to created a great summer staple dress. It's comfy, it's cute and it's easy to sew. I just may make one in every color.... :-)

Here are the ModKid Malibu Misses Dress pattern details;
-The Malibu Misses Dress is written for sizes XS-XXL.
-There are two skirt length options for the Malibu Misses Dress- Mini or Maxi.
-There are two back options for the Malibu Misses Dress- Cross Over or Full.
-The Malibu Misses Dress is meant to be sewn in knit fabric.
-There is also a coordinating Malibu Girls Dress available for purchase separately. (Perfect for mother/daughter matching outfits!)
-The Malibu Misses Dress PDF sewing pattern includes a fabric requirements chart, a sizing chart, cutting instructions and pattern layout diagram.

ModKid Malibu Misses Dress- Full Back

I sewed up a size small in length and size medium in width. At just 5'-0" (at least that's what my driver's license says ;-P), I'm short- what can I say?! I did the full back, mini skirt options. While I love the cross-over back option, I only had enough fabric for the full back option. C'est le vie! Next time, next time.... Also, I feel that it's worth mentioning that the "mini skirt" version isn't really what I think of as a "miniskirt" (ie, I hear "miniskirt" and I automatically have an 80's flashback to tight, short, mini jean skirts that barely covered the necessities). The ModKid Malibu Misses Dress is not such a dress. It is perfectly proportioned and the length of the dress hits right at the knees. All fabric came from the Purpleseamstress fabrics, online. I sewed exactly as instructed, with no modifications.

The Malibu Misses Dress is an all-knit pattern. So, I used my serger for most of the construction of this dress. I did use my regular sewing machine to topstitch around the neck and arm bands and hem the bottom skirt. It's a quick sew- it probably took me two hours from start to finish. I love a quick sew!

The Malibu Misses Dress PDF sewing pattern includes simple, step-by-step diagrams and illustrations. With very clear labels and shading, the Malibu Misses Dress directions are easy to follow and easy to understand. There are inspiration photos at the beginning and end. The Malibu Misses Dress only has pattern pieces for the front and back bodices. The bindings and skirt are all done from a cutting chart. So, there are minimal pieces to print, cut and tape together- one of my favorite types of patterns!

My only suggestion for the ModKid Malibu Misses Dress PDF sewing pattern is that I wish that it included set measurements for each arm band and neck band (as opposed to just instructing me to cut two WOF strips from my band material). I like to have at least a guideline band measurement so that each arm is even.

I love that the Malibu Misses Dress fits so perfectly into my own personal style. It's easy to sew and it's easy to wear. It's casual, yet put together. I definitely see lots more of the Malibu Misses Dresses in my future!!

If you would like to purchase the ModKid Malibu Misses Dress PDF sewing pattern (along with some of the other great patterns included in this season's Pattern Revolution Women's BundleUp ), please go here. You won't be disappointed! Happy Sewing!

***Disclosure: "I received a free pattern in order to review this pattern. The opinions expressed here are my own."***

Pattern Revolution- Women's BundleUP Blog Tour- Golden Rippy, Mykonos Tankini Collection (MODIFIED)

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Golden Rippy Mykonos Tankini Collection

Today is my turn on the Pattern Revolution Women's BundleUP Tour and I couldn't be more excited to share my latest sewing project with you! I sewed up the Golden Rippy Mykonos Tankini Collection. You heard me correctly- I sewed MYSELF a bathing suit! I mean, what kind of crazy person does that sort of thing?!?! Me, that's who! And, with the Golden Rippy Mykonos Tankini Collection PDF sewing pattern, you can, too!!

Let's go over some pattern basics, first;

-The Mykonos Tankini Collection comes in Ladies sizes XXS-XXXL. That's a generous size range!
-The Mykonos Tankini Collection is a mix and match pattern- there are three top options (Empire waist, Peplum and Triangle Top) and three bottom options (regular bikini bottoms, skirted bikini bottoms and boy shorts). YOU choose which bottom and which top most flatters your figure!
-Sizing chart, fabric requirements chart, cutting guide and pattern layout guide are all provided in the Mykonos Tankini Collection PDF sewing pattern tutorial.

The great thing about sewing something for yourself is the fact that you can alter it to fit your body- bumps, lumps and all! I sewed the regular bikini bottoms and the (modified) empire waist top. I sewed up a small (bust and bottom) but graded out to a medium for my waist. I bought my swimsuit fabric, swimsuit lining and swim elastic from Hancock Fabrics.

First off, the directions for the Mykonos Tankini Collection are nice and clear. This was my first time using a Golden Rippy PDF sewing pattern. Up until this point, I've never sewn myself a bathing suit. So, I needed a pattern that would hold my hand and tell me exactly what to do, when to do it- the Mykonos Tankini Collection does just that! Simple shaded illustrations with helpful arrows accompany each step-by-step direction.

I really enjoyed the fact that the Mykonos Tankini Collection has lots of great options to create the perfect bathing suit for you and your body type. There are three options for both bottoms and top. It's just like shopping for a suit, but better because you get to determine the fit!

Now, let's talk about my modifications (not included in the Mykonos Tankini Collection PDF sewing pattern). I first sewed this suit up in one evening- the bottoms were a cinch and fit me perfectly. There were no modifications to the bottom- I love the way they fit- great coverage in the back and they sit perfectly on my hips.

The top, on the other hand.... well.... let's just say it wasn't a perfect fit. I don't necessarily believe it was the pattern's fault- I just wanted a suit that fit me and my proportions better. So, after scrapping my first top (I would HIGHLY recommend making a muslin of this suit. That way, you can get a feeling for the fit and styling and adjust accordingly), I started over (on my top). On my scrapped, first attempt top, I noted what worked and what didn't. Then, using the Mykonos Tankini Collection as my guide, I made a top to fit me.

Here are my own, personal modifications to the Mykonos Tankini Collection (not included in the PDF sewing pattern);

-I took the Empire waist pattern piece and lengthened the bottom hem of the top by 5".
-I added a 10"x2" panel on the inside, sides to create ruching (aka, conceal any extra "fluff.").
-I added a "cinch" to the center bust panel to help define the area.
-I took the front top piece and doubled it in height. Then, I gathered the sides of my extra piece and attached it on top of another front top piece (cut to correct size). 
-Last but not least, instead of making two straps to tie together around the neck, I just made one. Sewing the elastic into the teeny tiny strap tube just about did me in. One was all I could manage! So, I took my one strap, measured around my neck and sewed it into the suit permanently- nothing to tie, or bother with while chasing after my little fish at the pool!

Overall, I was really pleased with the Mykonos Tankini Collection PDF sewing pattern. It really helped me overcome my fear (and the mystery) of sewing myself a bathing suit. By using the Mykonos Tankini Collection as my base and guide, I was able to create a bathing suit that had just the right amount of coverage and support for me. Love that!

Now, go forth and purchase the Mykonos Tankini Collection as part of the Pattern Revolution Women's BundleUP sale! There are so many great patterns included in the sale- you won't want to miss the bundled pricing.

Golden Rippy Mykonos Tankini Collection

Please check out some other wonderful creations sewn up by other talented bloggers using the Pattern Revolution Women's BundleUP patterns!

***Disclosure: "I received a free pattern in order to review this pattern. The opinions expressed here are my own."***


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