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So, we decided to do something a little different, this summer... we decided to get get season passes to Carowinds! It only took us almost ten years of living in NC to finally visit the Carolina theme park!

We spent most of the day in Planet Snoopy and Lil' Miss had a blast!! We got to ride lots of rides and the lines were not as long as I had anticipated (being Memorial Day, and all). Katy is already talking about, "...the next time we go...!"

Cookies with Snoopy

Bear Hug for Snoopy

Boat Ride

Daddy/Katy selfie

Mommy/Daddy selfie


And, of course, SNOOPY!

I guess you can officially call us "Southern." Hehehe..!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Sofilantjes Patterns!

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Hello and welcome to my stop on the Sofilantjes Patterns 2yr Anniversary Blog Tour. You may remember that I participated in Sofilantjes Patterns First Anniversary Blog Tour, almost exactly a year ago. I am just as excited to celebrate another year of fun, new patterns with Sofilantjes Patterns! Happy Second Anniversary, Sofilantjes Patterns!

Today, I'm going to show you a quick, simple and fun modification to the already-awesome Sofilantjes Patterns Otium Sweater- a ribbon tie back!

First things first, though- Since we are heading into summer here in the US, I sewed up a size small, short sleeve, low back Sofilantjes Patterns Otium Sweater. I used four-way stretch cotton lycra purchased online from Purpleseamstress Fabrics. The ribbon ties were from my personal stash of notions. I shortened the length of the bodice by three whole inches (cut on the provided shorten/lengthen line) to account for my short stature of 5'-0". #shortgirlproblems

**Now, onto the modification....!!**

The first thing I did was sew up the Sofilantjes Patterns Otium Sweater as instructed up to step four.

Next, I cut out two pieces of ribbon, 24" long, each. I angled one edge on each length and heat sealed the edges of the ribbons.

(2x) 24" Long Ribbon

Then, using the pattern-provided markings for the top of the bow, I sewed in the ribbons- one on each side.

Sofilantjes Patterns Otium Sweater- Top of the back bow marking 
(seen in between my thumb and forefinger)

After donning the shirt, I then tied the ribbons into a bow (this, was probably the hardest step as I ended up tying the bow, blind and hubs isn't so handy when it comes to the perfect bow- ha!).

See, wasn't that simple?! A quick, fun and simple modification for the Sofilantjes Patterns Otium Sweater!

Now, no celebration would be complete without some sort of giveaway!! Check out the fun giveaways and prizes, below!

Day 1: 11 patterns to give away. Will run untill May 25, 12.00 AM (GMT+1) (Amsterdam time) a Rafflecopter giveaway Day 2: 11 patterns to give away. Will run untill May 26, 12 AM (GMT+1) (Amsterdam time) a Rafflecopter giveaway Day 3: 10 patterns to give away. Will run untill May 27 12AM (GMT+1) Amsterdam Time) a Rafflecopter giveaway Day 4: 11 patterns to give away. Will run untill May 28 12AM (GMT+1) Amsterdam Time) a Rafflecopter giveaway Day 5: 9 patterns to give away. Will run untill May 29 12AM (GMT+1) Amsterdam Time) a Rafflecopter giveaway

And, for more inspiration, please go and check out these other fabulous bloggers and their takes on other Sofilantjes Patterns!

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Happy Second Anniversary, Sofilantjes Patterns! Cheers to many more!

***Disclosure: "I received a free pattern from Sofilantjes in order to participate in the Sofilantjes Summer Surprise Anniversary tour. The opinions expressed here are my own."***

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Wolf and the Tree Blog Tour- featuring Going Rogue and Abby's Trailblazing Socks and Ladies Gazelle Leggings

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Today, I get to share something fun with you- a PDF sewing pattern for leggings and socks (really- socks!) from a new-to-me designer, The Wolf and the Tree.

First up, The Wolf and the Tree Gazelle Leggings. This PDF sewing pattern includes the following features;

"-A PDF sewing pattern with instructions that include photos and illustrations.
-Footed tights, leggings, capris, biker shorts, shortie shorts.
-Yoga waistband and cuff bands.
-4 rise options (including maternity).
-2 way and 4 way pattern.
-Material requires only 30% stretch.
-Sizes 0-32W.
-The size chart is given in metric and imperial measurements."

I sewed up a size 10 waist graded to size 2 hips, petite inseam leggings. I used swim knit that I had in my stash. I did the yoga waistband option with medium rise. With the help of the pattern's instructions, I was able to get a pretty good fit. Next time, I may lower the front and back rise (I felt like the leggings came up a bit high on my belly).

I love that you "hem" the leggings with bands (ie, no folding and hemming). I did add 3/4" elastic (cut the to the same width as the yoga waistband) to the waist- it just helps the leggings stay up while I move.

Another thing that I really appreciate about the The Wolf and the Tree Gazelle Leggings pattern is the fact that it comes with a petite inseam. The petite inseam was PERFECT for my 5'-0" height. The leggings weren't too long and they fit well over my large calves.

The main thing that intrigued me about this pattern is the fact that it allows me to sew my own footed tights. (For the sake of this blog tour, I was asked to sew up the leggings). How fun is that?! Stretch lace, here I come!

Next up, The Wolf and the Tree Adult Going Rogue Socks. This PDF sewing pattern includes the following features;

"-Simple Socks
-Elastic Cuff
-Cuff Band
-Trim Cuff for Cuff Band
-Bobby Socks
-Trim Top Cuff for Cuff Band
-Easy Leg Warmers with Side Snaps
-French Seam Option
-Optional Heel
-Quick Instructions Sheet
-Women's Sizes 0-32W, Men's Shoe Sizes 8-17 "

I sewed up a size 4 mini crew sock using scraps of 4-way cotton lycra from my stash. Sizes are broken down pretty incrementally and I love that- it allows for a great, tailored fit. *Caution- don't go by your normal shoe size- take the time to read the pattern and actually measure your foot.*Seriously- this pattern took longer to print and cut than it did to sew! So fast- I love a quick sew!!

Last, but not least, I sewed up the The Wolf and the Tree Girl Abby's Trailblazing Socks. This PDF sewing pattern includes the following features;

"-Simple Socks
-Elastic Cuff
-Cuff Band
-Trim Cuff for Cuff Band
-Bobby Socks
-Easy Legwarmers
-Hip Legwarmers
-French Seam Option
-Quick Instructions Sheet
-Children Sizes 0-14"

I sewed up a size 5t mini crew sock using scraps of 4-way cotton lycra from my stash. Once again, this was a super fast sew! Next time, I'll do the bobby sock version because Lil' Miss loves her lace-trimmed socks (just like Fancy Nancy;).

I chose to sew up these patterns because I never thought about being able to sew up my own socks and/or tights. I love a good challenge and learning something new. I would consider all of the patterns that I reviewed above beginner friendly. All of the patterns are VERY detailed and contain a lot of instructions on how to get the perfect fit. It may seem wordy at first, but if you actually read it and follow along, you'll get a made-for-you fit.

Overall, I was very happy with my end results for the The Wolf and the Tree Gazelle LeggingsGoing Rogue Socks and Girl Abby's Trailblazing Socks. Great fit, detailed tutorial, well-graded pattern pieces and so different from what I normally sew... I really can't ask for more! :-)

You can get your own copy of the patterns HERE or HERE. You can use the code 'YellowRibbon' to save 25% through Friday May 27. 2016. Be sure to check out the other blogs this week for as no two have sewn the same item!
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5/26/2016 Essence
5/27/2016 Michelle
5/28/2016 Kelly
5/28/2016 Larissa

***Disclosure: "I received a free pattern in order to review this pattern for The Wolf and the Tree. The opinions expressed here are my own."*** 

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Wordless Wednesday- Maggie Cow

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Sewing Pattern Testing- Cole's Corner and Creations- Surfside Tankini- Dolly and Me

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Hello, Summer!! We are ready for you!! After our first full year of Kindergarten, our Lil' Miss is ready for summer break! Summer camps, ballet recitals and fun in the sun.... especially pool time!!
Once again, I wanted to sew up a bathing suit for Lil' Miss (and her doll- and fourth family member- Samantha ;-).  So, when Cole's Corner and Creations put out a tester call to test their newest bathing suit, the Surfside Tankini and matching dolly bathing suit, I dove right in (pun intended- hahahaha!).

The Cole's Corner and Creations Surfside Tankini is a modest two piece tankini featuring a halter style top and boy shorts bottom.Top front and boy shorts are lined for extra coverage.

First, some pattern details for the Cole's Corner and Creations Surfside Tankini;
-The Cole's Corner and Creations Surfside Tankini is sized for 1/2-16.
-The Cole's Corner and Creations Surfside Tankini PDF sewing pattern features layered, trimless pattern pieces. That means that you only print the size that you need/want AND there is less cutting involved- win!
-The Cole's Corner and Creations Surfside Tankini PDF sewing pattern includes the following- a size chart, fabric requirements chart, and elastic cutting chart.
-The Cole's Corner and Creations Surfside Tankini features step-by-step photographs and written instructions for each step.
-The Cole's Corner and Creations Surfside Tankini PDF sewing pattern also includes pattern pieces and/or instructions for optional bows and flower.

I sewed up a straight size six for Lil' Miss. She was dying for a "neck tie" bathing suit (ie halter style), so I left the straps free to tie into a bow behind the neck (instructions in the tutorial also include options for crossed, straight, and/or permanent strap placement). 

To be honest the Cole's Corner and Creations Surfside Tankini sewed up pretty quickly. The boy shorts were simple and easy to accomplish. The part that took the longest to accomplish was sewing in all the swim elastic. Trust me, though, elastic around the top bottom hem, neck, arms, straps, waist and leg opening are needed for an active swimmer (it keeps everything in place!). Do it once and you can definitely do it again!

The top definitely "hugs" the chest and stays put- a great fit. The boy shorts are not at all revealing or cut too high- perfect for little swimmers! Also, the two piece aspect of the Surfside Tankini make restroom breaks that much easier in a wet suit (only other moms will appreciate that feature!).

Cole's Corner and Creations loves their matching dolly patterns!! So, I just HAD to sew up a matching dolly Surfside Tankini, too! Samantha- Katy's non-swimming-don't-get-wet-American-Doll- looks darling and ready for the beach in her matching Surfside Tankini. ;-) The Cole's Corner and Creations Surfside Tankini- DOLLY is sized for 15" and 18" dolls.

Now, go out and make a splash- sew up the Cole's Corner and Creations Surfside Tankini!

***Disclosure: "I received a free pattern(s) in order to review this pattern for Cole's Corner and Creations. The opinions expressed here are my own."***

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wordless Wednesday- Field Trip!

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Mother's Day Blog Tour featuring Patterns for Pirates Sweetheart and Me Hearties Dress

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Patterns for Pirates Sweetheart Dress and Me Hearties Dress

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas, mamas-to-be and the mamas of the heart, out there! Welcome to the last day of the Connected By a Thread Mother's Day Blog Tour.

First, please indulge me a moment while I get a little sentimental. You see, today, May 6th, holds special significance for me personally. 33 years ago I was adopted from South Korea. May 6, 1983 (also Mother's day weekend, that year), was my "Gotcha Day." Though, we didn't call it that back then- "Gotcha Day" wasn't really a thing, yet- it was just the day that I came home. <3 p="">

My mother and I on the day of my arrival in the US, May 6, 1983.

I love my family and I can honestly say that we're pretty close. My parents were always very open about my adoption and it was never a taboo subject (thanks, Mom and Dad!). However, I grew up the minority in a mostly Caucasian world- nobody ever looked like me.  Fast forward to February 2010 and I became a mother. I became a mother to a perfect little girl... that LOOKED.JUST.LIKE.ME!!! Dark hair, almond eyes, petite nose. I cannot express how much that has meant to me- to have another person out there in the world that looked like me, that was a part of me! Happy Mother's Day to me!

February 2010

So, back to the task on hand- The Connected By a Thread Mother's Day Blog Tour...!

For this blog tour, I sewed up the Patterns for Pirates Ladies Sweetheart Dress and girl's Me Hearties Dress. I love Mommy and Me outfits and, for the moment, so does Lil' Miss (I'm just going to go with that for as long as she allows! ;-).

For the Patterns for Pirates Ladies Sweetheart Dress, I sewed ups a size medium bust (graded out to large in the waist) and back to the medium for hips peplum top. I also alter the pattern to accommodate my height (I'm 5'-0") by taking an inch off the bodice and half an inch from the skirt portion. I did short sleeves with lingerie elastic finish. The neckline was done with traditional knit neckband. And, because this pattern's signature look is the sweetheart, I did the color blocked, sweetheart neckline. I have to admit that I had my initial doubts about the cut of this pattern- I wasn't sure it would be super flattering on my short, square frame. However, after sewing up a Sweetheart dress of my own, I was very pleased with the end results- the waist hit just right and the neckline wasn't too low, or too high. 

For the Patterns for Pirates Girl's Me Hearties Dress, I sewed up a straight size six dress. Lil' Miss' dress includes short sleeves finished with lingerie elastic and traditional knit neckband. I chose to do the regular, plain bodice (aka, not the sweetheart).

Fabric for both dresses were purchased online from Purpleseamstress Fabrics. Both patterns included multiple sleeve lengths and dress lengths. As shown by our outfits, you can either create the signature sweetheart neckline, or the plain bodice. I love the versatility of these patterns! You could literally make this pattern in long sleeve for the winter and sleeveless for the summer! Yay! Lil' Miss, on the other hand, just loves the twirl factor of the full circle skirt of the Patterns for Pirates girl's Me Hearties Dress!!

So, whether or not your baby looks like you, agrees to matching mommy and me outfits... Happy Mother's Day 2016!

***Disclosure: "I received a free pattern in order to participate in this blog tour. The opinions expressed here are my own."***

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