Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Leaving on a Jet Plane..."

Posted by Heather at Sunday, July 25, 2010
Going through the security checkpoint

Katy's first plane ticket!

Waiting to board the airplane

Yesterday, you took your first airplane ride, Katy! We surprised Auntie Hope with our presence at her baby shower for Cousin Coyle.
On our flight up to Philly, you were very inquisitive and curious. You kept checking out your environment and the people around you. You made faces and smiles to anybody who looked your way and most of them smiled back. We got through security and made it onto the flight with no problems. After playing a bit, you fell asleep as we were landing in Philly. Our honeymooner seatmates even commented on how well-behaved you were, Katy.

Uncle Josh picked us up from the airport and took us back to his and Aunt Delinda's house where you met cousin Kayla, Aunt Delinda and Uncle Eric for the first time. You were very happy to see everybody and after eating some lunch, you went down for a nice two and a half hour nap before the baby-shower-Petruzzi-family craziness commenced.

Once you woke up from your nap, dressed in your cute sailor outfit from Grandma and Pop-Pop Tinkey, you met (almost) the whole Petruzzi clan. You were passed around to the willing arms to willing arms of second cousins, great-aunts, great-uncles, friends and especially Great-Grandma Petruzzi. Great-Grandma Petruzzi was so happy to finally meet you and hold you, Katy! You were so good while being held by everybody! You were happy to meet all the new faces and you didn't fuss at all. This allowed me to enjoy the shower and eat all of the wonderful that always accompanies a Petruzzi family gathering while you were being held and played with.

It was great staying with Uncle Josh and Aunt Delinda because they had everything a baby needs! We literally flew up with just one backpack between the two of us and no luggage. Car seat, crib, high chair, spoons, diapers, etc. were already waiting for us at Uncle Josh and Aunt Delinda's house!

The flight home to Charlotte was not quite as smooth as the flight up. We made it to the airport on time but we were flagged to be patted down at the security checkpoint. We found our gate with no problems and plenty of time to spare. We got settled into our seat on the plane and started to taxi to the runway. That is when you decided you had had enough with traveling and you decided to let the WHOLE PLANE know that you were NOT HAPPY with your non-stop WAILING! Of course, this occured at the moment when everybody must be seated and buckled in. My methods of soothing you were limited by my lack of mobility, Katy. However, we had a very understanding row (we were stuck in the middle seat on the plane) and a very kind and helpful seatmate named Naomi. Naomi hails from Marlton, NJ- right by your grandparents' Jones (God was looking out for us!). Naomi held you during your wailing fit while I pulled out my nursing cover and got ready to nurse you while we were taking off. Once you nursed, you fell asleep and all was well with the rest of the flight.... ahhh, there is beauty in a silent, sleeping baby... I am very grateful to the assistance I received while flying with you, Katy!

This was the first trip of many we plan to take with you, Katy! We hope you enjoy traveling as much as we do!


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