Thursday, July 15, 2010

21st Week Birthday

Posted by Heather at Thursday, July 15, 2010
Katy intently exploring her world

KG in the house

"Hiya, Lumpy!"

Cooking with Mommy!

Night, night, Baby!

Katy, today you are 21.... weeks, that is! You are now old enough to drink... milk, that is! ;-P

This has a been a fun week because Grandma Tinkey has been here to take care of you and spoil you. You've been keeping her busy with all of your rolling around, smiles, giggles, moving and teething! You've been eating your bottles and sleeping well for Grandma. Grandma got to feed you rice cereal, avocado, prunes and bananas.

You are DEFINITELY teething! You like to put EVERYTHING in your mouth- especially fingers. We even had to make a special trip to Target just to get you another teether so we could rotate them from the freezer.

You reached your arms up toward me when you wanted to get out of the exersaucer for the first time, this week. You looked like such a big girl when you did that!

We should start calling your "Elastic-girl," Katy! You can pull your feet toward your mouth and practically stuff the whole foot in your mouth! Even with all of those rolls, you still seem to be able to roll up in a cute little ball!

You love the game Peek-a-boo! You've gotten very good at the game and have come to "expect" when the person playing with you is going to "pop" up. You giggle and squeal! You even pull the blanket away in anticipation. You've gotten so good at playing Peek-a-Boo that you will now put the blanket back up toward your face after we say, "Peek-a-Boo!"

When you sleep, you sleep on your tummy with you bottom sticking up in the air. Now that you can roll over we aren't as worried about you not being able to breath while sleeping on your tummy. A couple of weeks ago, we got you a crib bumper and you sleep (and we sleep!) much more soundly since you don't get your arms or legs caught in the slats of the crib.

Your fine motor skills are becoming more refined. Instead of just batting at objects and toys, you now know how to select an object with your forefinger and thumb. You've become very good at "selecting" our coffee each morning. Also, you are now able to take an object from one hand and transfer it to the other hand without putting the object down.
I should also mention that your legs and back are getting stronger. We barely have to support your back when we hold you because your back and neck are so strong. With all of your bouncing in the Jump-A-Roo and exersaucer, your legs are easily hold you steady (with support).
Another new trick that you learned this week is making a fishy face. You purse your lips, suck in your cheeks and move your lips like a little fish.

Two nights this week you slept straight through the night. You normally wake up once for a feeding and then fall back to sleep. Grandma must be wearing you out with all of that play!


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