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20 Weeks Birthday

Posted by Heather at Thursday, July 08, 2010

20 Weeks, July 4, 2010
Sleepy Baby

Happy Baby

Playtime with Froggy Friend (and Co.)

Indoor Fourth of July Picnic
Little Miss Ruffle Butt

Partying (instead of napping) in the crib
Creative Camera Shot by Daddy
Today you are 20 weeks old, Katy!

This week, we noticed you reaching out and grabbing things with an open hand (opposed to just batting at objects). For example, if you wanted to reach for a teether, you reached out with an open hand, grasped the object and then pulled it toward you. Mostly, you grab things to put into your mouth.

On the topic of mouth, we think you are officially teething, Katy. Yesterday, King's Keep called to say that you were fussier than usual and you wouldn't eat your bottles. We knew something is wrong if you won't eat! When we gave you a cold teether to gnaw on you practically shoved the whole thing in your mouth at once. Only once the teether started to get too warm did you get fussy.

You are gaining a better sense of how things work, Katy. For example, if Daddy taps his hand in front of you, you look to Daddy's face with the knowledge that he is causing the tapping sound.
You have found your feet and you love to play with them every chance you get. We lay you down on the mat to play- you find your feet. We lay you down to change your diaper- you find your feet. Sometimes, you like to EAT your feet and you amaze us with your baby flexibility!

We fed you papaya, this week. The first attempt didn't impress you. However, the next night we fed papaya to you, we couldn't feed it to you fast enough! You LOVED papaya! I believe you have a sweet tooth. Then, the next day is when you were extra fussy at King's Keep, so we've decided to hold off on the papaya in case that is what is causing you distress.

You celebrated your first Fourth of July quietly at home with Daddy and I. We didn't partake in any festivities or fireworks, this year. Instead, we enjoyed each other's company and had a nice indoor picnic- you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a Chinese take-out place that is open on the Fourth of July!


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