Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fifteen Weeks Birthday

Posted by Heather at Thursday, June 03, 2010
Katy at 15 Weeks, June 3, 2010

Katy helps write out June Birthday cards- Happy Birthday Grandma Jones, Aunt Megan, Uncle Josh and Great-Grandma Jones!

"Daddy makes me GIGGLE!"

Today, you are fifteen weeks old, Katy! Your big event this week was the fact that you started going to daycare on June 1, 2010. So far, you seem be happy there. More than one teacher has commented on how you enjoy circle time and are very attentive during story time. Every night that I've picked you up you are not crying which I find to be a good sign.

You are definitely giggling more. Daddy and I do lots of silly things just to see you smile and hear your sweet baby giggles. As Pop-Pop Tinkey commented when you were just hours old, you have a deep voice and your giggle is in the lower octave range. We've caught you trying to smile and giggle just to make us smile back at you or to get our attention. Don't worry, Girlie, you have our complete attention! Some things that can make you smile are; The "Kissy Monster"- Daddy and I each take a cheek and kiss you until you smile and laugh. Raspberries on your belly seem to make you smile. Daddy making silly noises and faces always gets you going. Sometimes, when you are all proud of yourself (for holding your head up for a long time, for sitting up with assistance, looking around), you get really smiley.

You are a drooling machine, Katy! We have to keep a bib on you at all times because you drool so much. Now I understand why we received so many bibs as baby shower gifts before and after you were born!

You definitely respond to voices and faces, Katy. If I walk into your room and say, "Good morning, Baby!" you usually turn your head toward me. Tonight, while Daddy was holding you, I walked out of the room to put something in another room and you followed me with your eyes and twisted your body toward the door until I returned. You can turn your head easily from side to side and you do so to follow sounds and track objects of interest.

Katy, you are also getting to the stage where you have come to expect certain things. For example, we switched Miss Jingles Frog (a jingling froggy toy) from one car to the other. When you got into your car seat you kept turning your head from side to side looking for Miss Jingles! After bath time each night, we read you a story, feed you and put you to bed. When one of these items is missing or out of place, you get all out of sorts and it doesn't make for a sleepy night (for ALL of us!).

Speaking of cars, we installed the convertible car seat from Great-Grandparents Jones in the family car and put the Travel System car seat in the Mazda. When I was still on maternity leave, we really only needed one care with a car seat- now we need two since one of us drops you off at daycare and the other one picks you up. The convertible car seat is quite a large seat and is meant to take you from birth up to 60 pounds. This seat sits you up a little better than the other one and you look like such a big girl in the convertible car seat!

You are growing bigger every day, Katy! I think you went through a growth spurt, this past week because you seemed to be eating more- which is why we tried feeding your rice cereal Monday night (separate blog post). Today, I dressed you in an outfit that two weeks ago fit like pants- now, they are capris! Thankfully the Keys family just lent us three big bags of clothes sized six months and up.
Though you are too young for true language and words, you are babbling and "talking" on a regular basis. Sometimes, you make noises just to get our attention. When Daddy blows raspberries, you try to mimic him. He'll make noises and then you'll purse your lips and blow bubbles in an effort to blow your own raspberries. The other day, Daddy and I both thought we heard you say, "Hi." Of course, we could be biased... ;-P


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