Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eighteen Weeks Birthday

Posted by Heather at Thursday, June 24, 2010
Katy, 18 Weeks, June 24, 2010

Katy loves to bat at the porcupine/hedgehog (we're not sure what it's supposed to be) on her excersaucer.

"I love to eat!"

Today you are eighteen weeks old, Katy!! After our super busy week, last week (with company, family visit, Game night, doctors' visits, etc.) it was nice to have a routine week, this week.

This week was pretty quiet as far as "discoveries" go. You continue to entertain us with your smiles and giggles- baby smiles ALWAYS brighten our day! Jumping in the Jump-A-Roo entertains you which in turn, entertains us (watching you bounce and laugh)!. You "bat" at things, now, and can anticipate a result. You have a very strong grip and you use it to shake a rattle, hold onto Mommy and Daddy's shirt and to tug on Daddy's beard (ouch!).

You've learned to blow raspberries (separate blog post) and splash in the tub (separate blog post). You've discovered your feet and you like to play with them in the tub.

Feeding you solid foods has been going well. So far, no reactions to any of the foods we've fed you. The moment we put you in the high chair you start kicking your legs and waving your hands in happy anticipation of what's to come next- FOOD!
Miss Megan at King's Keep always report that you are a good girl at daycare. You like to talk to the teachers and you have fun jumping and bouncing in their exersaucers and Jump-A-Roos. A new little boy started this week, so you are no longer the "new kid on the block."

Daddy and I continue to teach you signs for simple words and phrases- food/hungry, thirsty, more, all done, Mommy, Daddy, sleepy, Good girl, Pretty girl, baby, daughter, I love you. So far, you just look at us when we do the signing motions and we're not really sure if you understand that we are trying to talk to you through our hands.

You love, love, love to sleep on your tummy! The moment we lay you down in the crib you roll to your stomach. You tend to move and scoot around in your crib a lot, Katy! Sometimes, we'll wake up to find you 180 degrees opposite from when we first laid you down!

Speaking of sleeping, you currently go down to bed around seven PM after a good feeding. You wake up around three AM for another good feeding and then I wake you up to get you ready for the day at 6:30 AM. When I wake you up, you tend to be extra cuddly and smooshy. Ahhh, if only you could stay this small for awhile longer...


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