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Fun in the Sun (Including Six Weeks Birthday)!

Posted by Heather at Tuesday, April 06, 2010
On Friday, March 26, 2010, we picked Grandma Tinkey up from the airport and started driving down to Winter Park, FL, for a week of fun in the sun and to celebrate Easter/Baptism with the Tinkey family. I do not know what I was thinking when I originally thought I could drive down by myself with you! It was so helpful to have another person in the car to help take care of you, Katy.

The first leg of the trip was Charlotte, NC, to Savannah, GA, where we stayed overnight to rest and recuperate. Normally, it takes about four hours to get to Savannah- it took us about five and a half hours with stops to nurse and change your diaper, Katy. Traffic was pretty bad along the way but no problems for us. You did a good job in the car and I am so thankful that Grandma was in the back to help entertain and soothe you. Grandma's trick to soothe you was to hold your hand or touch your leg- you liked to know that somebody was there, even if you were in your car seat and not able to be held (Grandma made up for the lack of holding during the rest of the week! :-).

On Saturday, March 27, 2010, we drove from Savannah, GA, to Winter Park, FL. We stopped several times to feed you, Katy, and of course we had to stop at the St. Augustine, FL, outlets to do a little shopping (or at least as much "shopping" as one can do with a baby :-). You did pretty well the whole car ride down to FL- only when we got to Daytona Beach did you start crying (and not stop :-/). You were VERY happy to get out of your car seat and be held when we finally arrived at Grandma and Pop-Pop's house in Winter Park!

On Sunday, March 28, 2010, we went to Northland Church. You loved the music but started to cry when the sermon started (not sure how to take that with you Pop-Pop Tinkey being a minister... :-P) so I had to take you out to the lobby to calm you down.

Northland church service

Cooing for Daddy on the phone.

Uncle Jeff came over for a cook-out, later in the day. This was his first time meeting you and holding you and you were (of course) a little cutie!

Great-Uncle Jeff holding Katy

On Monday, March 29, 2010, Grandma, you and I went to Costco to order your Baptism cake. We picked out a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and a picture of a yellow cross with pink and purple flowers on it. The cake was very pretty at the party and even tastier to eat! After Costco, we went for a walk on the Cady Way Trail. The weather was gorgeous- sunny and warm- perfect for a walk.

Walk on Cady Way Trail (Pollen and all!)

We met up with my friend, David Smith, on Tuesday, March 30, 2010, at Starbucks. This was your first Starbucks run!It was great to catch up with old friends- it had been awhile since I had seen David and it was your first time meeting him, Katy. Despite the picture of you crying, you enjoyed our outing- the music, the chatter of people and the hum of the machines were enough to put you out for most of our visit. After Starbucks, we went over to David's house so his mother could meet you. We also got to see pictures of David's new nephew, Steven, who lives in the Philadelphia, PA, area and was born in October.

David Smith holding Katy
Alternate caption: "They didn't make my tall, half-skinny, half-one percent, extra hot, split quad shot latte with whip correctly!"

"Ooh, Starbucks..."

On Wednesday, March 31, 2010, we went to the mid-week service at the Winter Park Towers to visit with Pop-Pop Tinkey. You were the talk of the Towers! All of the residents enjoyed meeting you and seeing your pretty face, Katy! You slept through the whole service and it was even joked that you were practicing to be a "true Presbyterian" since we sat in the back (for a quick exit strategy in case you got fussy) and the fact that you slept through the whole service. After meeting various residents and lots of staff members, we had a lunch date with Pop-Pop at the Towers.

Visiting Pop-Pop at Winter Park Towers

Dana Irwin holding Katy

After visiting Pop-Pop at the Towers, Grandma, you and I went to Park Ave. to do a little shopping (how could we not?!). Grandma bought a wedding gift for a friend and a cute little Panda outfit for you to grow into.

Shopping on Park Ave.

The newly-married Dan O'Donnell came to visit us, Katy, on Wednesday. We got to see pictures of his recent civil ceremony, but we were sadly not able to meet Dan's wife, Johanna, as she was already in El Salvador getting ready for their church wedding. Once again, it was great to catch up with an old friend!

Dan O'Donnell holding Katy

We went out for Thai on Thursday, April 1, 2010, and this was your first "restaurant experience." You were a bit fussy throughout the meal but I suspect that it is because you missed your Daddy and knew that he'd be flying into town, soon.

"Pad Thai, Red Curry, Basil Chicken, oh my...!"

Daddy's had smooth sailing for his flights down to Orlando on April 1, 2010- he was even able to catch an earlier-than-expected flight from Atlanta to Orlando, so he got here half an hour earlier. I went to pick him up from the airport (the first 30 minutes of "alone" time we've had since you were born, Katy!) while Grandma and Pop-Pop babysat you, Katy. You didn't stir a peep, according to the grandparents (secretly, I think Grandma was hoping you'd wake up so she could hold you ;-P).

"I missed my Daddy!"

Good Friday, April 2, 2010, brought a surprise visit from Auntie Hope (and cousin Coyle). Originally, Aunt Hope wasn't going to be able to visit FL for Easter because of expensive flights but she found a cheap flight at the last minute and flew down. I believe she just couldn't wait to meet you, Katy! Also, Auntie Hope taught you the "fist pump" since you usually have your hands curled up when you wave them around.

Auntie Hope (and cousin Coyle) meet Katy for the first time.

We went to Baldwin Park on Friday afternoon. This is the park where Daddy proposed to me and where our engagement pictures were taken. For nostalgia's sake, we wanted to get a family portrait taken at the park.

Where it all began... :-)

Baldwin Park Fountain

The Albin Polasek Museum was free on Friday, so we decided to take a run over there to enjoy the pretty sculpture gardens. This was your first museum trip and we have a feeling that it won't be your last! We did not go into the museum but rather stayed outside and enjoyed the pretty FL weather and sculptures.

Albin Polasek Museum

Katy and Heather in the Albin Polasek Museum Sculpture garden.

You attended your first Eater Egg Hunt, Katy, on Saturday, April 3, 2010. While you didn't actively search for any eggs, Auntie Hope did manage to snag an egg for your basket and we got a picture with the Eater Bunny.

Easter Egg Hunt "find" (Thanks to Auntie Hope!)

"Here comes Peter Cottontail... hopping down the bunny trail..."
Katy's first picture with the Easter Bunny, April 3 2010

Later that night, we met up with our friends, Steve, Becky and Abby Pate, at Sweet Tomatoes. Over dinner, we were able to catch up and the Pates were able to meet and hold you, Katy. Abby can't wait for you to grow up so she can play with you!

Dinner with the Pate Family

Easter Sunday, April 4, 2010, was also your Baptism (separate blog post). This was a BIG day for you, Katy! There lots of friends and family in town to help us celebrate your baptism and Easter. Your baptism was extra special because Pop-Pop Tinkey got to perform the ceremony and Grandma Tinkey surprised us with an interpretive dance to Plum's, "In Your Arms" (One of my favorite songs!).

Later that afternoon, we drove to Jacksonville, FL, to visit and spend the night with our friends, Mike and Sandra Noland. They got to meet you and hold you for the first time. After all the stimulation from earlier in the day, you were a bit hard to put down to sleep but once you finally fell asleep you had a pretty good night.

Mike and Sandra Noland meeting Katy for the first time

We got up early Monday, April 5, 2010, to finish driving home (separate blog post) and suffice it to say that we got home safe and sound. Now, for unpacking, laundry and getting back to the old grind...

"I have to sit in this car seat for how long?!"


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