Friday, March 12, 2010

"Oh, where is my hair brush?"

Posted by Heather at Friday, March 12, 2010
"I love my hair brush!"

You were born with a full head of hair, Katy!** So much so, that Grandma Tinkey went out and bought you a Cookie Monster comb and brush set. Every morning, when I get you ready for the day, I brush your hair. You seem to really like this- you put your head back and close your eyes and sometimes I can even elicit a smile from you. Well, last night and today you were extra fussy and rocking, shushing, nursing or diaper changing didn't seemed to help. In an effort to calm you, I pulled out the "Magic Hair Brush", combed your hair and you were OUT! Ahh, I love that brush... :-)
**Side note; You were born with a full head of jet black hair. However, it is slowly turning a lighter, finer brownish color.


Anonymous said...

That was a magic trick that worked with Henry too! Now, he prefers to pull Carina's hair than have his brushed! - Heather

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