Monday, March 1, 2010

Lactation Consultation (cont.)

Posted by Heather at Monday, March 01, 2010
Today, we went for a follow up with the Lactation Consultation, Phyllis. Once again, you wouldn't nurse in front of Phyllis causing us to believe that you have "performance anxiety." However, you are gaining weight, getting a little Buddha belly and seem to be in overall good health. We need to monitor your input and output and not be so concerned about feeding you every two-three hours. Phyllis said that since you have gained eight ounces in five days (when they weighed you, today, you weighed in at seven pounds, three ounces), it would be safe to let you go up to six hours without a feeding/once a day during your sleepy time 1:30- 4ish PM (or as I called it, your "witching hour.") This is atypical for someone so young, but Phyllis said you are doing just fine and that we must be doing something right because you are so cute and chubby!

The only negative part of the appointment is that it turns out that you've already had your first allergic reaction to something that you came in contact with on your face because you have little bumps and hives all over your once-smooth cheeks and face :-(


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