Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mommy's Little Leash

Posted by Heather at Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Last night, I met our friend, Necole Baty, for coffee at Rocky River Coffee in Harrisburg while Daddy stayed home with baby. This is the first time that I went out by myself for more than a quick 20 minute trip to the store. Necole and I had a nice chat over some much-needed coffee (what new parent DOESN'T need caffeine??!!) and it was nice to get out of the house by myself.

Katy, I was gone a total of two hours, door-to-door. You had a nice, long feeding right before I left. When I drove up to the house after meeting with Necole, every light in the house was on and I knew that things had not gone well for Daddy while I was out. I walked into the nursery and Daddy was looking more than a little worn. He said that you did NOT want the bottle of milk that I had pumped earlier in the day and that you were one UNHAPPY camper! You were doing your little quivering lip "Billy Goat" cry that is so sad and pathetic (only now you do it with big crocodile tears since your tear ducts have formed). It took us both a very long time to get you calmed down, diapered, fed and in bed... *sigh*... I think you just wanted your Mommy and you didn't like the "disruption" to your nighttime routine.

On a side note, you DID sleep for five consecutive hours, again. HOWEVER, this time it was from 10PM-3AM.


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