Monday, December 5, 2011

Sick Baby

Posted by Heather at Monday, December 05, 2011
Apparently a purse, princess PJs, a cuddly blanket, a movie and the "mote" (remote in Katy-speak) make everything better!

Today, I celebrated my birthday by cleaning up baby vomit. Poor Katy did not sleep well (poor parents, too, as we were up with Katy all through the night!) last night and she got sick a couple of times throughout the early morning hours. Once she got everything out of her system, though, Katy seemed much better. She was able to fall back to sleep, cuddled in Daddy's robe, in her own bed. Ted, on the other hand, had to get up and go to work and I could not fall back to sleep and ended up doing a couple of loads of laundry (sick baby vs. bed sheets- the sheets didn't stand a chance).

Just the other day I told Ted that I dreaded the day that Katy got sick to her stomach because I very much dislike the thought of cleaning up somebody else's you-know-what. Dirty diapers, spit-up- somehow I managed all of those. God has a sense of humor- he really does- I'll get the joke... one day.

I make a poor nurse maid and being the target for a sick baby is no fun at all and not much of a way to start your day- let alone your birthday. I've been monitoring Katy's symptoms since her morning episode and she seems okay- happy and smiling and laughing. There is no fever and I've made sure that she is keeping well-hydrated. I even got her to eat some toast, applesauce, yogurt and of course, her beloved "brock, brock " (aka, chicken). It's good to have my happy baby back- let's just hope it sticks and that neither Ted nor I get sick, too! I've been in total decontamination mode since this morning- Lysol and Clorox are LOVING me, today, with the amount of wipes and disinfecting spray I've used! Plus, I think my hands are raw from the amount of times I've washed them- do we have enough Purell to get through the day?!?

As for my birthday celebration, I'll take a rain-check, please!


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