Friday, December 30, 2011

"Now You're Cooking With Gas!"

Posted by Heather at Friday, December 30, 2011
Last night, we went to a free cooking class at the Concord Library. By we, I do mean the three of us- Katy included! The theme was "Cooking for a Healthy New Year" and it was put on by local small business owner and entrepreneur, Gina Guthrie of Bocca Felica. Ms. Guthrie walked the audience of about 30 people through recipes such as Black-eyed peas, Tortellini soup, Pear Salad and a Brie appetizer. We had fun watching all of the food be prepared but the best part was sampling all of the goodies!

Katy has watched me cook since she was itty bitty and I love that she has an interest in cooking and baking and food in general. While we were waiting for the demonstration to begin, Katy and I walked up to the front, where all of the food was displayed and Katy clearly stated several items- onion, lettuce, orange and soup (for the soup pot she saw on the burner). I love that Katy wants to be a part of cooking and creating meals. She always comes running when she hears me getting out pots and pans and insists on "helping" me "stir" or "measure" ingredients in a bowl. For now, everything is fun and exciting- I just hope the culinary interest lasts, though. Even if you don't like to cook, everybody can benefit from some basic knowledge in the kitchen!


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