Saturday, December 3, 2011

In Search of the Perfect Christmas Tree

Posted by Heather at Saturday, December 03, 2011
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Today we made our annual trek to the N.C. mountains in search of the perfect Christmas tree. There was no snow, this year (our first without snow!) and it ended up being a good thing. Why, you ask? Well, because I forgot my winter coat. Yes, I forgot my winter coat fully knowing (and even anticipating!) snowy conditions in the mountains. Somehow, between making sure that Ted and Katy had all of their boots, scarves, mittens, snow suit for Katy, hats, bungee cords, snacks, drinks, camera, coupon, checkbook, directions and items to return to the Keys', I forgot MY coat. At least Ted had the diaper vest to wear (along with his "lumber jack flannel") and graciously allowed me to wear his coat for the day. C'est le vie!

This year's trek up (and back!) the mountain was not nearly as treacherous as last year's, due to the lack of snow. We met the Keys family at Shady Rest Tree Farm and then proceeded to all take the hayride out to the tree fields. We took our time finding our family tree and Katy had a blast hiding and darting in and out of the trees. Just like we practiced in the car, every time Daddy found a tree he liked or wanted to examine further, Katy would exclaim, "Bigger! Wider! Taller!" Hee, hee!

Now that Katy is older and talking more, it is fun to see her interact with Cecelia Keys. The two were holding hands through the tree field and HAD to sit next to one another at lunch. Between the tree farm and our traditional lunch at Fire Mountain, Katy kept yelling, "Celia, come!" from her car seat.

We enjoyed a leisurely lunch and then parted ways. It's always fun to get together with good friends like the Justin, Karen and Cecilia Keys!


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