Saturday, December 31, 2011

Going Crunchy

Posted by Heather at Saturday, December 31, 2011
In the ongoing effort to cut expenditures and save where we can, we've decided to go crunchy. What exactly does that mean for the Jones household? Well, it means that once we run out of paper towels and paper napkins, we are going to switch to cloth. We've stocked up on kitchen towels and we've created an extra cubby hole in the kitchen for the extra towels. We bought red cloth napkins for Mommy, green cloth napkins for Daddy and lots and lots of white cloth napkins for Katy to use during mealtimes. Also, that means that we're going to be drinking from reusable water bottles (in fun colors, of course!).

I've also been doing a little research on homemade cleaners and I've been trying out a couple of concoctions to keep us clean and tidy. I wish I could say that I'm altruistic enough to be doing this strictly for the environment, but those who know me best, know that tree-hugger I am not. It's a nice side benefit, though.

Going crunchy may include cloth napkins and towels. However, I won't be giving up the TP or the Clorox wipes anytime soon ;-P


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