Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sponsored Post- LLK Peasant -Style Sewalong- Day 4- Finish Dress, Trims and Details

Posted by Heather at Thursday, October 16, 2014
Hello, lovely readers! How are you doing with the LLK Peasant-Style Sewalong? Any questions? Feel free to ask your questions on the LLK Cafe (FB group).

As of now, you should have a separate bodice and separate skirt that look something like this:

Finished Bodice (Day 2), Finished Skirt (Day 3).

If you have missed any days in the sewalong, feel free to catch up by going to:

Day 1- Getting Started
Day 2- Bodice
Day 3- Skirt

Now, let's jump right in and finish our dresses!

Day 4- Finish Dress, Trims and Details

Attaching the Skirt to the Bodice:
Sew through "Attaching the Skirt to the Bodice." Don't forget to finish your edges and topstitch around the bodice.

Trims and Details:
Now, here is the point in the sewalong where you get to pull out the fun notions! For me, I have these sweet little sparkly cupcake buttons that are the perfect compliment to the cupcakes in the skirt of my dress.

See, aren't they darling?!

Cupcake buttons- how sweet!

I sewed the cupcake buttons onto the tuxedo ruffle. I just love the little accent of sparkle and whimsy they add to the dress. So fun! Let your creativity shine! Feel free to add trims and details to your dress for your own personal flair.

Guess what? Now that you've added trims and details to your dress, you are done. That's it! You've completed the Aria Ruffle Dress!! TaDa!!

Go grab your favorite pint-sized model and get ready to show off your handiwork!

Great job!!! Join me tomorrow when I show off my finished Aria Ruffle Dress! Plus, I made a coordinating crown! ;-)

Happy Sewing,


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