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Sponsored Post- LLK Peasant-Style Sewalong- Day 3- Skirt

Posted by Heather at Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Good morning, sewalong-ers! I hope you had fun sewing up your bodice, yesterday. If you missed our previous posts, feel free to go back and review:

Day 1- Getting Started
Day 2- Bodice

If you have any questions, feel free to join the conversation at the LLK Cafe (FB Group).

Now, let's get sewing!

Day 3- Skirt

Yesterday, we created the bodice for the Aria Tuxedo Ruffle Dress. Today, we're going to tackle the skirt!

Preparing the Skirt:
Sew through "Preparing the Skirt." Feel free to add trim, lace, etc. to your skirt. I did not add any special trim to my skirt. In fact, I decided to use two longer panels- instead of four shorter ones- for my skirt. My fabric choice for the skirt was kind of busy, so I thought it had enough "decoration," as is. :-)

Okay, let's talk about ruffles.... I have a love/hate relationship with ruffles. I love the sweet girly-ness that they add to a dress. I hate the teeny, tiny hems to iron and I hate all that gathering!! But, for the sake of the Aria Tuxedo Ruffle Dress, go ahead and do the ruffle. Trust me, you won't regret it! Plus, included in the Aria Tuxedo Ruffle Dress tutorial on slide 19 is a fun, different way to gather fabric- check it out!

See? Teeny, tiny hems.

Returning to Preparing the Skirt:
Sew your skirt panels together. Sew your ruffle pieces together. Ruffle your ruffle (Hey, wasn't that an old chip slogan, back in the day? ;-). Lay everything out flat. Match the length of your ruffle piece to the length of your skirt piece(s).

Match the length of the ruffle to the length of the skirt.
(Trust me, they are the same length- they just kept curling up when I took the picture.)

Attach the ruffle to the bottom edge of the skirt.

 Finish your seam. Bring your skirt full circle and connect the skirt pieces so that you have one, big, ruffled loop! :-)

Skirt is almost done!

Gather the Skirt:
Now, sew through "Gather the Skirt."

For the end of Day 3 of the LLK Peasant-Style Sewalong, you should have a skirt (and bodice) that look like this:

Completed Skirt (Day 3) and Completed Bodice (Day 2)

Tomorrow, for Day 4, we're going to bring it all together and finish the Aria Tuxedo Ruffle Dress! See you tomorrow!

Happy Sewing,


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