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Nuby Mommy Blogger- Booster Seat

Posted by Heather at Friday, June 14, 2013

One of the items that we got to review for the Nuby Mommy Blogger program was the Nuby Booster Seat. While Lil' Miss has long-ago given up any sort of high chair and/or youth seat (She's a very strong-willed, independent three year old), I thought that she might get some use out of the Nuby Booster Seat.

Let's start off with the positive. The Nuby Booster Seat comes in a variety of colors, but we were lucky enough to receive a pink one to review (Lil' Miss is crazy about the color pink!). I liked the fact that the Nuby Booster Seat can hold up to 65 lbs. That should last the average child a good, long while.

And that is where the positive ends. I really, really wanted to like the Nuby Booster Seat. Originally, the seat was shipped to me without the safety straps. I inquired about the missing straps and ones were sent to me, pronto (Thank you)! 

My biggest frustration with the Nuby Booster Seat, though, were the directions for the safety straps. The directions were vague and unhelpful. The directions instructed the user to "thread the adult straps through the bottom." That's it. It didn't instruct if you were to thread them front to back or side to side. I tried both and neither seemed 100%. If you thread one strap side to side in the back of the booster, the straps lay funny on the sides. If you thread one of the straps front to back, the straps lay funny in the front (since the hole is on the side of the seat and not on the front where it could potentially lay flat). I looked at the one small picture on the seat label for direction, but found no assistance on how to thread the adult straps. Second, after threading the adult straps through the bottom, there were no instructions on how to thread the ends of the straps through the closure in order to make sure that you have a tight, secure fit. I tired several different ways and all of them seemed to "slip" loose when buckled. In all honesty, I just kind of wished everything had been pre-threaded upon receiving because whatever I ended up with did not seem secure. 

Another disappointment was the fact that because of the chairs wide base and flat, rigid bottom, the Nuby Booster Seat is really only suited for a specific type of chair- none of which we had in our house. The base of the Nuby Booster Seat is approximately 14 1/2" x 14 1/2". So, whatever chair you adhere the Nuby Booster Seat to, has to be bigger than that. Also, keep in mind that the chair needs to be completely flat, in order for the Nuby Booster Seat to sit right on the chair. The back of your chair cannot be too curved, either, or the back of the Nuby Booster Seat won't fit properly.

So, in conclusion, the Nuby Booster Seat has been relegated to the playroom, to be used with Lil' Miss' dolls. Clearer, concise directions (maybe even some diagrams) would have made the Nuby Booster Seat a much better product (and would have resulted in a more positive review).

Here is what the Nuby website has to say about the Nuby Booster Seat, "The Nûby™ Booster Seat is safe, durable and strong. It features a wide sturdy base, and subtle contours that are comfortable and stylish. It comes equipped with safety straps that can be attached to most chairs. Holds up to 65 pounds!"

*Child must be able to sit up unsupported *Colors may vary
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