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Auditory Learner

Posted by Heather at Wednesday, June 19, 2013
So, I've been doing a little research lately about how Katy learns best and I've discovered that she is what would be classified as an "Auditory Learner." 

Here is what I found out about "Auditory Learners":

(Taken from

Auditory Learners Usually:

  • Enjoy talking. (Um, hello, she's been talking non-stop since she was born!!)
  • Talk aloud to themselves. (I often find Katy in the playroom talking out loud between her dolls/Barbies.)
  • Like explaining things to others.
  • Remember names. (Katy knows the large, Petruzzi web of the family better than Ted does. She knows which family members belong with whom.).
  • Recognize variations in a person’s tone of voice. (We've often noticed that Katy is very empathetic. While watching a movie, she is often effected by the actors' words and inflection.)
  • Understand concepts better by talking about them.
  • Are distracted by background noise.
  • Like being read to. (This is evidenced by the mountain of books sitting next to her bed and her complete library of books in her playroom).
  • Memorize things by repeating them aloud.
  • Enjoy music. (Does she ever!)
  • Hum or sing often.
  • Like being around other people. (Katy is definitely a social butterfly and would much rather be in a crowd of people, than on her own.)
  • Enjoy the performing arts. (Ballet, Broadway Shows- that girl loves to watch a good performance!)
Knowing that Lil' Miss learns best by hearing and listening, makes a whole lot of things clearer. It also helps me understand how best to reach her, teach her and discipline her. And, even when I think that she's not listening to me and/or paying attention, I know for a fact that she most definitely hears me (whether or not she acknowledges)!

(Taken from

Teach reading (or, anything for that matter) by having your child:

  • Use the phonetic approach.
  • Use rhyming word games. (Katy has been good at rhyming words since a very young age. Even if the "words" aren't actual "words," she is very good at rhyming sounds.)
  • Read aloud, even when reading independently.
Who knew that two predominantly visual learners, such as Ted and myself could produce such a strongly auditory learner?!


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