Friday, January 20, 2012

The Things She Says...! (cont.)

Posted by Heather at Friday, January 20, 2012
Katy's vocabulary is quickly developing and maturing. Some of her cute little mis-pronunciations are becoming correct as she begins to talk like the little person that she is. However, there are still some words that she has her own lexicon for. Some recent Katy-speak includes;

"Buggy" for bug. Any speck of dust, piece of dirt- whether or not it really is a bug or not- is deemed a "buggy" and must be disposed of immediately. Katy is NOT a fan of bugs or creepy crawlies. Um, can anybody say, "Heather's daughter?!?"

"Morrow" for tomorrow. Today, while Katy was eating a cereal bar, she informed me that she was "All Done!" as she walked to the cabinet under the sink, opened it- child lock and all- pulled out a baggie, put her bar in it and the put it in the fridge with strict instruction to me to save it for "Morrow."

"Waffle Baker" for waffle maker. Tonight, we were having breakfast for dinner and Katy insisted that Daddy was cooking on a waffle baker.

"Dancin'" for when she wants the radio turned on in the car. Katy likes to rock out to the music while we drive, so she's always insistent that I turn on K-Love (the Christian radio station we listen to).

"Mother Best" for when Katy is trying to sing the song, "Mother Knows Best" from Tangled. Boy, does that kid LOVE that movie! We watch it over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and again and again....

"Dreamin'!", again for another song from Tangled called, "I have a Dream" (or something like that).

"Princesses" for Rapunzel from the movie Tangled. Um, can you see a Tangled theme going on here?!

"Katy 'prove?" for foods that we deem Katy approved. When we are cooking in the kitchen or out to eat, Katy will point to a dish in question and ask, "Katy 'prove?" In other words, she's asking if the dish is free of eggs, nuts and soy and safe for her to eat.

"Eggsoy" or "Nutsoy." When we tell Katy that something is NOT safe for her to eat, that she is allergic, Katy will instantly hold out her hand to the offending food and say, "Eggsoy" or "Nutsoy" as if they are one word.

"Hang-a-burr" for hamburger. Katy loves her meat! She's a meat and potato kind of gal and she would quickly pass over the veg in favor of a nice piece of steak!

"Shake" for either salt or pepper. Every time she sees us putting salt and/or pepper on or food, Katy insists on some "Shake!" of her own.

"Dip-dip" refers to any side condiment that Katy can dip her meal in. We've had some strange combinations, before! "Hang-a-burr" dipped in apple butter, veggie chips in strawberry jelly, bacon in yogurt.. with Katy you just never know... ;-P

"Gulpy-gulp" for when Katy is really thirsty and gulps down her water.

"Chilly Willy!" lets us know that Katy is cold and/or she touches something that is cold to the touch. She'll touch the cold object and say, "Chilly Willy!" Or, when I tell Katy she needs to wear her coat and scarf to go outside, she'll ask, "Chilly willy?" as if to ask, "Is it cold outside?"

"I-Pie-O" for Ipod. Alternately, Katy may refer to Ted's-now-commandeered-by-Katy Ipod as "Apple." Ahh, branding at it's best!

"Sticky Buns" for when her hands are sticky and messy. We had Caramel Apple Sticky Buns (compliments of the Pioneer Woman) for Christmas morning breakfast this year and true to their name, they were sticky and messy. So now, every time Katy's hands get messy and sticky (which is often), she'll tell us that she is "Sticky Buns!" Cracks me up every time!


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