Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Coffee Break (Felt Fun Tutorial)

Posted by Heather at Tuesday, January 03, 2012
It's no secret that we are a coffee family. Specifically, a Starbucks coffee family (snobby, I know ;). Naturally, Katy shares our love with "copy" ("coffee" in Katy-speak) and she can pick out the Starbucks mermaid from a mile away. While we sip our lattes, Katy enjoys her chocolate milk and declares it to be "'licious copy!"

So, with that being said, I wanted to make Katy her very own "Starbucks" to enjoy at home. Call it the Pinterest effect, or what have you, but I've recently become very interested in using felt to create toys, quiet books, play food, etc. Felt is quiet, it is inexpensive and has so much room for expression!

So, let's begin our tutorial (my first picture-by-picture)!

Materials needed for the "Venti Cups" (adapted from the blog Sew Homegrown):

-(2x) White felt- 9 1/2" (top) x 6" (side) piece of felt- along the bottom edge, measure in 1" on each side and draw a diagonal connecting top and bottom. In essence, the top edge will be 9 1/2" long and the bottom edge will be 7 1/2" long.
-(2x) White felt- 2 1/2" dia. circle
-(2x) Dark Brown felt- 3" dia. circle
-(2x) Starbucks sleeves
-Sewing machine/scissors/needle/thread

After you cut out the felt pieces (cutting is the most time-consuming part), take the large white "cup" piece and sew down the side, creating a tube.

Pin the white circle to the bottom of the "cup." Sew all the way around.

Pin the dark brown circle to the top of the "cup" being sure to leave small opening for turning right side out and stuffing.

Turn the "cup" right side out. Weight the bottom of the "cup" with beans (you could even use coffee beans for an authentic smell!) and then fill the rest of the "cup" with polyfil.

Hand sew the opening closed, enjoy a well-deserved "coffee break" and tell your toddler that you "love them a Latte!" :)


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