Sunday, November 13, 2011

Katy's Lexicon

Posted by Heather at Sunday, November 13, 2011
One day (soon) Katy will wake up and start pronouncing all of her words correctly and I know that I'll quickly forget all of her cute mis-pronunciations. So, for the sake of posterity and recording things in the "moment" here is a quick list of words that Katy says in her own, unique way:

"Pam-pake" for pancake
"Barkly" for sparkly
"Brock, Brock" for Chicken
"Moat" for Remote
"Monkey Joe" for anything with a monkey on it
"Sh*&^%" for Spaghetti- she's really trying to say "Sketti"
"Belly" for Battery
"Delly" for Jelly
"Bike-el" for Bicycle
"Cool Bus" for School Bus (she likes to point them out- every time we see one!)
"UpDown" for either Up or Down- she can't tell the difference between the two so she just says them both at the same time.
"On" for either On or Off- once again, she can't tell the difference between the two so everything is just "On."
"Holdher" Katy says this when she wants one of us to hold her. It's like she's talking about herself in the third person. I believe 21 months is just a tad too young to talk about point-of-view narrative, so I let it slide... for now. ;-P


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