Friday, October 7, 2011

Big Girl Ponytail

Posted by Heather at Friday, October 07, 2011
Quick ponytail action while Katy was distracted reading a book
(Thanks for the book, Reeves family! :-)

... and we're off and running...!!!

Since birth, Katy, you have been blessed with a full head of hair. I was told a long time ago that babies that are born with hair, eventually lose it and then it grows back. I guess somebody forgot to tell you that, because you never lost your hair- is just kept growing and growing into the beautiful (if unruly!) dark brown mane that it is today.

I have always been a lucky mama because I never had to "glue" a bow to your head due to lack of hair and I can count on one hand how many times you've been mistaken for a boy (the elderly gentleman at the grocery store who called you a boy- despite the fact that you were dressed head-to-toe in pink that day- doesn't count). Bows, headbands, hairbands, clips, bobby pins, big, puffy bows- bring 'em! I love a girly-girl in pigtails, ponytails and braids!

Alas, Katy, my free spirit, you had other ideas. Bows manage to stay in your hair for mere minutes. Clips somehow find their way into the crevices of our car (along with the veggie chip crumbs and lost Elmo cellphone) and/or the store floor. We have the most success with headbands- they stay in your hair for minutes and not seconds. Ponytails and pigtails remain elusive as you are in constant motion, not to be bothered with the time it takes to sit still and perform some at-home salon magic.

Today, though, we had a breakthrough! You actually brought me a rubber band and brush and proclaimed, "Piggy! Piggy!" (for pigtails). While the pigtails didn't quite make it- wiggly, squirmy, active toddler that you are- a ponytail did emerge. Success! And it lasted ALL MORNING, only ceasing to exist after a wild adventure in the playground.

Sweet baby wisps in exchange for a big girl ponytail- sniff!- my baby is growing up!


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