Monday, October 3, 2011

All in the pursuit of a flu shot!

Posted by Heather at Monday, October 03, 2011
Today we went to the allergist to get you tested for the flu shot, Katy. Since you are allergic to eggs (and flu shots are grown in eggs), having a flu shot could potentially cause a reaction.

Our appointment was scheduled for 8:30 AM- nice and early, first thing in the morning. Usually, your best time of day. Of course, not to be, today. Instead, you slept fitfully last night and woke up cranky. We made it to the allergist's without a hitch and didn't have to wait too long in the waiting area before being called back. Nurse Karen escorted us back for the typical height/weight check and then into the consultation room. Nurse Karen is NOT very kid friendly. She was easily flustered by your cries and general toddler curiosity. When you went to reach for the stethoscope, she swatted your hand away and said, "Don't do that!" (and not in a loving, gentle kind of way). By this time in the appointment, I knew we were in for a LONG day....

First step to the appointment; get tested for the flu shot (which, was the whole reason we were there, in the first place). The medical assistant (much nicer than the nurse!) came in and did a couple of scratches on your back. You did NOT like this! You cried big crocodile tears and kept saying, "All done! Bye-bye!" to the medial assistant.

Then, we had to wait fifteen minutes to see if you had any sort of reaction to the scratches on your back. Fifteen minutes was more like thirty/forty minutes. Finally, after the time elapsed (and then some!), the doctor came in, observed the scratches and gave the okay for the full, first dose (those under two have to get the flu shot in two doses).

More waiting.....

Then, Nurse Karen returned to administer the flu shot into your thigh, Katy. Of course, you didn't like this and tried to wiggle away. In a moment of exasperation, the nurse exclaimed, "Don't move!!" (Seriously?!?!) The flu shot finally got administered, but not before bleeding all over your new light pink pants- good thing I brought an extra change of clothes into the doctor's with me!

Now, more waiting- thirty minutes this time, we the nurse returning several times to check vitals. You did MUCH better during this period of waiting and was even compliant when the nurse took your blood pressure and temperature.

More waiting....

The doctor came in to check in and noticed a slight rash on your chest and belly, Katy. He ordered a dose of Benedryl and more waiting (to make sure there wasn't any more reaction).

More waiting....

Finally, the doctor came in one last time and deemed it okay for us to leave. So, two and a half hours later, we FINALLY got to leave the doctor's office. You fell asleep on the way home, thanks to the Benedryl and I put you right to bed. I'm glad we got that out of the way... that is, until we have to go back for the second dose of the flu shot in four weeks!


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