Thursday, December 9, 2010

42nd Week Birthday

Posted by Heather at Thursday, December 09, 2010
"Signed, Sealed, Delivered... I'm yours!"

Katy Lu Who
(Every kid needs one of these tub shots)

Dressed for Christmas fun!

Today you are 42 weeks old, Katy. That means that in 10 short weeks you are going to be one year old!! I can't believe just how quickly this year has already passed by us!

It's cold in Concord, this week, so we were pretty low-key this week- staying home and indoors as much as possible. We've woken up a couple times this week to 18 degree weather.

You continue to stand on a regular basis without support. These instances are brief- lasting only a couple of seconds or so, but they are becoming more frequent. Pretty soon you will be walking, Katy and then the REAL fun begins!

We've got our Christmas tree up (no lights or decorations, yet), and the presents that lie beneath the tree are very, very tempting to you. Considering that most of the presents under the tree are for you, you've got a lot of shiny wrapping paper to choose from! We've already lost at couple of bows and tags. We managed to get some decorations up around the house and candles in the windows out front. At least we don't look completely "Bah Humbug." As a side note, our street LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Christmas decorations and it's a constant contest between neighbors who can outshine whom, so the fact that we didn't have ANY lights up at the beginning of December made it all that much more noticeable! The Christmas cards are addressed and in the mail. We had a cookie exchange with our small group on Tuesday so things are definitely starting to look like Christmas.

We've noticed you biting more of your food with the two front teeth that you have. I've been attempting to get more veggies in you since you tend to prefer the sweeter fruits. Some days we win, some days we don't.

You are in love with your Asian dolly from Grandma and Pop-Pop Tinkey. You like to wake up and "talk" to Dolly while I change your diaper and get you dressed for the day. Speaking of favorites, your favorite book is Peek-a-Who. You regularly get it off your shelf to read. Most days, you will take the book down from the shelf, sit down and open the book and starting babbling as if you are "reading" the book. It's quite cute!

"Hi, Bye, Mama, Dada" are the extend of your vocabulary at this point. However, we KNOW that you understand more than you can say. We've been able to give you simple commands and you've been able to follow them. For example, if we say, "Open wide!" you will open your mouth. You love to mimic Daddy and I and it's fun to see what we can get you to do.

"How big is Katy? SO BIG!" is the game du jour (or the week). You love playing this and still continue to get a kick out of Peek-a-Boo.

Your sinus infection from last week seems to be lessening somewhat but the cough still lingers. You've gotten better at taking your medicine, though. The trick is to drag it out and do little squirts at a time- painfully slow for Daddy and I, but it works.


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