Thursday, December 2, 2010

41st Week Birthday

Posted by Heather at Thursday, December 02, 2010
Katy practicing good dental hygiene.

No expensive toys needed- just give the kid a box!

Using a box as a "walker" to get around (Don't worry, we aren't feeding our child beer- it just happened to be the box some Christmas presents came in from Uncle Josh and Aunt Delinda.)

No caption needed- the picture says it all...

"Me want COOKIES!"

Christmas Stocking knitted by Great-Grandma Tinkey

Today you are 41 weeks old, Katy!

I'm calling this the week of exploration because you are into EVERYTHING! Nothing is sacred or safe in the eyes of a nine month old! So far this week, you've managed to figure out the kitchen cabinet child safety locks (separate blog post), you've gotten into multiple trash cans (hence the reason most trash cans can now be found on top of tables), various pots and pans, the toilet paper, toilet brush (yuck!), the just-fold, clean laundry (sigh), cords, wrapping paper and the pile of already-wrapped-and-received Christmas/birthday presents. You are an active, curious child, Katy!

This week, we've noticed you taking bites out of your food. If we hand you a crunchie, you use your bottom two teeth to take a bite instead of always sticking the whole thing in your mouth at once. You continue to show strong taste preferences- you may only have two teeth but I think that they are both sweet! ;-P

I've caught you standing on your own for a couple of seconds here and there. However, the instant you realize that you aren't holding onto anything for support, you instantly reach out for something or you plop right down on your diapered bottom. You have the strength to stand (and ultimately walk), just not the confidence, yet.

Thanks to a week of constant doting and attention, last week, this week you are very clingy, Katy. Let's just say that I haven't gotten a whole lot accomplished since getting home from our Thanksgiving adventure.

You still have a cough that won't go away. The doctor says there isn't much I can do or give you since you are under a year. We've just been trying to keep you propped up at night to sleep since that is when the coughing is the worst. During the day, you don't cough as much and you've not had a fever, yet.

Speaking of nighttime and sleeping, did you know that your Daddy is a baby whisperer, Katy? Well, he is! After almost a month and a half of you not spending too much crib time, he's managed to get you to fall asleep and stay asleep IN your OWN CRIB (!!!) for the past two nights- the first night for three hours straight and the second night for four hours straight. Granted, it hasn't been the whole night, but it is an improvement!

We are gearing up for Christmas- your very first Christmas, Katy! Daddy and I extra excited for the holiday, this year, since it will be your first!


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