Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why? Why Not!

Posted by Heather at Thursday, February 07, 2013
I can honestly say that I cannot remember a time when Katy DIDN'T speak (or, at the very least, make long babbling noises that at least sounded like "talking" to my mother ears). Even as an infant, she was a noisy, inquisitive baby!

Nowadays- a little over a week away from turning THREE (where did the time go??!)- Katy's newest routine goes something like this:

Me, "Katy, it's time to clean up before dinner."
Katy, "Why?"
Me, "Because it's time to eat dinner and you need to put away your toys."
Katy, "Why?"
(frustrated) Me, "Katy! Please, just put away your toys!"
Katy, "Why?"

Me, "Katy, please put on your coat so we can leave for preschool."
Katy, "Why?"
Me, "It's preschool day- remember? We need to leave- please put on your coat."
Katy, "Why?"
Me, "Come on, Katy- we're going to be late! Please put on your coat!"
Katy, "Why?"
Me, "Because.I.Said.So!"

This is developmental, right? It shows that she is curious and wondering about time and schedules and routine, right? I sure hope this is a fast phase because I gotta admit, it's not a very fun "game" to play!


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