Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Three Year Old Well Visit

Posted by Heather at Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Today was Katy's three year old well visit with Dr. Guerriero at Suburban Pediatrics. It's been a whole year since the last well visit- seems like a long time!

Besides a meltdown getting into the car to go to the doctor's office, Katy was a doll at the doctor's office. She even managed to stand on the scale and be weighed and stand and get measured all by herself. Up until this point, she has been really resistant to standing on the scale by herself (to the point that we almost took out a nurse one sick visit because Katy was flailing and wailing and resisting standing on the scale by herself. Fun times). This is also the first visit where the nurse took Katy's blood pressure using a cuff.

Katy's three year old stats are as follows:

Weight: 30 pounds
Height: 36 1/2"

This puts her in the 40th/45th percentile, respectively, for her age. Nice and average, symmetrical and right on track, according to the doctor.

Our wait time was very minimal and we were chatting with Dr. Greg shortly after our scheduled appointment. Dr. Greg did a great job of talking TO Katy and telling her things in a way that she would understand and respond. Typically, Katy gets really shy around non-family member adults. It takes her awhile to warm up to adults- especially men. In the past, Katy has started crying as soon as Dr. Greg walked in the exam room. However, this time, she actually talked to him, answered his questions and chatted with him. She told him about our Disney Cruise back in December (she was wearing her Cinderella dress to school/doctor's office, today, because they celebrated her birthday at preschool). Dr. Greg ended the visit by telling her that, "She's not allowed to date until she is thirty." To which, Katy proceeded to tell him about her friend, Connor. Hahaha!

At the end of the visit, Katy took part in an eye test. She got to try on some cool glasses (that covered one eye and then the other) while looking at the screen and identifying several black and white pictures. At first, I had my reservations and didn't think Katy would actually verbalize her answers and participate (even though I knew she would know what she was looking at and I don't have any current concerns about her sight). However, she proved me wrong and passed with flying colors! She even identified one of the objects before I did (and I had my glasses!).


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