Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Moving Day

Posted by Heather at Tuesday, February 19, 2013
With the upcoming end of our current lease at the end of February, I had been stalking several key neighborhoods in the area for rental homes. It's funny how your needs change once you have a child... we wanted something with more room, better schools, a pool to use in the summer, good commute for Ted, etc., etc. We finally found one that we liked and signed on the dotted line back in January. February 16th was moving day!

Ted and I took the beginning of February to move boxes into the new house. I was able to establish the kitchen and we had all of Katy's toys in the new house before moving day. Ted even got the television and his Xbox set up, too.

Last Saturday (Moving Day!) dawned cold, rainy and snowy. Up until the Thursday before moving day, the weatherman was forcasting 10% chance rain on Sat. Then, all of a sudden, it was 60% chance snow! WHAT?!?!?!?!

And that, dear readers, set the tone for the day....

The night before the move, Katy was up all night with a fever. No other symptoms. Just a fever- enough to keep us both up and not well-rested for our busy day ahead.... Katy was clingy during the day of the move and of course, she only had eyes for Mommy... One of our friends ended up chipping his tooth while moving our washing machine... There were bumps! There were bruises! There was mud!

While Ted and our "moving crew" (aka friends and family gracious enough to help us undertake this moving endeavor in inclement weather- thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Dad J., Dan OD, Daniel C. Justin K. and Howard H.!!!) loaded up the UHAUL at the old house, Katy, Ted's Mom, and I went to the new house to get things ready and prepped for the incoming furniture. It took the guys two and half hours to load the truck in the snowy, wet weather.

When our weary "moving crew" got to the new house, they got things into the house in about an hour and a half. Just in time because shortly after the last item was in the house, it really began to snow! (By night's end, we probably ended up with an inch or so of snow- that's a lot, here in the South!) After everything got moved in, we all enjoyed a pizza lunch and donuts in front of our new fireplace! We were wiped out and tired!

Now, we are in the midst of settling into our new home. Thanks to Ted's parents, we are MUCH further along in that process than we had originally hoped (THANK YOU!). The walls may be bare and void of pictures and we may be sleeping next to piles of unfolded laundry and boxes, but, it's beginning to look like home... :-)

So, the moral of this story is, we don't plan on moving any time soon, but when we do, we're hiring professional movers (we'd like to keep our friends! :-)! Whew!


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