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Visiting the Jones Grandparents!

Posted by Heather at Monday, September 03, 2012

Storytime at the same library Daddy used to go to.

Peach Picking with the grandparents!

 Proof that I actually rode the wagon and went to the farm!

Princess storytime with Aunt Megan.

Hugs for Aunt Megan and a quick pic. with Uncle Jason.

A (ballerina) girl and her grill.... ;-)

Katy and I visited Ted's parents, last week. We took the train up and Nana and PopPop were waiting to pick us up from the train station in Philly.

The train ride was a long one- twelve hours- and Katy did pretty well. I made sure to bring along lots to entertain her- some new Fancy Nancy books, coloring, felt board, snacks upon snacks.... Katy even managed to take a two-hour nap along the way! Of course, once we arrived at our final destination, Katy was more than a little eager to get off and run around!

On the ride home from the train station, we stopped at Katy's favorite place to eat, Chick-Fil-A.

Our first full day in New Jersey was a full one. First, we went to the library for storytime. We went to the same library that Ted used to go to as a kid. Katy loved checking out the new computers and books. We even managed to find some new (to us) Fancy Nancy books that we checked out under PopPop's library card. Storytime was all about dancing! While Katy was too shy to participate during the actual storytime, she was singing and dancing and telling us about the books the librarian read, long afterwards.

After the library, we did a little grocery shopping. Nana had a little grocery cart just Katy's size that we took along. While PopPop got the essentials, Katy did a little "shopping" of her own. She got more than a few "awws" and "how cute!" from fellow shoppers.

After dinner, we drove 35 minutes for a special treat- Sweet Frog! Katy had watermelon sorbet with her usual toppings- gummies and cherries and poppers!

The second day in New Jersey (also PopPop's birthday!), we went to Conte's to pick our own peaches. We rode the wagon out to the fields and picked the fruit. The weather was nice and sunny and some of the peaches were at just the right height for Lil' Miss to reach all by herself. While we came home with a big bucket full of fruit, not all of the produce was completely ripe. Of course, the grandparents didn't seem to mind... they said it was more for the experience, anyway. ;-)

That evening, we celebrated PopPop Jones' birthday! We grilled out steak and had ice cream sundaes to celebrate! Katy was so tired from the day's festivities that she practically fell asleep in her meal and took a little power nap. Of course, she's not one to miss out on ice cream, so she managed to wake up just in time to make a chocolate sundae and sing happy birthday! We were so happy to be able to celebrate with PopPop in person- Happy Birthday!!

On Friday, we went over to Aunt Megan and Uncle Jason's for the day. Katy had fun exploring another house. She sweet-talked her way into watching Sleeping Beauty and enjoyed a hot dog and mac and cheese lunch.

Katy had fun playing with Aunt Megan the whole visit (and Aunt Megan was a good sport)! Katy had Aunt Megan playing dress up and dancing and wearing a tiara. Somehow, she even managed to get Aunt Megan to paint her nails pink!

Katy had fun on our New Jersey visit!


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