Friday, September 7, 2012

Exercising Her Rights

Posted by Heather at Friday, September 07, 2012
Today was day two of Preschool. I dropped Lil' Miss off without incident and we were even able to walk to school since the weather cooperated. Got my exercise for the day!

When I picked Lil' Miss up, I asked how she did. She was smiling, sitting with the other children and in the same clothes that she came in (I consider that a win!). 

The teacher, Ms. Kris, hesitated and then said that Katy did, "alright." I pried, and found out that when it came time to recite the Pledge of Allegiance (which, I'm told they do every day), Katy refused to stand up, sat in the corner, folded her arms in protest and did NOT want to have anything to do with the Pledge! Since they can't technically FORCE her to say it, they let her be. It was a slight disruption to the class as a whole, though.

I guess Katy was just exercising her rights as an American citizen to freedom of religion, freedom of speech, due process, and equal protection....?!

Other than that, Katy did great, today! I'm told that she played and sang and participated in other group activities. She even used the potty appropriately. She ate almost all of her packed lunch, too! When I asked her what she did today, she told me, "I play with Addyson. She a girl. We no play with boys." Does it really start this young?!


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