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800th Blog Post- Everyday Life

Posted by Heather at Thursday, April 05, 2012
This is the 800th blog post on All Things Katy! I can't believe we've made it this far! Typically, I use these milestone blog posts to share numbers and statistics that are pertinent to Katy, our family, this blog, etc. Instead, this time, I'll just share a sneak peak into our daily lives.

6:30AM- Wakey, wakey! Elizabeth comes at seven so our days start out pretty early. If it's a day that we don't have Elizabeth, than Katy likes to sleep in until about 7:30AM.

7:00AM- Morning Routine:

First up- Potty Time! For some reason, this is usually a struggle. I don't know if it's because Katy is just waking up and not quite with it, but it usually take a bribe or two to get avert a mess.

Next comes breakfast. I usually make Katy her meal and then set it on her table in the play room. She's more a nibbler when it comes to breakfast and doesn't like to be bothered to eat a whole lot, first thing in the morning. Breakfast usually consists of some sort of combination of the following; Nana Cereal (Raisin Bran Crunch) with LOTS of milk, fruit, Lumpy Dumpy Bread with jelly, honey or cream cheese, Juicey (Juiced veggies and fruit in the Juicer), leftovers, yogurt. Katy likes to play, take a bite, play some more and eat a little more.

8:30ish AM- Time to get dressed! This is inevitably results in some sort of struggle, as well. I try to pick out two outfits that I would like Katy to wear and she gets to pick from those two outfits. However, Katy often has her own ideas of what she would like to wear (usually NOT part of choices!), how she would like her hair done (Piggies? Pony? Clip? Or, Mommy running around chasing Katy with a hairbrush and clip) and/or if she wants to wear socks that day (the answer is usually a resounding, "NO!").

10:00AM- Time to go out! Mornings are when Katy is at her best. So, we usually do our shopping, go to the store and/or participate in a MOMs Club activity or go to the park around this time. We don't go out everyday, but it is nice to get out of the house on occasion. Other times, it's just a chance for Katy and Elizabeth to play while I get things done around the house- laundry, dishes, cleaning- there never seems to be an absence of things to get done  and checked off the to-do list!

11:30AM- Lunch time! Since our day starts our fairly early, an early lunch is called for. Lunch seems to be a hurried affair (Not realizing that it's time to eat until it's time to eat with not enough time to prepare anything too fancy). So, lunch is a sandwich of some sort- turkey, ham, Sunbutter- cheese and fruit.

12:00PM- Wind down time. We usually head on upstairs after lunch and I get some things done on the computer while the girls play.

1:00PM- Nap time! Katy takes a nap, Elizabeth does her homework and I *try* to continue to check emails, fit in a little fitness video, read, bake- basically get done whatever needs to get done without the "help" of a two year old. Usually, though, I have to go in several times to calm Katy because, as I've always said, Katy is not a good sleeper- not even at nap time.

3:30PM- Play time! We head downstairs after nap time and color, read, play with the kitchen and/or go for an afternoon stroll if the weather is nice.

4:45PM- Dinner time! Katy eats an early dinner. Dinner is usually the same as whatever Ted and I are eating later.

6:00PM- Daddy is home! Ted is usually home by this time and after the initial welcoming hugs, we all sit down to eat dinner. Katy usually eats off our plates as she's already eaten and Ted and I catch up on the day. Katy has just recently started asking Ted, "How day, Daddy?" as if to ask him how his day has been. So cute!

7:00PM- Bath time is Fun time! Daddy gives Katy a bath while I enjoy just a *few* moments of "me" time. After splashing around in the tub (and hopefully getting clean in the process), "Baby Burrito" (aka, Katy wrapped in her hoodie towel) is delivered to me to get dressed so Ted can get some things done for the next day. The time for after bath time is reserved for playing and rough housing with Daddy. Katy loves to play "Tent" with Daddy and be silly with him. Poor Ted doesn't get a whole lot done in the evenings with a little voice insisting, "Come, Daddy, come!" with a very authoritative wave of her hands.

8:30PM- Bed time Routine. Bed time routine consists of two stories (since Katy is now two), usually read by Daddy as we all pile into Katy's bed. Then, we say our prayers in which Katy chooses anything from Donald Duck to Auntie Hope to Cousin Joel to Jesus to Fruit to toys to bless. You just never know what is going to come out of her little mouth! After prayers, it's goodnight kisses and then time to shut off the lights.

9:00PM- Bed time! This is when the *fun* begins. The long, arduous process in which Katy fights to be put down to sleep... I could go into details but suffice it to say that it's a very stressful time for us (me, especially since Katy only seems to want me and not Ted, and I've already been with her all day).

"Good night room, good night moon...."

Phew! What a day! Katy is constantly learning and growing and surprising us with new concepts and understandings. Just yesterday, she started singing word-for-word the words to a song we hear on the radio- I didn't even know she new that song! While each day may seem boring and routine, life with Katy Grace is anything but! :-)


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