Friday, July 15, 2011

Kung-Fu Katy

Posted by Heather at Friday, July 15, 2011
This past Wednesday, while putting you down for bed, you were making a valiant effort at prolonging bedtime, Katy. You've learned the art of asking for water and doing cute little things that make me smile and laugh instead of "shhhh" you to sleep. Your game of the day was to hide your head under the covers and then pop up quickly while giggling like mad. Of course, this made me laugh. That is, until you gave me a black eye.

While coming up from being "hidden" under the covers, you hit my eye just right (or just wrong, depending on how you look at it- pun intended). I saw stars. I cried out in pain and Daddy came running in from the other room (he was listening on the monitor). While Daddy went to fetch some ice, you leaned in and gave my eye a kiss. Sweet baby- black eye and all.

Of course, I get to remind you and tease you about this little "incident" twenty years from now, Katy. ;-P


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